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Why Shop with Izzz?

Nearly three years since the site started, and already it has overcome the many barriers it faced and has slowly grown into an adequate shopping site with a reasonable, but loyal following. So what made so popular to its Australian audience for buying Bed Linen, Kids Toys, Baby Bedding, Kids Bedding and many more; even though it’s still a relatively small firm in a very competitive market? Well, we…

kids bedding

  • Sell products that are up to the very best standards both in quality and design.
  • Feature brands that are very notable and are normally sought out by their usual customers for the high quality products they manufacture. They guarantee the very best quality and durability especially when it comes to bedding and Bean Bags.
  • Go light on your pockets. Many of the products are at very cheap rates, considering the prices they usually put up at their own individual stores. This is due to the wholesale prices at which they are bought by us.
  • Offer a one-of-a-kind Price Match Offer that contests its customers to find any product showcased on Izzz at any other online shopping site at a lower price and avail a 3% discount off of that product.
  • Also feature a 24/7 live chat service on the site where visitors can communicate with our correspondents and get to know the site, and its services a bit better.
  • Have a blog that communicates with the visitors and customers on a different and informal level. Topics are published every now and then and the audience is free to express their opinions in the comments section.
  • Provide an exceptional customer service that is available all the time via email or phone. They are also committed in delivering orders on time with the friendliest manner.
  • At Izzz, we also tend to keep our customers up to date with the latest developments on the site with our newsletter feature and our Facebook and Twitter pages which are regularly updated. Contests, Discounts and Special Offers are all sent to our respective customers so they don’t miss out on the greatest shopping venture on the internet.
  • So now you know the real deal behind our continuing success. From all of us at Izzz, I wish you Happy Shopping with your friends and families!