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Make a statement with Kas Cushions

We have cushions in almost every room of our house, well apart from the bathrooms, but now there’s a thought…cushions are all over the place and they can undoubtedly to add so much to a room. Whether that has to be style or pattern, juxtapose a color theme, brighten up a certain place or add life to a simple piece of furniture. At IZZZ we offer a wide assortment of cushions including very much sought after Kas Cushions. There are practically no limits to the array of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes for Kas Cushions so don’t be afraid to mix and match different colored cushions or pick a single color and contrast the design.


Colorful Kas Cushions

Colours break down into warm such as red with neutral combination, cool such as blue, grey and green or bright such as yellow, zinc and orange. Warm coloured cushions and accessories are inviting and stimulating while cool colours have a propensity to be more soothing. Red cushions are striking, pointless to say they go marvelously with lovely neutral bedding sets. Add red with multi or blue cushions to make it more appealing. Orange cushions -Choosing bright and vivacious orange cushions will add a bold statement to your room. You may add a single orange cushion with grey, whites or add to other multi-colored cushions. Green Cushions- Lime green cushions will pacify your room adding freshness to it. For a contemporary combination choose dark green with olive green cushions. cushions

Popularity of Kas Cushions

Kas cushions are very popular for their dazzling designs and very affordable prices. You will admit that cushions are a very cost-effective way of bringing impact into your room. After all, a cushion is not a huge expense and if it’s tired out, you can always swap it. So go on and have fun adding more cushions!

kas Cushions

Doona Covers at Izzz

We aspire to entice you with our extensive collection of doona covers. Here at Izzz, we offer a wide variety of doona covers in enormous assortment of sizes, colors and thread counts. Providing a comfortable haven at the end of the day, our inspirational doona cover sets will make the ideal addition to your bedroom. Our blend of materials used for our doona covers are long-lasting and hard-wearing, giving the fabrics ability to last the test of time and allowing you to machine wash your quilt covers, reinstating their brightness and freshness each time.

doona cover

Importance of Doona Covers

It is of utmost importance that you choose the right size and design of quilt cover sets which should complement your Bedding. When it comes to enhancing your existing room setting, we have quilt cover sets to add and harmonize your bedroom. For a chic style, our black quilt covers and blue quilt covers are highly admired choices, whereas our satin doona cover sets are great for endorsing a sense of excitement and romance.  We have everything for everyone to match their taste and choice of Bedding Linen at a very affordable price. Be sure to browse through our lovely collection below.

doona cover