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Online Shopping Gives You the Luxury to Save Time and Money

The current era is regarded as a very busy era in which people often feel hard to have free time which they may invest in doing activities like physical shopping or visiting market like places. Online Shopping opens a window of opportunity and easiness for all such people who cannot have it otherwise. It is an easy as well as affordable option for the busy individuals as it provides them all the much needed stuff to go through from and then decide their favorite Bedding linen products as per their temperament and choice. There are all sorts of products ranges available when it comes to Online Shopping and this very fact makes it the choice of this age as well as of upcoming ages. It provides products included in categories like bed linen, baby bedding, furniture, kitchen and dining and etc.



Shop Bedding Linen With Great Confidence

This option helps customers to shop by brand and shop with money back guarantee. There is always a difference of price of products when we compare online shopping with physical shopping which tends to be in favor of online shopping. It gives a relief to the customers in the sense that they can have their desired products at their door steps in a very short period of time. Bedding, Doona, Bedspreads and Quilt cover sets are regarded as most important online items which customers can order without any fear as their formation and quality specified by their brand names assures the trust of customers and hence they can have it with no confusion on their part. A good quality, Quilt and Doona prevent you from allergens and bacteria and you’ll never hurt your skin while in contact with them. To keep your Quilt and Donna safe and clean, cover them with a beautiful printed cover, that are easily available in the market. In this way, you’ll increase the life span of your bed comforters. At the end of the winter season, wash the covers by taking them off, and keep the Quilt and Doona under the sun for few hours. Cover your comforters again and pack them and place in the stores.

quilt cover sets

Quilt covers that reflect your home decor

When it comes to interior design and decoration, bedroom can really be a fiddly beast, more than ever when another person resides in the room. Neither of the two can enjoy the bedroom time when a couple has a very opposite opinion, choice of Bedding and lack of accessories. The very first thing that must be considered while decorating your bedroom is to decide how you want it to work with your whole home. You may prefer to carry a theme crosswise your whole home, whether it be an age, a style, a particular decorator’s work in all rooms or maybe just a color palette. By adding our wonderful quilt cover sets, you can make your home look like a great tapestry of diverse but connected spaces, instead of having a cluster of monotonous rooms. Being a sagacious woman, should not follow a particular latest trend for your room’s theme as your bedroom will be redesigned several times with the change of your quilt cover. And unless, you’re extra well-off, you probably can’t afford to renovate your bedroom every time with the change of your quilt cover sets (though you may wish for it!).

quilt cover sets

Always Buy Quilt Covers according to Trends

Always choose only a few elements of every trend that you believe will suit your bedroom and buy the appropriate quilt covers online or from some store. There are many leading designers crafting very trendy quilt covers Australia wide. Many people conventionally opt for the color of bedroom walls and curtains before buying the Bedspreads and quilt cover sets for their beds. This may create a problem afterwards when you go for buying quilt covers and especially when you have your heart set on a particular design which doesn’t match your room’s color theme. Start your room décor plan with an open mind and open sight. Research can be of great help so browse through the quilt covers online. Look up for all your Manchester companies and go through their latest quilt covers online or in-store. Izzz takes pride to be one of the biggest retailers of renown bedding brands like Kas, Bianca, Bambury and many more! So make your choice now and place your order to get your room rejuvenated. Keep updating your room décor from time to time so that your partner always finds a healthy change that reflects the happiness and freshness.

quilt cover sets

Cotton Quilt Covers

There are different types of cotton, varying in quality and measured by the length of their staple (the longer the staple, the higher the quality of the cotton). Cotton quilt covers are silky soft, breathable and durable, making for a heavenly nights sleep. Cotton bed sheets can be used in the summer and winter season, due to its dual properties. It makes you warm in winter as well as airy in the summer season. However, cotton bed sheets tend to crease a lot when washing and can be a tough job to iron, but stretching them over the bed after taking out from the dryer will no longer need you to iron properly.

Izzz Provides You the Best You Are Looking For

When it comes to think or speak about home, it reminds us a place where we may have spent the best times of our lives and enjoyed all those happy moments with our dear ones which consequently become an everlasting source of cherished memories. Our home tells all about our personality, attitude and philosophy of life. It not only gives comfort to our body but consoles and refreshes our souls too. IZZZ gives the most desired look to our home by making it beautiful, inspirational and eye catching by giving it a lovely sort of touch. It makes someone to love his home and hence spend most of his free time at his home while enjoying the artistic looks provided by the IZZZ through its unparalleled Bedding linen ranges and many more.

Bed Linen


Bedding Linen Online at IZZZ

It is quite obvious to say that it is specialized in designing, enriching and making it to reach an appropriate market with a wide variety of textile home ware items to be available at suitable prices. It is through Online Shopping that you can get your desired home ware product to reach your home as urgent as you want and stat enjoying it with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.



The brand is a leading trend setter and hence tends to introduce new fashion aspects. It goes a long way to serve the cause of providing diversity of styles for all age groups with respect to all seasons and moods. So, have a wish and see it being fulfilled and accomplished in its true spirit with the help of leading brand in home ware textiles. Get a huge collection of Pillows and the most favorite of all Bamboo Pillow filled with memory foam to make your sleep peaceful.


Wish to see you shopping with us soon.

A little more about room makeover

Home decoration with beautiful Manchester like colorful cushions, throws of different textures, quilt covers and curtains definitely require more consideration that most people give it. It can go a long way if we put a little more effort to see what will fit into the picture, instead of just buying anything that passes by our eye. Always pick the quilt covers, cushions and throws that match your décor and theme. If you’re going to decorate your bedroom, it will probably take the most of your ability when it comes to quilt cover sets. Your quilt cover must be the most outstanding and eye catching element of your décor. Your bedroom is the most important yet personal leisure space in the home so choose everything that perfectly fits to your imagination.


Quilts and Quilt Covers

While setting up your room décor, first of all choose a color palette that carries out this with soothing colors like greens, blues, soft cream tones and whites. This color mix in quilt cover sets, with a mix of bold and nude accents works perfectly for most of us, however; if you gave a larger than normal bedroom, then play a little more with wild colors. Usually bold print Quilts and vibrant colored Cushions and coordinates make a bedroom feel muddled so only go for adding an ample red if you have a spacious room.


Dazzling Quilt Covers

A collection of neutral objects in varying sizes and distinctive shapes can offer practically endless display options to go with a cheerful quilt covers on your bed. They serve the both purposes; i.e. dazzling quilt cover set adds beauty and style whereas, neutral and soft shades give emphasis to delicacy of light and shade. So before you make your final purchase, take your time to see online quilt covers at IZZZ, where you’ll find the colors and textures that are sure to impress you. We carry and deliver the huge assortment of quilt covers Australia wide without charging anything extra, and if you need any assistance concerning your purchase or order, feel free to chat with our cheerful online customer support agents.


Satin Quilt Cover Sets

Satin quilt covers are great in the summer as being always nice and cool. They are light weight and also breathe very well. Some people find satin bed sheets a bit scratchy and slippery, so be sure to buy the highest thread count you can afford. Sateen sheets are shiny bed sheets that enhance their beauty. As we spend half of our life

Classic Goes Modern

Ever heard of the phrase ‘change is as good as holiday’? Exactly it is. So put on your design cap and get started. Your home decor project will start off with a unique theme of bedding linen or maybe a combination of wonderful furniture ideas by every artist in the home available at Izzz. Just with a little effort to make changes in your décor can help you create a revitalized, new look without breaking your bank account.


Room Decoration with Bedding Linen

Creative people always welcome innovation. They accept new challenges and want to adopt the latest fashion and trendy styles. The bedroom is the most important room in your home, so it must be trendy and stylish. Decorate your room in such a way that your family and friends love your ideas and thoughts, and wish to spend time with you in your room.



The simplest way to do this is to add some new cushions to your decor. Whatever your style for cushions, try to play with colors and mix up a little this season. The streak between modern and classic is getting blurred now and everyone is early appreciating this trend. With a little contemplation and research on cushions both classic and modern can surely work together, creating a unique and assorted look.

Cushions Online

If your theme is classic, you may like to stick to it by just keeping your base line simple with subtle and muted colored cushions online. Add a nice dip of royal red with a big cosy floor cushion to install a spark of color as interior decor is having more freedom now. Try different bits and pieces, colors and patterns, shapes & fillings of cushions for an eclectic feel. Pick the daring, bright and graphic printed cushions to turn a tedious space into a lively and joyful one. Cushions can create dull and monotonous corners very cosy and comfy gorgeous focal points. Just be careful and avoid having a lot of different designs and don’t forget to add some neutral cushions and nude colors to help an eye differentiate between bold and classic elements.

Set off revamping now!

Make a statement with Kas Cushions

We have cushions in almost every room of our house, well apart from the bathrooms, but now there’s a thought…cushions are all over the place and they can undoubtedly to add so much to a room. Whether that has to be style or pattern, juxtapose a color theme, brighten up a certain place or add life to a simple piece of furniture. At IZZZ we offer a wide assortment of cushions including very much sought after Kas Cushions. There are practically no limits to the array of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes for Kas Cushions so don’t be afraid to mix and match different colored cushions or pick a single color and contrast the design.


Colorful Kas Cushions

Colours break down into warm such as red with neutral combination, cool such as blue, grey and green or bright such as yellow, zinc and orange. Warm coloured cushions and accessories are inviting and stimulating while cool colours have a propensity to be more soothing. Red cushions are striking, pointless to say they go marvelously with lovely neutral bedding sets. Add red with multi or blue cushions to make it more appealing. Orange cushions -Choosing bright and vivacious orange cushions will add a bold statement to your room. You may add a single orange cushion with grey, whites or add to other multi-colored cushions. Green Cushions- Lime green cushions will pacify your room adding freshness to it. For a contemporary combination choose dark green with olive green cushions. cushions

Popularity of Kas Cushions

Kas cushions are very popular for their dazzling designs and very affordable prices. You will admit that cushions are a very cost-effective way of bringing impact into your room. After all, a cushion is not a huge expense and if it’s tired out, you can always swap it. So go on and have fun adding more cushions!

kas Cushions

Valentine’s Day Sale

Cupid’s favorite day is almost around the corner and he’s already started aiming his love darts at flocks of people as they get their Valentine’s spirits in motion. Others have already started crowding stores and shops looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present so what are you waiting for? Get on the Izzz online store today and get your valentine something memorable and thoughtful. You could choose from the likes of;

home interiors

  • Beddings

The Bedding linen category includes numerous product types such as Doonas, Quilt cover sets, Bed Sheets and bedspreads and Cushions. These, in particular, would be great if you want to treat your spouse, girlfriend or family member with a slightly more useful and reliable gift. These bedding products given as presents will not only be a highlight among other Valentine’s presents, but also cement a place in their rooms with something special that you got them.


  • Kids Bedding
    Valentine’s isn’t just for two lovers to celebrate; anybody you love could be your valentine. Your kids for example. In this section you can select from girls, boys or gender neutral themes: all of which, include various products to choose from. You can select Kids Bedding, quilt cover sets, bedspreads and cushions. All of these items can be chosen from a large span of age-groups starting from as small as two year old to post teens.

kids bedding

  • Kitchen & Dining
    This category includes various products like Kitchenware and Dinning
    , Cutlery sets and Bakeware. These too can feature as great Valentine’s Day gifts and are loved by housewives all over the world. The Kitchen & Dining category includes some of the best brands in the business and contains some of the finest quality cookware and bakeware.


  • Baby
    Why not treat your newborn to his first Valentine’s Day and gift something they’ll remember and cherish for all the happy times to come. The Baby section has a host of different products that you can choose from; like Bassinets, kids bedroom furniture, Baby Prams, Baby Carriers, Walkers and Rockers, Baby Sleeping Bags, Baby Wraps and Baby Linens.

There are a lot of options to choose from and definitely a lot of quality products from top brands displayed at the Izzz site. You’re spoilt for choice! Any of these products would make great Valentine’s Day gifts and with the sale underway, now’s the best time to get them. So what are you waiting for now? Get your Valentine’s Day shopping done at Izzz and avail the exclusive Valentine’s Day sale while it lasts. And hurry, because all items in the Valentine’s Day Sale category are for limited time only.

Spread the love with gifts from Izzz! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Odyssey Living Bedding Sets

Odyssey Living bedding is engineered specifically towards usefulness at any time of year and in any environment. The covers are able to hug you to sleep and keep you warm in the cold, harsh winter months. Yet in the summer they ease off and allow you to breathe without disturbing your sleep. Odyssey Living bedding sets also has the marvellous benefit of having the ability to turn your room into the most stylish sanctuary on the block.

Look in the Izzz store and you will be surprised. You will be surprised because we are not running a special sale, and yet the prices have been decreased repeatedly. It’s not a temporary offer, it’s what we do every day in the bedding industry. Odyssey Living bedding shouldn’t empty your bank account. A quality night’s sleep is essential to the comfort of everybody, and we want to provide that to everybody. It’s how we rose to become the largest stockist of bedding in Australia, and it’s how we hope to continue serving you.

Ask our customer support team about our special offers. They will be able to tell you about our 5% off Facebook deal, 365-day money back guarantee, and our pledge to beat every lower price by at least 3%. Odyssey Living bedding sets are so much more than a good night’s sleep, they are the embodiment of a wonderful and enjoyable shopping experience. Izzz is the place to be, so browse through our bedding range today!

Apartmento Bedding Sets

You want to experience the best night’s sleep possible. Let’s be honest, we all want that. Well, with Apartmento bedding you can do just that. All of our Apartmento Bedding Linen meet the high standards you demand of your bedding. Selling any product which doesn’t meet these high standards would be unacceptable to us. What you want are branded bedding sets at an affordable price. We are proud to say we can offer that 365 days a year without any problems.

Andela Quilt Cover Set Grey by Apartmento

Savings are what we aim to give our customers. It’s both a reward for your patronage over the months and years, as well as the belief it’s the right thing to do. Affordable quality bed linen should be a universal right because nothing is more important than your sleep. The main way we provide you savings is in the form of simple special offers to take advantage of.

Bedding linen

With Apartmento Bedding Australia we have a wide variety of special offers available. Apartmento bedding linen are a blend of contemporary design with sheer quality. Apartmento hasn’t forgotten to be within the affordability of its customers. So what they basically offer is excellent quality Quilt cover Sets at affordable prices.

High Quality Customer Service

Talk to our Apartmento bedding sets experts about our special offers and our bedding. They can tell you anything you need to know about your chosen Apartmento Bedding Deals. Ask them about any specific washing requirements and they can give you a detailed answer. This is just one example of their high quality service. Top notch service you most definitely won’t find anywhere else!


Girls Bed Linen and Girls Bedspreads

Why is it important your girl gets a great night’s sleep? Well, scientists have shown children who get the right amount of sleep are happier, learn better, and enjoy life more. You want that for your child. Now you can do that with our range of girls bedspreads. We have all the top brands in the Izzz store. Take a look at our high quality girls bedding and girls bed linen and outfit your little girl’s room with something comfortable and stylish. Our range of bedspreads for girls is the largest in the whole of Australia, so get stuck in!

Children are different. No longer can you just buy a standard product and expect all little girl’s to like it. Desires are diverse in the 21st century when it comes to girls bedspreads. We completely understand that. The staffs at Izzz are parents too and know exactly how difficult it can be to choose bedspreads for girls. In our store we have the major brands consisting of various different kid-friendly designs and sizes. You can find girls bed linen from all your favourite designers and brands. But what really makes our girls bedding stand out is the affordability factor.

Search through each girls bedspreads category and you will notice one thing. The prices have been slashed repeatedly. It’s not a special occasion or a special offer, those are our conventional girls bed linen prices. We believe getting the best night’s sleep possible is a right in the modern world. Just because you are not a millionaire with tonnes of disposable income shouldn’t mean you should suffer for it. Our aim is to make sure our bedspreads for girls are available to everybody. Now girls bedding can be bought at prices reflecting what the average person in the street can afford.

On top of that we have a number of special offers constantly running. Find out more about our 365-day money back guarantee and our free shipping opportunities by getting in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to talk to us through our live customer support service. With the largest range in the industry comes the biggest heart in the industry. Get the personalised touch by talking to our experts free of charge. You don’t have to be a regular customer and you don’t have to live in a certain area. We are open to all. If this sounds like the sort of retailer you want to shop with, look through our vast range of bedding today!