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Preparing for your ‘unknown’ newborn

The markets are filled with the regular pink and blue baby stuff, and this can be a lot more hectic when you need to buy for your unborn child, and don’t quite know what the gender is. Even when it comes down to the simplest of the things like clothes, Baby Bedding and some toys, it can still be a challenge to find because most of them are restricted to one gender and beneficial for them.

baby nursery

Staying ‘Gender Neutral’ is very important here. Expecting parents can start buying baby sleepers, pants and socks that have neutral colors like green, yellow, orange and white. And as for the dresses or suits, they can be bought later: after the baby’s born. You can choose strollers, car seats and Baby Sleeping Bags in gender neutral colors too.

baby nursery

A nursery theme for Bedding using gender neutral colors and designs that is based around nature or birds and animals, is often chosen as a favorite by most parents. Gender neutral baby nursery themes make a welcome change if you are bored of the customary blues and pinks. They can be used for a baby boy or a baby girl’s room. Incorporating a strong color theme works well too…

Baby Sleeping Bags


Many new parents think of yellow and green as the only gender neutral colors, but this isn’t the case. To help out parents who’re really stuck and don’t know where to begin, here are a few ideas for neutral nursery colors to get them started. These will be quite handful when deciding what sorts of bedding to buy.

baby bedding

  1. Try Blacks, whites and grays. They are very effective too.
  2. Contrasting Sharp green and cream with touches of brown works well.
  3. Parents looking for a toned look, beige and white are the perfect choices.
  4. Another bold contrast of gray, white and deep red can also be used.
  5. Combinations of pastel oranges, yellows, greens and blues.
  6. Finally, they can also try dark green and white with grey tones for their yet-to-come tot.