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Sparrow Baby Bedding By Lolli Living
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Cots have always been safe places for babies to sleep. Our understanding of the risks and potential for harm to babies and children from nursery furniture is better than it has ever been. As parents, a major part of our role is to create environments which do not compromise our children’s potential to grow to adulthood. Cot Blankets are always beautifully displayed in your precious baby’s crib, making your baby blankets the focal point of your nursery. To create your dream nursery, the selection of cot blankets is a very important factor, and quality, as well as unique and beautiful designs, should be considered. Your cot blankets should fit snug to your baby’s crib, and the material should be silky soft to cherish your baby’s soft and delicate skin. With a stunning array of luxurious baby blankets, you will soon be able to create the nursery you always wanted, and your sweet little angel will sleep peacefully swaddled up in fluffy cuddles.

Cot Blankets – Available in All Shapes and Sizes

With so many different options available for various types of baby cot blankets, it is sometimes difficult to know how to differentiate amongst them all! Cot blankets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. That is not to mention all the personal touches available that make them unique- some blankets come adorned with stuffed animals or exciting patterns or countless other details that make them special. You can also get cot blankets personalized for your baby! For example, you could purchase a cot blanket with a name embroidered on it.

Make Your Baby’s Cot Blanket Unique by Smart Selection

There are many ways in which you can make your baby’s cot blankets individual and unique. Baby matters are sensitive, therefore before you make any decisions to purchase a baby cot blanket, you need to know what kinds of it are available, how they are used and how they are different from one another. The types of baby cot blankets most commonly available are cotton cellular, acrylic cellular, and fleece.

Cotton Cellular Cot Blankets are the Softest

The cellular structure of these 100% cotton cot blankets mean they're warm in winter and cool in summer. They are light in weight and washable at higher temperatures than fleece or acrylic to make them germ-free.

Acrylic Cellular Cot Blankets Will Bring Peace to Your Baby

These are extra-lightweight and quick drying, with the same year-round usefulness as the cotton cellular type. They are of the same price as cotton cellular baby cot blankets but are less soft than cotton or fleece.

Fleece Cotton Blankets Provides Gentle Touch to Baby’s Bed

These are made from 100% polyester. They are soft and easy to wash and dry. They tend to be more expensive than other types, though. Baby coverlets and comforters A coverlet or comforter is a lightweight baby cot bedding version of a quilt that can safely be used for babies under one-year-old because it doesn't have the soft padding of a standard quilt. It's as warm as sheet and blanket combined. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions before using a coverlet, as some aren't suitable for babies less than 3.5kg or 7lb 12oz.

Baby Sheepskin Fleece Suffice a Mother’s Touch

These are basically mini sheepskin rugs. They're designed to be soft and comforting for babies to lie on, and many parents feel they calm and soothe newborns. Sheepskin baby cot blankets give a very soothing effect and the smoothest touch your baby can feel. It gives the effect of the mother’s womb to the baby which helps him sleep longer.