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The Way How Your Dreams Come True

Life is all about having dreams in your eyes and then trying all the possible means to realize those dreams in a positive way. One of the most important dreams that one can have is to put all his efforts in order to fulfill the needs of his family to make them happy and comfortable. The happiness and peace that one can get from his home is unparalleled to any other happiness and peace being fetched by any other mean or method. When it comes to enjoy our rest time we instantly think about our Bed Linen which give us all the needed and desired warmth and comfort. They not only give us comfort but also serve as a great source of decoration and hence increase the all important appeal of our bed room.

Quilt cover sets


Quilt Covers Online at IZZZ

They are quite handy when it comes to shopping them so one needs to have all the information before going for the above mentioned purpose. In order to give a different as well as inspiring look to your bed room, you should invest some time in finding the appropriate range with a suitable color and design mix. They come in different sizes and designing so one needs to select with respect to his own need, choice and budget. Online shopping is the best way to realize your dreams because of the fact that this very method provides all the information and desired outlooks to have the best out of the lot. It is only through a careful and wise decision that one can give an outstanding look to his bed room by furnishing it with the best quality Quilt Covers.

quilts and doonas

Quilt and Doona

A good quality, Quilts and Doona prevent you from allergens and bacteria and you’ll never hurt your skin while in contact with them. To keep your Quilts and Donna safe and clean, cover them with a beautiful printed cover, that are easily available in the market. In this way, you’ll increase the life span of your bed comforters. At the end of the winter season, wash the covers by taking them off, and keep the Quilt and Doona under the sun for few hours. Cover your comforters again and pack them and place in the stores.

Quilt covers that reflect your home decor

When it comes to interior design and decoration, bedroom can really be a fiddly beast, more than ever when another person resides in the room. Neither of the two can enjoy the bedroom time when a couple has a very opposite opinion, choice of Bedding and lack of accessories. The very first thing that must be considered while decorating your bedroom is to decide how you want it to work with your whole home. You may prefer to carry a theme crosswise your whole home, whether it be an age, a style, a particular decorator’s work in all rooms or maybe just a color palette. By adding our wonderful quilt cover sets, you can make your home look like a great tapestry of diverse but connected spaces, instead of having a cluster of monotonous rooms. Being a sagacious woman, should not follow a particular latest trend for your room’s theme as your bedroom will be redesigned several times with the change of your quilt cover. And unless, you’re extra well-off, you probably can’t afford to renovate your bedroom every time with the change of your quilt cover sets (though you may wish for it!).

quilt cover sets

Always Buy Quilt Covers according to Trends

Always choose only a few elements of every trend that you believe will suit your bedroom and buy the appropriate quilt covers online or from some store. There are many leading designers crafting very trendy quilt covers Australia wide. Many people conventionally opt for the color of bedroom walls and curtains before buying the Bedspreads and quilt cover sets for their beds. This may create a problem afterwards when you go for buying quilt covers and especially when you have your heart set on a particular design which doesn’t match your room’s color theme. Start your room décor plan with an open mind and open sight. Research can be of great help so browse through the quilt covers online. Look up for all your Manchester companies and go through their latest quilt covers online or in-store. Izzz takes pride to be one of the biggest retailers of renown bedding brands like Kas, Bianca, Bambury and many more! So make your choice now and place your order to get your room rejuvenated. Keep updating your room décor from time to time so that your partner always finds a healthy change that reflects the happiness and freshness.

quilt cover sets

Cotton Quilt Covers

There are different types of cotton, varying in quality and measured by the length of their staple (the longer the staple, the higher the quality of the cotton). Cotton quilt covers are silky soft, breathable and durable, making for a heavenly nights sleep. Cotton bed sheets can be used in the summer and winter season, due to its dual properties. It makes you warm in winter as well as airy in the summer season. However, cotton bed sheets tend to crease a lot when washing and can be a tough job to iron, but stretching them over the bed after taking out from the dryer will no longer need you to iron properly.

Revitalize your bedroom

We all spend a lot of time of our day in our bed, sleeping and revitalizing our minds for the next day.It is said that an average person roughly spends around one third of his life while sleeping, so that holds important that you would definitely want a comfortable bed with more comfortable quilt covers to feel delighted. It also is a lovely added benefit if quilt cover sets you choose augment the decor of your room on the whole and is pleasurable to the eye. Quilt covers are the most important part while choosing the overall bed linen and accessories to be used over the bed.


Quilt cover Sets

 Always Select Room Theme Based Bedding Linen

Always decide a theme first and pick the perfect quilt cover set that fits in best. Instead of trudging around the interior decorators and home maker centers, spend some time and do a speck of research on quilt covers online. You show know what a thread count is and the different fabrics of quilt covers available in the market. There are different textures used by different designers such as cotton, jacquard, poly-cotton, Egyptian cotton, satin, flannel etc. Supima cotton is known to be the most luxurious and high quality material for quilt covers Australia wide. Thread count reflects how many threads are knitted (usually in one square inch) of the quilt covers. Generally, quilt covers having a thread count 200 or above is make a very soft and durable bed linen. Flannel Bed Sheets are soft, fluffy and luxuriously warm flannel sheets. These bed sheets can be used on a cold winter night to make your bedtime special. Most high-quality flannel sheets are made from a wool and cotton blend. The wool provides warmth and the cotton that ultra soft fluffy feeling. Flannel sheets are very warm, they are often not very breathable like cotton sheets. People who have breathing problem prefer to buy higher quality cotton sheets with a warmer winter Quilt and Doona.

Bed Sheets

Branded Quilt Covers

Now once you’re familiar with the specifications you require, you can purchase your favorite quilt covers online. Because now a days, no one likes to peep into every store and check if the desired design is available there as store may not stock the whole collection. We, at Izzz, carry the entire assortment of leading brands like Kas, Bambury, Phase 2 online. Also, all the coordinates are available for your convenience. So pick out the quilt cover of your dreams along and match the prefect coordinates and we’ll deliver quilt covers Australia wide to help you design your own little heaven. At the end, your Bedspreads stuff should be fully incorporated with the best and outclass quality fabric. Give your Bed a comfort level with all of this bedding equipment. Your health must be your top priority, so always invest in quality products and frequently check your Bedspread item list for meeting your necessities.

Izzz Provides You the Best You Are Looking For

When it comes to think or speak about home, it reminds us a place where we may have spent the best times of our lives and enjoyed all those happy moments with our dear ones which consequently become an everlasting source of cherished memories. Our home tells all about our personality, attitude and philosophy of life. It not only gives comfort to our body but consoles and refreshes our souls too. IZZZ gives the most desired look to our home by making it beautiful, inspirational and eye catching by giving it a lovely sort of touch. It makes someone to love his home and hence spend most of his free time at his home while enjoying the artistic looks provided by the IZZZ through its unparalleled Bedding linen ranges and many more.

Bed Linen


Bedding Linen Online at IZZZ

It is quite obvious to say that it is specialized in designing, enriching and making it to reach an appropriate market with a wide variety of textile home ware items to be available at suitable prices. It is through Online Shopping that you can get your desired home ware product to reach your home as urgent as you want and stat enjoying it with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.



The brand is a leading trend setter and hence tends to introduce new fashion aspects. It goes a long way to serve the cause of providing diversity of styles for all age groups with respect to all seasons and moods. So, have a wish and see it being fulfilled and accomplished in its true spirit with the help of leading brand in home ware textiles. Get a huge collection of Pillows and the most favorite of all Bamboo Pillow filled with memory foam to make your sleep peaceful.


Wish to see you shopping with us soon.

Choosing the Perfect Bedspread for your bedroom

Online Shopping for bedspreads has become somewhat an intimidating process with so much variety to choose from. These days there are a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, materials and sizes to choose from which could be mind boggling. However intimidating it is, a new bedspread can breathe a fresh air into a dull and cold bedroom apart from functioning better than comforters. So if you want to rejuvenate your bedroom, why not buy a new bedspread from Izzz, which makes your shopping experience easier and fun.


Size of Bedspreads

The first and probably the foremost important thing in the shopping process of bedspreads is determining the size you want. Whether it is Single, Double, Queen or King, it should be according to the size of your bed, however if you want the bedspread to drape a little shorter from the sides, go for a smaller size but you may need a bed skirt to keep the things hidden underneath the bed.


Color of Bedspreads

After you have chosen your preferred size, consider the colour. The colour should complement the overall décor of your bedroom so that the bedspread naturally blends in into the environment. To help you choose the right colour of bedspread, notice the main colour in your bedroom, the colour of the floor, the wall and windows to choose the right one for your bedding. To attract the eye towards the bed, a subdued solid colour is recommended and to make bedspread the focal point on it go for a pattern of basic colours.


Bedspreads at IZZZ

Next comes the style, consider your room décor again to decide on the style of your bedding ensemble. Ask yourself which style will suit your taste, fit well with the décor and serve the purpose. The type of bedspread should be given special thought as your bedroom reflects your personal style and taste. At IZZZ, you can either choose a throw style bedspread, vintage style bedspread, quilted bedspreads, patchwork bedspreads and many more.


Cotton Bedspreads

The material of your bedding ensemble can make a huge difference between a comfortable good night’s sleep and no sleep at all. Cotton bedspreads in thread counts of 300 and plus have a very soft texture and last longer. Mostly polyester is used for fillings which is light weight but traps heat efficiently. This also makes washing bedspreads easier as natural fibres soak more water than polyester and thus take longer to dry. Cotton is a strong fibre and offers perfect durability even after many washes and years of use.


Fitted Bedspreads

Simply printed bedspreads are on the cheaper side, however embroidery, appliqué and embellishment work on the bedspread will make the ensemble expensive. Also, natural materials like cotton and wool will cost more whereas man-made fibres like polyester and viscose fall on the cheaper side but offer less comfort and durability. It is all down to your preferences and taste. You can now also find a wide range of Fitted Bedspread At Izzz, we stock all types of bedspreads from leading Australian brands and offer at remarkably cheaper prices. Have a peek here.



At the end, your Bedspreads stuff should be fully incorporated with the best and outclass quality fabric. Give your Bed a comfort level with all of this bedding equipment. Your health must be your top priority, so always invest in quality products and frequently check your Bedspread item list for meeting your necessities.

Cushions…A Big Deal of Comfort

Your bedroom is a place where you want to enjoy all the comforts and joys of your free time hence by making it a lovely place to stay in. In order to make it a worth living place you do need to look for a luxury item like cushions to fetch all sorts of happiness and ease for you and your dear ones. It helps the cause of feeling relaxed when you are taking rest on bedding and contented in your leisure times and gives you a feeling of coolness and smoothness. Available in different verities, designs and colors, Cushions may become a rich source of style and peace at the same time.


Cushions Online at IZZZ

It becomes quite easy to get these with the help of Online Shopping Stores to be delivered at home in no time. It grabs the attention of every one coming into your bedroom by making him or her to feel very much admiring as far as your choice of colors and styles is concerned. They include Pop collection, which are retro stimulated featuring rangy geometric which reveal a touch of up to date manner and modern art.


Branded Cushions

KAS Cushions Feature Urban Tribe collection are the ones which draws your attention on cultural soul and strong modern sway, stimulated by the journey of the modern day worldwide travelers. KAS is a very well known and leading brand dealing in home trimmings. It presents wide range and verity of cushions, throws, home accessories and many more. So come and shop with confidence to have a feeling of real accomplishment.


High Quality Cushions

Cushions which possess quality and comfort-ability are the most reliable and durable. So always prefer those cushions, that last for a long time. Invest one time and take benefit for a couple of years. Make sure to consider all of these things when you are choosing cushion and their covers for your home. In this way, you will find the perfect ones that will complement your home and make you and your guests comfortable.

A little more about room makeover

Home decoration with beautiful Manchester like colorful cushions, throws of different textures, quilt covers and curtains definitely require more consideration that most people give it. It can go a long way if we put a little more effort to see what will fit into the picture, instead of just buying anything that passes by our eye. Always pick the quilt covers, cushions and throws that match your décor and theme. If you’re going to decorate your bedroom, it will probably take the most of your ability when it comes to quilt cover sets. Your quilt cover must be the most outstanding and eye catching element of your décor. Your bedroom is the most important yet personal leisure space in the home so choose everything that perfectly fits to your imagination.


Quilts and Quilt Covers

While setting up your room décor, first of all choose a color palette that carries out this with soothing colors like greens, blues, soft cream tones and whites. This color mix in quilt cover sets, with a mix of bold and nude accents works perfectly for most of us, however; if you gave a larger than normal bedroom, then play a little more with wild colors. Usually bold print Quilts and vibrant colored Cushions and coordinates make a bedroom feel muddled so only go for adding an ample red if you have a spacious room.


Dazzling Quilt Covers

A collection of neutral objects in varying sizes and distinctive shapes can offer practically endless display options to go with a cheerful quilt covers on your bed. They serve the both purposes; i.e. dazzling quilt cover set adds beauty and style whereas, neutral and soft shades give emphasis to delicacy of light and shade. So before you make your final purchase, take your time to see online quilt covers at IZZZ, where you’ll find the colors and textures that are sure to impress you. We carry and deliver the huge assortment of quilt covers Australia wide without charging anything extra, and if you need any assistance concerning your purchase or order, feel free to chat with our cheerful online customer support agents.


Satin Quilt Cover Sets

Satin quilt covers are great in the summer as being always nice and cool. They are light weight and also breathe very well. Some people find satin bed sheets a bit scratchy and slippery, so be sure to buy the highest thread count you can afford. Sateen sheets are shiny bed sheets that enhance their beauty. As we spend half of our life

Kids Bedding – Give A Makeover to Your Kid’s Room

Every parent want the best for their kids, therefore they are always searching for the most nutritious foods, educational and safe toys, comfortable clothes etc but often ignore kids bedding. A comfortable and funky kids bedding can totally transform your kid’s room into a fun place of their own. Show them how much you love them and buy attractive Kids Bedding and make their room look just the way they imagine it to be. From luxury sateen bedding to designer kids quilt covers, you will find anything and everything at IZZZ to fit into your child’s choice.

kids bedding

Fantasies and Imaginations

Kids are mostly in their own world of fantasies and imaginations. They want to live out the life of their favorite character from a cartoon, game or movie, that is why we have a vast variety of character bedding for kids for you to choose the Boys Quilt Cover Sets or Girls Quilt Cover Sets with their favorite character printed all over it. It does not only enhances their imagination but helps them sleep better as well. Kids are bright and colorful beings so you should pay particular attention in buying the right kids bedding that gets them in a good mood. Boys bedding mostly consist of cartoon characters and zoo animals in blue and green colors whereas Girls bedding might prefer pink and light shades of red or orange in floral prints.

kids bedding

Designer Kids Bedding

Boys also prefer cars and superheroes printed on their bedding while girls are fascinated by printed fairies and Barbie dolls. The good about Kids Bedding at IZZZ is that you can buy designer kids bedding in matching design from quilt covers, pillow covers, bedspreads and table lamps, all in the same theme, which would most definitely turn the kids room chic. The quality is guaranteed and you are sure to receive a soft and long lasting bedding ensemble from Izzz.

kids bedding

Kids Bedding Sale at IZZZ

The sales of kids bedding has been on the rise continuously which is why most of the online stores have remarkably increased their prices. However, at IZZZ, we aim to provide quality kids bedding at affordable prices which will add comfort and style to your kids room with a huge range of bedding to pick from, your little guy can find his favorite Quilt Cover Sets, Bedding Sets, Cushions, Curtains, Pillowcases, Floor Rugs, Coverlets, Comforters, Bed Sheets, Blankets and Sleeping Bags by the well known brands like Whimsy, Kas Kids, Kooky, Happy Kids and Ardor Kids only at IZZZ that show off his personality perfectly.

Let the colors of your bedroom transform your mood

Bedroom can be classified as your very private haven within your home. Whenever you plan a party or invite friends or family at your house, you will entertain them in the drawing room or living room so it’s very unlikely that a lot of people will get to see your bedroom decorated with quality bedding linen. So, why would you want to invest so much time and money on the décor of your bedroom? Because the way your bedroom feels and looks can radically affect your mood and sleep.

bed sheets

Color Scheme of Bedroom should must be matching with Bedding Linen

The color scheme of bedroom decor is often not given too much attention but it really can affect to a good extent. What color should your quilt cover set and Bed Sheets be, which color paint to apply on the walls, and what mood you want set? All these are interlinked. Every color has a different affect and meaning and you should do your homework before decorating your room. We’ve prepared a list of tips for our customers so that they can make an informed and better choice for themselves.


Use of Dark shades in Bedrooms

Dark shades are often used for a fun and passionate feel. Quilt cover sets in red, purple and pink are very common which are often chosen to warm up colder rooms particularly those which do not get natural sunlight throughout the day. However, for rooms which get plenty of sunlight, you should consider to buy quilt cover sets in lighter shades of red or pink rather than darker shades. Two tones effect also go a long way so you might want to consider buying one of our multi colored quilt cover sets. Popular two tone color schemes include white and black (both plain and printed) and green and blue. Soft shades of green are associated with nature and produce a soothing and relaxing affect for the bedroom. This makes it ideal as the main purpose of a bedroom is to relax in it. Whereas quilt cover sets in light blue and pastel colors can energies your bedroom, and darker shades of blue can be mixed with black to create a whole new different theme.

quilt cover sets

Brighter Shades

For spring or summer season, yellow quilt cover set can be considered which will look great in your bedroom, especially if you match your yellow quilt cover sets with matching bedsheets and other bedding products in the room. However, darker shades of yellow can make you a little uncomfortable so you might want to avoid brighter shades as this will be less relaxing, especially if your room gets a lot of light.


Another popular color for summers is white which creates a soothing tone. Off white or cream shade creates a shabby chic style and actually creates a cool atmosphere. These can also be mixed with pastel or neutral colors to rejuvenate the bedroom décor to a new level. So get ready to make your room a piece of royal palace and enjoy the beauty of colorful bedding.

Boys bedding sets for a comfy snooze

We all know that being a parent is the most demanding thing in this world. It’s really worrying for parents, pondering over if your child will be an easy going personality or not. It sometimes gets so difficult to judge what type of friends they have and how they’re learning things from life. At least our boys bedding section has one thing you don’t have to worry about.


boys bedding

Boys Doona Covers

Most of the boys do love their room layout and doona covers but they don’t like bedtime, isn’t it? They’re happy to use their beds to hide below or jump upon, but may not love sleeping in them. Our boys doona covers are definitely one of the things to attract them. We have the boys bedding which includes doona covers, coverlets, sheets and very exciting matching cushions and accessories which are specially designed to encourage boys’ imagination. Our Kids Bedding range serves as an engaging background during the game hours and very inviting when it’s time to snuggle up a night. We carry a very assortment of boys doona cover sets that are crafted by well known brands after a vast research on what kids want on their bedding sets. We have designs to suit every kid’s taste including robots, ocean and pirates, fire engines, combi vans, dinosaurs and what not! It will not be an exaggeration if we say that our boys bedding range is personality specific as we have so much to choose from.


Boys Bedding

Fabrics Used in Boys Doona Covers

The quality of our boys doona covers is unquestionable. We offer a number of fabrics you can choose from. The thickness and warmth depends upon the weather and also, on the body temperature of every child. Some children are naturally warm and they like lighter boys bedding whereas, some may feel colder and prefer a soft and thick doona cover. Do consider the temperature of your room as well while picking the perfect boys bedding set.

boys bedding

Boys Bedding at IZZZ

Doona and doona covers play a vital part to keep your child comfortable during the unpleasant cold. To buy new boys doona covers for this winter, take a look around our boys bedding section, we have the designs and quality that is sure to impress you. Just visit us at and be the part of one of the biggest online shopping store in Australia.