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Girls Bedding

It is important to feel inspired when choosing bedding for your princess bedroom. And it is equally important to involve your little princess in the shopping experience, so he can express her opinion on the designs available. At Izzz, we are proud to offer a wide range of styles from a number of fantastic designers. A superb range we have available is the girls bedding and doona covers. Girls bedding has unique design and color, that is why kids love it. Their mantra is that they wish to celebrate childhood and imagination. This is very evident in the girls quilt covers designs that they create.

TUTU Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Stunning Girls Bedding

If you are after the stunning new girls bedding collection to enthusiast your kid’s bedroom, then all you need is to go to IZZZ. It is the leading kids bedding site. These designs are inspired by kid’s inspirations now days, Not only the illustration oriented prints, it also presents a huge variety of patterns, stripes and floral prints up to the girls choice.

Daisy Chain Quilt Cover Set by Ardor Kids


Girls Bed Sheets

The girls bedding Australia  doona cover sets are manufactured in 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort for your child’s delicate skin. Furthermore, we are happy to offer the current range. You may be in the market for buying more than one girls bedding, bed sheet sets or perhaps you are interested in additional bedding accessories such as cushions or rugs. Whatever you choose, at IZZZ we are keen to help you keep your costs down and happily offer a free shipping charge on orders over $100. If your order is less than $99, we will only charge you a flat fee of $10 without any hidden charges. We want you to be able to afford the stunning and luxurious designs from girls bedding bed sheet sets and create the bedroom you imagined.

Girls Bed Sheet Sets

A great place to start, which will cover these requirements, is with the girls bedding range. Then decorating bedrooms for girls it is a good idea to bring a sense of practicality to the surroundings. You need to source bedding that is fun and vibrant to appeal to your child, but will also serve as hard wearing so that it can handle a few trips to the washing machine during its lifespan. With their child friendly designs made in durable fabric, girls quilt covers are ideal for your child’s needs.

Daisy Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids


Girls Bedding Australia

As market leaders with over years in the business, you can guarantee that  girls bed sheet sets will not disappoint. At IZZZ, one of their most popular bedding sets is the Camping Kids bedding. The doona cover has a striking design featuring a teddy bear in a tent against a navy blue background, the color scheme includes reds and greens so they have cleverly used plain white Kids girls bed sheets as a contrast to the design. This particular Kids girls bed sheet sets and bedding sets are manufactured in a durable fabric which is a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This fabric mix works well with girls bedding Australia as the cotton content provides a feeling of softness and luxury, with the polyester content ensuring that the fabric will wash easily, dry quickly and need little ironing.

Floret Pink Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Girl bed Sheets

The Kids girls bed sheet sets and bedding sets they create really capture the imagination of children. It is obvious that when designing their range of Kids girls bed sheet and bedding sets that they did their homework, as the designs are so unique and imaginative. For example, their Bug Kids Kids girls bed sheet sets and bedding sets would grab the attention of any mini beast explorers. Again the Kids girls bed sheet within this bedding set is in a plain white design. However, it is necessary as the doona cover is in a vibrant green color, featuring all manner of cartoon insects and a huge virtual friendly spider in the center with textured legs. With the practical colors, durable material and years of experience, Kids girls bed sheet sets are hard to beat.


Comfortable happy Kids Bedding Sets


If you are looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom, look no further than happy kids bedding sets. One of our bestsellers at Izzz, Happy kids bedding sets offer fun and vibrant quality bedding. Happy kids are a privately owned Australian company, whose policy is to make a child’s bedroom a magical place to be. They pride themselves on their happy kids bedding Australia sets for inspiring kid’s imagination and aiding their development, ensuring their bedrooms are a place the child will wish to sleep and to play.

Space Glow in the Dark Quilt Cover Set by Happy Kids

Kids bedding manufactured with best quality fabric

Happy kids bedding is manufactured to the highest quality using 100% percale which is a luxurious bed linen where the threads are woven in a very tight pattern. This ensures that the linen is longer lasting then an ordinary cotton sheet, more durable after washing and has a smooth and crisp like quality.

Happy Kids Candy Skulls Glow in the Dark Quilt Cover Set

Some special designs of Girls bedding

At Izzz, we are proud to provide happy kids bedding sets with their innovative designs aimed at a wide age group of children. For example, in girls bedding the fairy rings quilt by happy kids bedding set is a popular choice for girls with its pink and green color combination. The attention to detail is stunning with hearts and strawberries embroidered onto the doona cover and pillowcase to add that extra special touch.

Floret Pink Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


We are currently offering attractive discount on this particular happy kids bedding set. Furthermore, we have a daily price watch carried out on all our products and if any item can be found cheaper elsewhere, we will discount a further 3% from the cheaper price.


Elegant Kids Bedding Sets by Kas Kids


kas kids is a well known brand of sophisticated kids bedding and clothing. The kas kids bedding range is proving very popular with a large customer base worldwide, particularly with their kas kids bedding range. The kas kids bedding sets showcase their innovative and unique use of color and creativity and have proved a big seller for us here at Izzz.

Garden Brights Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Best Kids Quilt covers

It is a fitting explanation for kas kids bedding as their furnishings are lively and spirited, predominantly their kas kids Australia bedding sets in their creative designs. For instance, at Izzz one of our biggest sellers from the kas kids bedding range is the Love Quilt cover set where the doona cover and pillowcase is emblazoned with the words Love, Live and Laugh in a bright and virtual font and would be perfect for a wide age group of children.

Land Of The Giants Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Perfect bedding for boys and girls

A major benefit with the kids bedding of kas kids bedding sets are that they are quite often manufactured in 100% cotton sateen, which basically means that the cotton has been specially treated to give the material a satin like feel. The sateen material is guaranteed to be soft and luxurious, along with draping well from the bed. Kas kids also offer a huge range of boys bedding and girls bedding as well.

Vintage Robots Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Quality material used

Furthermore, kas kids bedding is of a high thread count, such as the Love Quilt cover set from kas kids bedding, which has a thread count of 300 ensuring that the fabric is not only machine washable but durable with it.

elegant Kids Bedding Sets by kas kids