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Classic Goes Modern

Ever heard of the phrase ‘change is as good as holiday’? Exactly it is. So put on your design cap and get started. Your home decor project will start off with a unique theme of bedding linen or maybe a combination of wonderful furniture ideas by every artist in the home available at Izzz. Just with a little effort to make changes in your décor can help you create a revitalized, new look without breaking your bank account.


Room Decoration with Bedding Linen

Creative people always welcome innovation. They accept new challenges and want to adopt the latest fashion and trendy styles. The bedroom is the most important room in your home, so it must be trendy and stylish. Decorate your room in such a way that your family and friends love your ideas and thoughts, and wish to spend time with you in your room.



The simplest way to do this is to add some new cushions to your decor. Whatever your style for cushions, try to play with colors and mix up a little this season. The streak between modern and classic is getting blurred now and everyone is early appreciating this trend. With a little contemplation and research on cushions both classic and modern can surely work together, creating a unique and assorted look.

Cushions Online

If your theme is classic, you may like to stick to it by just keeping your base line simple with subtle and muted colored cushions online. Add a nice dip of royal red with a big cosy floor cushion to install a spark of color as interior decor is having more freedom now. Try different bits and pieces, colors and patterns, shapes & fillings of cushions for an eclectic feel. Pick the daring, bright and graphic printed cushions to turn a tedious space into a lively and joyful one. Cushions can create dull and monotonous corners very cosy and comfy gorgeous focal points. Just be careful and avoid having a lot of different designs and don’t forget to add some neutral cushions and nude colors to help an eye differentiate between bold and classic elements.

Set off revamping now!

Make a statement with Kas Cushions

We have cushions in almost every room of our house, well apart from the bathrooms, but now there’s a thought…cushions are all over the place and they can undoubtedly to add so much to a room. Whether that has to be style or pattern, juxtapose a color theme, brighten up a certain place or add life to a simple piece of furniture. At IZZZ we offer a wide assortment of cushions including very much sought after Kas Cushions. There are practically no limits to the array of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes for Kas Cushions so don’t be afraid to mix and match different colored cushions or pick a single color and contrast the design.


Colorful Kas Cushions

Colours break down into warm such as red with neutral combination, cool such as blue, grey and green or bright such as yellow, zinc and orange. Warm coloured cushions and accessories are inviting and stimulating while cool colours have a propensity to be more soothing. Red cushions are striking, pointless to say they go marvelously with lovely neutral bedding sets. Add red with multi or blue cushions to make it more appealing. Orange cushions -Choosing bright and vivacious orange cushions will add a bold statement to your room. You may add a single orange cushion with grey, whites or add to other multi-colored cushions. Green Cushions- Lime green cushions will pacify your room adding freshness to it. For a contemporary combination choose dark green with olive green cushions. cushions

Popularity of Kas Cushions

Kas cushions are very popular for their dazzling designs and very affordable prices. You will admit that cushions are a very cost-effective way of bringing impact into your room. After all, a cushion is not a huge expense and if it’s tired out, you can always swap it. So go on and have fun adding more cushions!

kas Cushions

Kas Bedding Sets

Kas bedding is available in the Izzz store now. Why you would ever want to invest in Kas Quilt Covers and Kas Cushions is clear, they are a long term investment. Long term and bedding doesn’t really go hand in hand since after the first wash most brands are already decreasing in quality. Using the right materials it retains its high level of comfort over time. It will be months before you can feel even a slight decrease in quality. Longevity is the essence of these bedding sets.

kas australia

Kas Australia is not available at the high prices you would expect. On the contrary, each and every one of our bedding sets has been slashed in price repeatedly. It’s a mark of our commitment to lower prices and the customer. Customers are at the heart of what we do and we feel as if we should be rewarding them. It’s why we always have a wide variety of special offers available for you to take advantage of. Just one of these offers involves you spending $150 or over and you can get free shipping anywhere in the world. It’s why we are the bedding industry’s favorite son.

kas australia

We are always looking to support our customers. When you shop with Izzz you will always have the benefit of our fantastic support service. Experts will remain on hand at all times and will make sure you are completely covered. Any questions you might have can be directed to them for a comprehensively detailed answer. When it comes down to it, the only option for a memorable shopping experience is Izzz!


Have a lovely shopping with Izzz :)

Kas Bedding Sets

Kas bedding is the bedding you want if your only desire is to banish your sleeping demons so you can get that important restful sleep for the day ahead. With Kas bedding sets you can get just that. We are selling the Kas brand in our store since we know how effective it is at sending people into the land of nod. And we are making sure these wonderful benefits are available at prices everybody can afford. Now you don’t have to spend the earth just to experience high quality designer bedding.

As already mentioned, we are making sure Kas bedding is available at prices everybody can afford. We are doing this by simply reducing the prices. We don’t deal in silly gimmicks or momentary price cuts, these reductions are here to stay. And we are including special offers which are compatible with our reduced Kas bedding sets. There are way too many special offers to list here, but just for giving us a simple ‘like’ on Facebook we will reward you with a humungous 5% off your next order. Now that’s Izzz value!

Don’t be afraid to talk to us if you need help with something. We have provided a dedicated support team full of Kas experts who are ready to answer any questions you might have, If you have a question about the best way to wash your new Kas set just get in touch. In mere minutes you can have a detailed and useful answer. Suffice to say, you are never going to have to ask Izzz twice!

Christmas Sale on Whimsy



Christmas isn’t that far off now, and we assume almost every one of you has already started shopping for the presents and gifts for the big day. No? Well when are you going to, then? There’s hardly a month to go now and stores will be crammed with other shoppers when you do decide to finally begin shopping. Well, don’t panic just yet. There’s still hope. There’s still Izzz!


Before we sound any tawdrier, let’s just get on to what all this is about. Like any other year, Izzz has rolled out its sought-after Christmas sales: but what makes this so particularly different from what everyone else is offering is the amazing sales the products are put at. Izzz goes a step further from everyone else and offers top quality products, such as that from Whimsy, at remarkably low and discounted prices. Whimsy is quite a popular brand among the masses and almost everyone appreciates their extensive kids bedding range.


Their unique and appealing colours and patterns have proven to be a big hit among many buyers and some of their renowned collection is put up at Izzz for our exclusive Christmas sale. Whimsy Bedding also has many other Bed Linen items in stock, such as Quilt covers, Bedspreads and many more – all of which will look fabulous in any bedroom, whether your kids, or your own. It seems unreal to almost everyone who comes across the Christmas Sales at Izzz and finds genuine and top quality products from the best brands in the business, at such discounted prices. This, along with the uniqueness of the stock at the site, proves to be a major want by buyers.


So, now that you know the sheer goodness of the amazing Izzz Christmas Sales why not go on and try some of these products for you? Any one of them, could feature as splendid Christmas presents for your family or friends, because let’s face it; no one dislikes a top notch product given to them as a present – especially if it’s Christmas Eve. So hurry on now and get your shopping gears in motion. The exclusive Christmas Sale can be found at the Izzz site under the tab “Christmas Sales”. But before you go, do note that all items and products from the
Whimsy Bed Linen category included in the sale are limited in stock, so you’ll have to up the ante if you don’t want to miss them out!

Till the next time, Happy Izzz Shopping!


Christmas Sale on Kas Bedding

IZZZ is all set for Christmas, but are you? If you aren’t, well, we’ve got some great news for you. It’s KAS, and their amazing sales at the IZZZ store! IZZZ brings a stunning range of Kas beddings for both Kids and adults, and at prices you’ll have to see to believe!


The renowned Australian Bedding Linen brand, Kas, has great products range showcased at IZZZ, the online store, at huge discounted prices, all before Christmas Eve to give you the best possible shopping experience. Since Christmas is just a few weeks away, IZZZ has decided to give special discounts on all bed linen product range in general and all KAS products in particular.


IZZZ Offering up to 65% off on KAS Bed Linen as Christmas sales. There are two main Kas categories: Kas beddings and Kas kids. Kas bedding covers all the major bed linen products which include KAS Quilt covers, KAS Cushions, Kas bed sheets, Kas Throws, Kas Towels, Kas bedspreads, Kas doona covers etc. All the ranges of KAS are presented in a subtle and mature tone of color and patterns. Have a look yourself, what is at what discount;






KAS Kids present a range of best Bed Linen products for kids in more vibrant and colorful tones suited to the bedrooms of your kids. A lot of Kas products are our personal favorites too and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed by the quality and fabric of the extensive products we have of KAS. You can find discounted and genuine Kas Kids products at IZZZ under the Christmas Sale banner.


Hoping to see you shopping with us.



Mimosa Quilt Cover Set by Kas

I am very happy after having the Bedding Linen products from famous Kas new range. It is one of the beautiful and sophisticated things I ever have in my life. My queen quilt cover set, fully made of cotton, is truly love at first sight because of its appealing floral design and vibrant scheme of colors. This new range has given me the same level of quality, comfort, ease and happiness which you can expect from any product made by Kas.



KAS Australia is a complete new bedding range including almost all the items which your bedroom needs to become an ideal bedroom like quilt cover and Bed Sheets of different sizes, European pillowcase and cushions of various types and colors. When you talk about the fabrication and the stuff these cushions are made of, then you will find plain, pattern designs and floral themes cushions, hence giving an ease in selection and completing a beautiful picture of your bedroom. They are also available in different brilliant and gorgeous colors for example pink, citron, burnt orange and yellow to give a natural, charming and full of life look to the room.



Kas is the top name in bedding and is famous for the designs and quality of its products. And you will definitely find these core values of Kas in its whole new range. This is an ideal thing to give as gift to your love ones and celebrate precious and rare moments in life. After having this exclusive product you will surely feel a sense of happiness, satisfaction, superiority and pride. I must say that this is a product worth having in your home and it is guaranteed that it will enhance the beauty and shine of your home. The prices are also reasonable compared with the product, Kas is offering. Do not wait, go and grab your lovely Bedding Linen set by Kas now because this is not an opportunity to miss. You will absolutely have a premium value for your money after buying Mimosa bedding set as I have.


Jemima Quilt Cover Set by Kas

Having a significant role in superb imagination KAS innovate modern and classic lifestyle product range to brighten up your everyday. Their range includes Quilt cover sets with coordinated accessories and has developed a worldwide reputation as excellent quality designs supplier also with competitive price points. KAS brings outstanding creation sets that exudes both decency and steep elegance with eye catching designs and patterns.


Add a stylish edge to your bedroom with the KAS Queen Quilt covers. In soft and mild shades of pale blue, charcoal, dove grey and many other, the cover features a dazzling filigree-style pattern. KAS collection is delicate organic interpretation of customary lacework, soft, neutral print palette with embroidery embellishment, serves to create a calm and cool boudoir for that cherished experience. Made of cotton sateen with a luxurious 300 thread count, and is soft to touch skin.


The KAS Quilt cover sets can be complemented with an assortment of matching European Pillow cases for a superfluous look. Complete the look by introducing toning scatter cushions. This set is available in King and Queen Sizes, each with matching pillowcases featuring the same intricate spiral pattern. Beautiful in cool-toned bedrooms, this cover has a chic, embroidered feel to give a royal look to your Bed Linen. Designed to be machine washable and printed on textured cotton thus wears well and is easy to maintain.

Why you must check Clementine Quilt Cover Set by Kas Bedding

The Quilt cover Sets of KAS  is a little different from the usual bedding products we review but that ‘difference’ is pretty much admirable. Avail up to 68% Off on the product. KAS have really pulled out of the usual contemporary style of their bedding products and produced something flamboyant and remarkably appealing.


The Kas introduces a trendy, dark purple and pink colored quilt cover that’s bold and strikingly beautiful and can light up the ambiance of any bedroom with its attractive look. The simple tone of the Quilt Covers along with the ravishing embroidered flowers seems to be a perfect fit in the ‘stylish’ field. But what we liked the most about the quilt cover was the multi-colored stripes and patterns on the flip side. So there’s beauty on both sides of the cover, and it’s your choice to choose from the patterns at the back or the subtle embroidery on the front. The KAS Quilt Cover Sets then really does fall into the luxurious category and we think; can be the necessary factor that’s required by most rooms to add a touch of vivacity to them.


The KAS Quilt cover sets comes in three different sizes – Double, Queen and King: and all of the three include a pair of pillowcases of the same variety as that of the quilt covers. And just like most of the other bedding products we review, the Quilt Cover Set by Kas also comes with a handful of other products that can be bought separately: and trust us, they really are worth considering. Like the European pillowcase for instance; its multicolored parallel line pattern forms an impeccable match with the quilt cover itself. If this isn’t good enough to get you buying it, don’t fret, there are lots more to choose from.


The KAS Cushions and the Feather by Cushions look A-OK with the embroidery on the quilt cover and really help to alleviate the ostentatious feel of the room. The Rory Multi Cushion is also featured in the KAS Quilt Cover Set and presents its own unique multicolored spectrum of embroidery on it. Rather annoyingly, the list still goes on! You can also choose from the dashing Tiwoli Pink Throw, Semra Bright Cushion, and the graceful Samara Jade Silk Cushions, or, buy them collectively in one big set.


That concludes our review of the Quilt Cover Set by Kas so stop reading now – well maybe not yet – and get your shopping groove on. The Quilt cover Sets by KAS is not something you’d want to miss, and considering the ongoing sales at the site, now’s the perfect time to shop! So hurry and pick yourself a set before they’re all sold out. And while you’re at it, why not leave a friendly comment in the comments section below (we always appreciate kind words).