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Benefits of Safe Baby Cots and Mattress

While designing the baby Baby Bedding, do not forget to buy a baby cot as it is the safest place for a baby to sleep. But there are some standards that should be met while buying a baby cot. Keep the thing in mind that the cot will be the bed for baby for whole two years, so it must be of good quality and material should be reliable. Make sure the slats of the cot are strong and smooth and higher than the baby’s reach to prevent the baby from climbing out. Slats must not be cracked and safe for the baby to hold as he tries to lift the body up by holding on slats. Slats must be apart at the distance of 1 inch so that baby’s head could not stick between the slats.

Baby Bedding

Baby Cot Bedding

Now what are the benefits of keeping the baby in a cot? First of all cot is safer than sharing the bed. Bed sharing has a risk of rolling over the baby by parents or elder siblings in sleep which can cause the death of the infant by choking. There is also a risk of being smothered under covers or duvets in bed sharing which contributes to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Also cot keeps the baby safe if one of the parents is used to smoking or drinking. Keeping the baby away in the cot will ensure safe sleeping environment.


Baby Sleeping Bags

Another factor that makes the cot beneficial is that it prevents the baby to fall down while sleeping or playing as it has higher sides. Baby does not get disturbed in the sleep and hence grows healthy day by day. Cot provides the baby a safe atmosphere and enough space to sleep and play. Making the baby to sleep in cot is helpful when baby is older and has to be transit to the bed. Babies sleeping in the bed with parents get used to it and are not easy to undergo transition to another bed even when get older. Babies sleeping in the cots and in the safe Baby Sleeping Bags do not interfere with the love life of parents and get appropriate sleep because baby is less likely to wake up while sleeping in the cot.


Cot Sheets

Cot with adjustable slats is more beneficial; it can be used as a bed when the baby grows up and the nursery can be converted into a bed room. While buying a mattress make sure it is easy to clean and snugly. Sleep curve mattress is suitable for the safe sleep as it prevents the flat head syndrome which is caused by placing the head on a flat surface for a long period of time. Make sure the mattress is firm so that to prevent the risk of SIDS. A good quality and comfortable mattress with an attractive cot sheets ensures healthy growth of baby’s bones and muscles.

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Gro Egg Digital Thermometer

One very important thing is also there. The temperature of your Baby’s room is one of the vital things you have to keep in mind before anything. The innovative Gro egg Digital Thermometer is always proven really helpful for the parents who are really conscious about their Baby’s health. It changes color to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Most of the parents overlook this thing and Babies are affected due to such negligence.Gro Egg Digital Thermometer

Tips to design your own baby nursery theme! Isn’t it fun?

It’s confusing that when you go to the store for buying Baby Bedding and you get spoiled by the number of baby nursery themes that you could pick from for your little one’s future room. Beyond just being exciting, you may find that a lot of baby bedding sets would be borderline cheesy for your taste — and those bedding sets may come with unnecessary products which may be of no use to you and you may not want to give up your own sense of style! So why not be the one creative mom & design your baby’s nursery using mix & match idea? Just follow a few things and you can design a perfect nursery without going out of your budget. Spend some time on internet browsing through online Nursery Items online baby bedding sites. Convertible cribs are forever hot & savvy investment;they can be changed from a crib to a toddler bed or maybe to a headboard making it useful throughout your child’s life.

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Combinations of Baby Bedding

Check the latest nursery bedding themes & color combinations. These online baby bedding websites also offer online chat support where you can ask them for help regarding the sizes, dimensions, materials and fillings. One great option is IZZZ they have all at one place and you don’t have to drop in, it’s all about a click. Remember, you don’t need to make everything match. You can choose a base color like grey or maybe soft beige (the best options!).

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Variations of Baby Bedding

Nowadays, Baby Bedding usually has three color variations. So it won’t matter that the baby bedding sets & accessories have different designs as long as they have a color synchronization and design options will become endless. You can opt from eclectic to neat or lining and geometric patterns attached the different styles together. Baby blankets and baby quilts can be most important part of the baby bedding. The quality is of much importance because baby will be very messy with it. Opt for organic baby bedding material as they are free of chemicals that can be harmful to the bub.

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Cartoons Baby Bedding

Make sure that the fabric of your kids comforter set is safe and non-allergic. Children are more prone of environmental changes, so it’s important to have a dust free bedding for them. The design and color of the comforter set should be according to your kids’ preferences. Change the comforter set with their ages, as they developed new liking and preferences for designs and colors. In these days, kids are more attracted by cartoon characters, so they love to buy those stuff which have their favorite cartoon characters.



Choose what is most important to you and invest carefully. Add the cutest canvas pictures in neutral shades having dark touches, and attache a musical mobile with the crib or wall having a soothing lullaby. Have fun being creative!

Baby Bedding—that lasts forever!

The most delightful decisions! Will it be rosy pink or celadon green? Pastel polka dots or fine stripes? A butterfly garden print or a farm full of baby animals? Needless to say, you want your little tot’s room to be the picture perfect as you have always seen in your mind’s eye. We believe that when setting up a nursery, the crib bedding is naturally the beginning and complements the whole room’s theme. Most of the moms love gender neutral baby bedding collection by Izzz because it’s easy to share bedding with future siblings too.Our favorite Baby Bedding by Izzz is absolutely a perfect pick, especially when you don’t know if it’s a baby or baba!

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Features of Baby Bedding

This bonbon, soft soothing baby bedding features the adorable characters design that makes the baby bedding more interesting and baby friendly. IZZZ Nursery Bedding comes with the beautiful coordinates you will require to secure your bub’s comfy sleep. The two-piece crib set features very subtle embroidery, applique and character detail. It is made with the super soft fabric and includes a mini quilt and wonderfully padded bumper with 100% polyester filling.

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Baby Cot Quilts

Coordinates include a wonderful Cot Quilt with pillowcase which is perfect to provide the warmth to little one. It is machine washable at 40°C and offers age suitability up to more than 12 months. A character printed hand tufted rug that is made up of 100% wool. A luxury fleece blanket to fit perfectly to the Moses basket and keep your newborn warm. A beautiful and generously wide wallpaper border, adding much more fun to the room. A trendy embroidered lampshade, with crumble bear hanging toy that makes a striking accessory.

baby nursery

Izzz baby nursery also includes numerous Cot Comforters including rag dolls and crumble bears, door hangings, nappy stacker, canvas pictures and a lot more making it all a perfect dreamed nursery.

Baby Toys

Baby Toys are actually some of the most important things that a child will ever encounter as they teach them the basic skills they need to function in the real world when they grow up. The goal of any child is to just have fun. We know it and you know it. But as parents we all want to know that our children are safe whilst doing it, so all of our baby toys are tested by us before they go out into the live store. Our testing team consists of professionals that are able to test the safety of these baby toys for your newborn and make sure that they are of the highest quality. Fun is the key for children, but safety is the key for parents. Baby toys in Australia is one of our emerging ranges and it has proved popular with you.

Dylan Fire Station Playset by Krooom


Baby Toys Australia

We have listened to the feedback we have received from our customers since we first started selling baby toys Australia and that feedback has told us that you are happy with everything we are doing. But we are not just stopping there with our newborn baby toys because there’s always room for improvement. We want to make sure that the quality of our baby toys for your newborn continues to increase because whilst we want to stay on the cutting edge of the industry we want to make sure that you are never sold an inferior product.

Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym by Skip Hop

Baby toys are vital for your child and we believe that you are entitled to the very best, so take a look at our vast range of toys today!

Baby Rugs

When your baby is playing around on the floor with their toys they don’t want to be playing on a cold or dirty floor. That’s why you can protect your baby against both of these things with the Izzz range of baby nursery rugs. We want to make sure that your child is as safe and as relaxed as possible when they are at play, so our baby floor rugs are thick, furry, and simply comfortable. They come in a wide variety of styles so they can suit any home and any taste, in fact we can guarantee you that we will have something to suit any taste in baby rugs.

Juniper Rug by Lolli Living


Baby Room Decorations Rugs

We understand that at some point these baby floor rugs are going to become the victim of a carelessly spilt fruit drink. That’s why we have made sure that we only sell baby rugs that are resistant to this sort of punishment. It’s foolhardy to believe that they can be protected against these things, and that’s why all of our rugs can be cleaned with remarkable ease. Just wash these nursery rugs and give them a quick run with the vacuum cleaner and they are ready to go again. The products you buy need to be durable and they need to be resistant to anything that might befall them, and we believe we have accomplished that with our quality range of rugs.

Baby Snuggle Rugs by Bambury

If you are interested in our rugs for your baby then take a look at our vast range and get in contact today to find out about our special offers!


Baby Play Mats


Protect your baby from all the harmful substances that might be lurking on the floor with a baby playmat. Our baby play mats are designed specifically for allowing your toddler to play and have fun whilst being protected from anything that might cause them any harm. The materials that are used in the manufacture of these play mats for babies are all safe and have been tested by us to confirm that fact. All of the baby play mats we sell are safe for children to use and they are of the highest quality. Our promise to you is that we will never sell you an inferior product, and that goes doubly when it comes to your children.

Treetop Friends Tummy Time Mat by Skip Hop


Beautiful  Playmats

If you are looking for affordable play mats for babies then ignore all of the expensive brand stores. The funny thing is that we have all of the best brands right here, but we left the brand prices where they originally came from because that’s not what you want. We listen to our customers and we have made sure that value comes with every product. That’s why all of the prices on this site for our baby play mats have been slashed repeatedly. You can even reduce the price of your baby playmat even further by doing something as trivial as just liking us on Facebook. And if you want to buy in bulk then we will throw in free shipping if your order amounts to $150 or over.

Blue Bear Play Mat by Living Textiles

If quality and value is your desire then you don’t need to look anywhere else but IZZZ.


Baby Cot Comforter Sets

Toddlers are fragile, and this is why you have to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible at all times. Cots can’t provide this 100% of the time and they will eventually start to take their toll on your baby. That’s why we have made cot comforters available as part of the IZZZ range. In order to grow and develop in the right way babies have to be relaxed and in a state of halcyon at all times. So as loving parents you will want to look into a baby cot comforter as they can provide the comfort your child needs to really feel fantastic. This is on top of conventional cot bedding that also has to be top quality. But you don’t have to worry about that when you shop with IZZZ.

Sparrow Baby Bedding by Lolli Living


High Quality Cot Comforters

When you shop for cot comforters with IZZZ you are guaranteed to experience products that are of the highest quality. In fact, we don’t sell any baby cot comforter in our store unless it’s standing at the top of the industry. Rigorous testing is carried out to make sure of this, so you know that what you’re getting is what has gone through our complex filtering systems.

White And Grey Pintucked Jersey Cot Comforter by Living Textiles


Cot Comforters Australia

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and it’s what we have always built our business off of in the past. It’s how we came to be the largest stockist of cot bedding in Australia and is how we have managed to maintain our success over many long periods of business.

Baby Bassinet sheets

Everybody wants to keep the new addition to their family safe. So why not look at bassinet sheets and protect them from the dangers of the outside world? These bassinet sheets are designed to protect children by keeping them snuggled up with lots of bedding and covers. This way they can be protected from the cold whilst remaining completely relaxed at all times. We understand that baby bassinet sheets have to be able to ease the safety concerns of parents, and we make sure of that through our quality control testing. We make sure that all of our baby bassinets conform to rigorous health and safety standards. When we test each of our bassinets we make sure that we always have the worst case scenario in mind. If they don’t meet these standards then we simply don’t sell them.

Bassinet sheet


Bassinet Sheets Australia

If you are thinking of looking at some bassinet sheets Australia then look no further than Izzz as the bassinets displayed in our wide range of items are the best of the best. That’s our promise to you. And with the best products come the best prices. We make sure that if you find any of our baby bassinets elsewhere we will personally review it, cut the price down to this lower level, and then demolish it by another 3%. That’s how we can guarantee you the lowest prices anywhere. With Izzz you are guaranteed value for money when it comes to our baby bassinets in Australia.

baby bessinet sheets


Bassinet Sheets at IZZZ

However, we understand that we can’t please everybody all the time. So if you have a problem we won’t duck away from it. That’s why we have included a live customer support service so you can talk to one of our representatives any time you want. We will make sure that we resolve your problem with the utmost sincerity because your happiness equals our happiness. And on top of that if our bassinet fitted sheets just don’t work out for you then we will give you a full refund. This is because everything we sell has a 365 day money back guarantee attached to it. There will be no questions asked. There’s no hidden terms and conditions. We are completely open and honest about everything we do and your satisfaction is guaranteed when you buy a bassinet for your child from IZZZ.

Baby Wall Decal Set

The perfect way to brighten up any nursery is decoration, and the place to start with that is a baby wall decal Australia. Baby wall decals are simple to transfer onto the wall of any nursery and can really change the whole face of the room. Baby room wall decals can appeal to any child, especially when these baby nursery wall decals are bought from us because these wall decals for your nursery come in a variety of different designs. There are bright and colorful baby girl wall decals and cool baby boy wall decals. If you’re having any problems with choosing any of our wall decals for your nursery then just contact our live customer support. These baby wall decal specialists are able to direct you to the best baby wall decals for you.

Wall Decal


Nursery Wall Decals Australia

When it comes to baby nursery wall decals we make sure that all of our prices are discounted. That means when you buy baby nursery wall decals online from us you will save money because we have the most affordable products around. Wall decals for your nursery needn’t cost the earth and if you buy over $150 worth of baby wall art then you will be rewarded by not having to pay for any shipping. So whether you want some baby girl wall decals or baby boy wall decals we are sure that we have the right ones for you. Brighten up your child’s life today with wall decals for your nursery!

Wall Decal

Baby Plush Toy

We all believe that our children should experience the most comfort possible whenever they pick up a plush toys. That’s why we offer a large variety of baby plush animals at Izzz. A baby plush toy can act as a source of support for a child in times of trouble, a soft plush toy can act as a durable little plaything, or a soft baby plush toy online can even act as that vital companion in times of need. We offer an unbeatable range of baby plush animals so you can get that perfect soft plush toy for your child. And that means that you are bound to find the plush toy that’s right for you. But if you are having trouble finding that unique plush baby toy then talk to us and we can talk to you in real time to help put you in the right direction.

Plush Toys


Baby Plush Toys

And we aren’t just committed to fantastic baby plush toys customer service alone. We are committed to providing our customers with only the most opulent baby plush animals available. We make sure that we provide you with that great baby plush toys Australia by carefully inspecting them prior to accepting them. Put it this way, if a specific soft baby plush toy wouldn’t work itself into the hands of our children then we don’t sell that soft plush toy. And when it comes to choosing a baby plush we never budge on our quality control standards. That’s our solemn promise we make to you, the customer.

Plush Toys