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Caring for a baby can be an exhausting experience, with most parents feeling like they don’t have enough pairs of hands to get a job done. Luckily, there are ways in which life can be made easier for parents. Izzz are throwing you a lifeline in the form of baby rockers and baby walkers. Rockers for baby provide your baby with a stylish and comfortable chair which is also a secure place for them to sit and experience the sensation of gentle rocking. There is a wide range of designs with rockers but most look similar to a car seat and help your baby to relax somewhere safe and pleasurable. Another option would be a baby walker instead of a rocker as a baby walker can also provide exercise for your child. Baby walkers are a very popular way to allow the child to experience the feeling of walking without causing any harm to their delicate limbs.

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Baby rockers have become more popular in recent years replacing the baby bouncers which just provide a seat without stimulation. Baby rockers either move in a side-to-side motion or backwards and forwards, most baby rockers will have a speed control so you can manage how they move. Rockers for baby not only offer movement but can also soothe your child with music and flashing colours. Many baby rockers have toys attached to keep them amused while you get other jobs done. They are a great product to transport to friends or family as they can also supply a place for the baby to nap during your visit. Baby rockers are luxuriously designed to provide comfort to your child, often containing padded seating, complete with safety harness and sun canopy so it can be used outside. There are often toy bars attached to baby rockers which can be removed in most cases so that it won’t become distracting if you wish them to sleep in the rocker.

When deciding whether to buy a baby walker, you need to consider the area in which the baby will use it, as they move well on tiled and laminate flooring but not so well on carpet. For more active babies who are not so keen to just lie down or sit, baby walkers are a fantastic investment as not only will they have the ability to move the baby walker by themselves giving a sense of freedom, but also they will be able to stand still or bounce whilst playing with the toys attached to the baby walker.