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It Matters When You Are Redecorating Your Bed Room

If you are intending to redecorate your bed room and going for a change in its outlook, which is already persisting, you may need to have a better insight in the available variety of Quilt Cover Sets. While having such a selection you may need to select a combination of colors and designing that is very much appropriate with the existing theme of your bed room. Actually the duvet itself is not an issue of concern as it will be covered with duvet cover but it is about its size and the material with which it is going to be stuffed. It is very much important to take care of the allergic issues which may be faced by the users of that particular quilt cover set so such material which may cause allergy should be avoided while making a selection of duvet cover.

quilt cover sets


Matching Quilt Covers

It becomes very much easy to shop your desired bedding products online with the help of, an emerging trend of the day, which is becoming very much popular mean of shopping with every passing day. It is not necessary to match each and every thing in your bed room as many people do not like the idea of having complete matching in their bed rooms. There is a need of having items which may coordinate but do not match exactly as only the coordination will do the task for you. It is an important point to note that decoration or redecoration of your bed room does not require much effort and resources allocation and you can achieve the desired results with a careful selection of Quilt Cover Sets only.

Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo Pillow

A soft quality colorful Bamboo Pillow plays a vital role in decorating your Bedroom. People who have the knowledge of quality, never miss to buy Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow while buying anything for their rooms. So grab the best offers in market and don’t miss buying Bamboo Pillows filled with pure quality memory foam.

Quilt covers that reflect your home decor

When it comes to interior design and decoration, bedroom can really be a fiddly beast, more than ever when another person resides in the room. Neither of the two can enjoy the bedroom time when a couple has a very opposite opinion, choice of Bedding and lack of accessories. The very first thing that must be considered while decorating your bedroom is to decide how you want it to work with your whole home. You may prefer to carry a theme crosswise your whole home, whether it be an age, a style, a particular decorator’s work in all rooms or maybe just a color palette. By adding our wonderful quilt cover sets, you can make your home look like a great tapestry of diverse but connected spaces, instead of having a cluster of monotonous rooms. Being a sagacious woman, should not follow a particular latest trend for your room’s theme as your bedroom will be redesigned several times with the change of your quilt cover. And unless, you’re extra well-off, you probably can’t afford to renovate your bedroom every time with the change of your quilt cover sets (though you may wish for it!).

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Always Buy Quilt Covers according to Trends

Always choose only a few elements of every trend that you believe will suit your bedroom and buy the appropriate quilt covers online or from some store. There are many leading designers crafting very trendy quilt covers Australia wide. Many people conventionally opt for the color of bedroom walls and curtains before buying the Bedspreads and quilt cover sets for their beds. This may create a problem afterwards when you go for buying quilt covers and especially when you have your heart set on a particular design which doesn’t match your room’s color theme. Start your room décor plan with an open mind and open sight. Research can be of great help so browse through the quilt covers online. Look up for all your Manchester companies and go through their latest quilt covers online or in-store. Izzz takes pride to be one of the biggest retailers of renown bedding brands like Kas, Bianca, Bambury and many more! So make your choice now and place your order to get your room rejuvenated. Keep updating your room décor from time to time so that your partner always finds a healthy change that reflects the happiness and freshness.

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Cotton Quilt Covers

There are different types of cotton, varying in quality and measured by the length of their staple (the longer the staple, the higher the quality of the cotton). Cotton quilt covers are silky soft, breathable and durable, making for a heavenly nights sleep. Cotton bed sheets can be used in the summer and winter season, due to its dual properties. It makes you warm in winter as well as airy in the summer season. However, cotton bed sheets tend to crease a lot when washing and can be a tough job to iron, but stretching them over the bed after taking out from the dryer will no longer need you to iron properly.

Revitalize your bedroom

We all spend a lot of time of our day in our bed, sleeping and revitalizing our minds for the next day.It is said that an average person roughly spends around one third of his life while sleeping, so that holds important that you would definitely want a comfortable bed with more comfortable quilt covers to feel delighted. It also is a lovely added benefit if quilt cover sets you choose augment the decor of your room on the whole and is pleasurable to the eye. Quilt covers are the most important part while choosing the overall bed linen and accessories to be used over the bed.


Quilt cover Sets

 Always Select Room Theme Based Bedding Linen

Always decide a theme first and pick the perfect quilt cover set that fits in best. Instead of trudging around the interior decorators and home maker centers, spend some time and do a speck of research on quilt covers online. You show know what a thread count is and the different fabrics of quilt covers available in the market. There are different textures used by different designers such as cotton, jacquard, poly-cotton, Egyptian cotton, satin, flannel etc. Supima cotton is known to be the most luxurious and high quality material for quilt covers Australia wide. Thread count reflects how many threads are knitted (usually in one square inch) of the quilt covers. Generally, quilt covers having a thread count 200 or above is make a very soft and durable bed linen. Flannel Bed Sheets are soft, fluffy and luxuriously warm flannel sheets. These bed sheets can be used on a cold winter night to make your bedtime special. Most high-quality flannel sheets are made from a wool and cotton blend. The wool provides warmth and the cotton that ultra soft fluffy feeling. Flannel sheets are very warm, they are often not very breathable like cotton sheets. People who have breathing problem prefer to buy higher quality cotton sheets with a warmer winter Quilt and Doona.

Bed Sheets

Branded Quilt Covers

Now once you’re familiar with the specifications you require, you can purchase your favorite quilt covers online. Because now a days, no one likes to peep into every store and check if the desired design is available there as store may not stock the whole collection. We, at Izzz, carry the entire assortment of leading brands like Kas, Bambury, Phase 2 online. Also, all the coordinates are available for your convenience. So pick out the quilt cover of your dreams along and match the prefect coordinates and we’ll deliver quilt covers Australia wide to help you design your own little heaven. At the end, your Bedspreads stuff should be fully incorporated with the best and outclass quality fabric. Give your Bed a comfort level with all of this bedding equipment. Your health must be your top priority, so always invest in quality products and frequently check your Bedspread item list for meeting your necessities.

If it’s Bambury…go for it!

Bambury Bed Linen refers to all the bedding essentials or elective components of bedding that any brand offers to glorify the bedroom decor in one’s own way. It can be modish, traditional, simple or vibrant. Anyone can make its bedrooms a superior place to live in with comfort and glance unique and charming with bed linen. Bedroom is the location where we spend most of our time for sure. Witnessing your bedroom as its best of well dressed and prearranged state is such a bliss. There are numerous ideas to beautify any bedroom; most vital from them is bed linen. Bed linen can make a style statement of the bedroom. It can brighten up, widen up, add simplicity or even make it appear antique.


Bambury Bed Linen

Bambury is a globally legendary brand for shopping the best for your bedroom. It deals in high quality in all essentials to glorify your bedroom in your own way. It fabricates extensive collection of quilt cover sets, bed sheets, bed packs, bed wraps, coverlets, sheet sets, pillows, and all kind of bedding accessories. It keeps your preferences of colors, designs, sizes, seasons, fabrics alive.


Bambury Dream Room Looks

For making a complete dream room with stylish looks, entertain your room with all the luxuries and comforts. Having a large screen TV is compulsory to watch movies and plays in your leisure time. The proper temperature in your room is necessary to feel you cozy and comfortable and decorate it with beautiful Bambury quilt cover sets.


Traditional, Plain and Antique Bambury Designs

When you are geared up to pay your money for Bambury, you will definitely opt purchasing the ideal design for your adored bedroom. No matter what style or placate level you like to select, either it’s ultra-modern, traditional, plain or antique design, a massive collection of bed linen is eager to be put onto your bed to spruce up your bedroom decor in the way you greet to be reflected in. So step into the world of diversified bed linen items, either by stopping at market or getting your hands on your picking by online shopping to embellish your dream room with a superior style assertion.

Give Your Hotel Guests Extra Comfort With Quilt Covers

If you are in the hospitality business, either you own a Bed n Breakfast, a guesthouse small or large or a hotel, you know how important it is to provide comfort to your customers. No matter how many services you offer in your establishment, if your customer can not get a good night’s sleep then he/she is not a happy customer most likely. One way of ensuring repeat customers is by providing a comfortable sleeping environment, which can be obtained by using cotton quilt covers in high thread counts.

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Organic Cotton Quilt Covers

Cotton quilt covers are organic and Eco-friendly in nature. They are easy to wash and can be last for years, if maintained properly. Cotton is also used in maintaining quilts. In quilted covers polywool or cotton sheet is inserted and stitched to provide coziness and warmth. Cotton is very durable and reliable fabric, and it is widely used across the world for Bedding purposes.

quilt cover sets

Quilt Covers are the major part of bed linen

You cannot rely solely on your bedding ensembles, the mattress and the overall room décor are important ingredients as well for a good night’s sleep. This will translate into the type of hotel or guest house you want to run. If you offer a cheap place to stay with no extra add-ons, they guests are most likely not going to expect quality décor and a comfortable bed. However, if you are targeting the top or the middle end of the hospitality market, then your customers will expect value for their money and you will be required to pay extra attention to the furnishings and bed Linen. Although paying for expensive and stylish décor and quality mattresses may seem like a large outlay in the start but you won’t have to pay for them again for a few years but they will pay themselves off for sure in the form of happy customers and repeat customers.

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Luxury Bed Linen

Once you have created the overall look of the rooms of your establishment you should then concentrate on getting some luxury bedding. Again, this will depend on your preferences and business strategy, but still whether you are targeting the budget market or not, the right bedding can help you give your customers a good night’s sleep. Choose cotton Doona covers in 200 plus thread counts to ensure soft and luxury bedding ensembles. Your customers are not going to like quilt covers with rough texture which makes it difficult to sleep comfortably. Purchasing bedding made from 100% cotton material will mean that they will normally have a much softer feel to them and this is definitely going to provide your guests a good nights sleep.

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Creating Good Guest Rooms

Turn your guestrooms into comfortable and inviting place for customers to stay in which will ensure they get a much better hospitality experience. This will in turn greatly increase the chance of them making another booking with you or making a recommendation to their friends and family thus meaning better reputation of your establishment. Creating a good word of mouth reputation can be a very effective way of free marketing so you should promote it as much you can.

Factors to Consider When Buying Quilt Covers

Quilt covers not only provide shelter from the cold weather but also enhance the décor of your bedroom. Changing the quilt cover set can be the easiest and cheapest way of making over your bedroom, however there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing the right doona cover in order to make an informed choice. You can give a new look to your bedroom without spending a fortune only if you manage to buy the right doona cover set at the right price. The following are the key factors to consider when purchasing bedding.

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Size of Quilt Covers

There are a number of sizes available including Single Quilt Cover Sets, Double Quilt Cover Sets, Queen Quilt Cover Sets, King Quilt Cover Sets and Super King Quilt Cover Sets. However, you should choose the one that fulfills your needs and compliments your Quilt Covers. Buy doona cover according to the size of your bed and mattress. Measure your bed and mattress and buy the appropriate cover after carefully reading the dimensions of it in the product description. If the quilt cover is too big it would remain empty from the sides and hang free, thus would not look or feel nice. One easy way of doing this is by following the standard Australian Sizes, as most of the manufacturers follow them.

quilt cover sets

Color Scheme of Quilt Covers

Decide on the colour you are going to buy before hand and avoid impulsive shopping without considering the room décor or what works well for you. With IZZZ, vast arrays of colors are available in different prints and designs to compliment the overall scheme of your bedroom and blends into the environment with harmony. Some of the colors available with us are Red Quilt Cover Sets, Green Quilt Cover Sets, White Quilt Cover Sets, Black Doona Covers, Grey Doona Covers and many other charming looking Bed Sheets.

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Thread count of Quilt Covers

Quilt cover sets determine the texture and softness of it. The more thread count the better it is and more pricey as well. Most of the brands use 200 TC for their quilt covers, which makes them smooth and gives a luster to the overall fabric. A high thread count will ensure the quilt cover is long lasting and meets all your needs.Satin quilt cover sets also have the marketability in these days. When you buy satin quilt cover, make sure that the lower side of it is made up of cotton fabric otherwise it will be very slippery, cool and uncomfortable. Elegance and style is the basic purpose of these quilt covers. So, overall it’s not practical, but just for the décor.

Type of materials used in Quilt Covers

Quilt cover sets are manufactured using different types of materials like cotton, polyester, wool, viscose and a blend of these. Be careful to choose high quality materials that are guaranteed to last more than the average quilt cover life. You might have to pay a premium for the higher quality materials but in the long run they will pay off in the form of durability and long life. Quilt covers will increase the appeal of your room and turn it into your personal haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. Buy doona covers at IZZZ at remarkably lower prices from the top Australian brands.

Valentine gift options? Quilt cover set, bed sheets, cushions

Any thoughts for buying your loved one their Valentine’s present for this year? If you’re still confused and looking for ideas, new bed linen could be a perfect pick. What could be a better gift for your beloved if they’re longing to find a comfortable yet contemporary bed linen? Did you ever think of quilt cover sets as a gift?

bed linen

Why Quilt Cover Set is the best gift

Perhaps their existing bed linen is fairly used, despite the fact that it is often not realized, the style of the mattress which they currently have may not be very comfortable or supportive of their body. This definitely shows how much you love and care for them. It’s a gift for both the genders and they will be very glad to see how you spared some time to find a bed linen of their choice. There are different types of bed linen fabrics available in the market. A good quality 100% cotton quilt cover set with a thread count of at least 200 or above may be a very good choice as it is very comfortable and harmless. But if you want to have more aesthetically pleasing looks, go for a silk doona cover set or linens as they still look contemporary even when wrinkled.

bed linen

Bed Sheets, cushions, and pillowcases are the other options

Our bed sheets have a wide range of variety in color, size, texture and designs. Our designers have created the best and top rated designs, that are unique and updated with the latest fashion. Along with the doona cover set, you may like to buy some matching Egyptian cotton bed sheets as well so that your loved one will not have to face the trouble of getting those Bed Sheets afterward. Some mixed patterned cushions and pillowcases in differing contrasting colors but same base tone will complete the sanctuary look. Check out our bed linen collection now and grab the one that reflects your love the most. And we know, your loved one will like this gift as much as they like you.

bed linen

Buying Bed Linen Online

Beautiful and comfortable bed linen is one of the life’s little wishes, oh well maybe a luxury! The World Wide Web is the ideal place to find online bedding sets. Here, you can find a lot of styles and colours ranging from modern to funky designs to give your bedroom a whole new makeover. Since it is the most obvious and basic requirement for any bed, you must ensure sure that it is always cheerful and feels good to eyes. Depending on the size & design of your bed and room theme, you can decide on colours and size that will add to both cosines and beauty of your room.

bed linen

Quilt Cover Sets Online

Shopping for quilt covers online is more enjoyable when there’s a wide assortment of designs and collections to choose from as a store may not display all the designs. You can also hunt for designers’ bed linen online through their websites and check the stockists who carry their collections. Their websites are always updated and show information their latest collection; therefore, you can easily where you can buy their linen. However, you may have to pay little extra while buying designer Quilt cover sets online because the makeover may include Bed Sheets and duvets, matching European Pillows, throws and much more… But rest assured – it’s totally worth it as you will not these designs on everyone’s bed!

bedding linen

Bed linen at IZZZ

Still, if you’re tight on budget, search a little more and you will easily find a good website like Izzz that will make available your designing needs while being easy on your bank account. They have a wide collection of designer bedding sets which are being sold below RRP and also, they offer free delivery* to your door step! Online bedding shopping is easier and definitely more reliable as you can compare many stores and their offerings in just a few clicks, whereas, visiting different stores may take a day or two! So why not buy quilt covers online in the day and go for a coffee in the evening?

bed linen

Best Quality Bed Bed Linen

We’re providing the best quality Cushions which are designed by our in-house artists after exploring the national park in Western Australia. These contemporary and inspiring pillowcases will make an elusive statement in your bedroom space.

Bambury Bedding & Decor

Your home speaks a lot about who you are. Beginning with a deep inspiration, our creative stories come into being through striking doona cover sets coordinating cushions and other home decor accessories by Izzz. When it comes to home decor and bed linen, Linen House is a symbol of luxury and quality. Bambury Badding crafts a remarkable loop of incredible looks of doona cover sets for you to choose from. Made from the fine fabric, woven in the softest cotton in a soothing palette of colors, Linen House crafts the doona covers that last for seasons. The reverse of most of the doona covers is plain-dyed cotton with flat piping trim and warm machine washable.



Bambury Australia

Bambury Australia offers a unique assortment of quilt cover sets which includes Bambury Glamour, Bambury Vintage, Bambury Lifestyle, Marie Claire and Deco. All quilt cover sets are very beautiful and have a unique insight of their own to reflect the decor sense of every person. We carry all of these beautiful designs at IZZZ and will be very happy to deliver it to your door. If you face any trouble ordering your favorite doona cover, give us a call or drop an e-mail, our welcoming staff will get in touch with you immediately for your assistance.

bambury bedding

Phase 2 Bedding Australia

Phase 2 is one of the Australia’s leading bed linen manufacturer, offering a wide collection of products at reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for quilt cover sets, cushions, throws or very fine quality bed sheets, you will definitely find something to match your taste and your budget. Izzz has a lovely range of Linen House including doona covers in different colors and styles; you will be spoiled by variety when choosing favorite quilt covers for your bedroom makeover.

Phase 2


Phase 2 Quilt Covers

These jovial colors and modern design quilt covers come together in a vibrant new look for the summer bedroom. Woven in soft cotton yarns, the quilt cover sets are finished with flat piping and the reverse features a one colour print on cotton. Bring together with colourful cushions, European pillowcases and other dazzling coordinates from the Phase 2 range. Come along to have a peek at IZZZ — we bet you won’t be disappointed!