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Kas Kids Neutral Kids Bedding Sets

Kas Kids neutral kids bedding is the perfect way to get your kids to sleep at night. One of the most common causes of tiredness in children is poor quality bedding. This bedding will often prevent the child becoming comfortable and will subsequently mean that your child isn’t getting the restful sleep they need to properly function. That’s why we supply Kas Kids online as we believe that it’s a premier brand that can suit any child. We put all Kas Kids online through our rigorous quality control processes and these Kas Kids Quilt Covers with flying colours. We make sure that we only sell the most opulent brands because we value our customers.

Kas Kids


Kas Kids Bedding Australia

And our belief is that customers of all backgrounds should have access to luxury items. That’s why we have made sure that all of our Kas Kids Australia have been made available at discounted prices. This belief has carried us through years of business and we believe that it’s the secret to our success. If you are having any issues choosing between Kids Bedding Sets, though, then contact our customer service department and let us help you via a live chat support system. This is completely free and we have made it available whether you actually buy something or not. Quality and customer service are our core values and we intend on maintaining those values for the foreseeable future.

Kas Kids

At Izzz we provide a wide range of bedding designers showcasing unique appeal with their designs, in order to give customers a good variety of choice. From larger organisations to smaller companies, we don’t mind, as long as their designs fit with our other fun and practical creations. A fantastic fairly new addition to our pages is the small furnishings Australian company Kas Kids. They create and sell their own range of Kids Bedding. With the creator of Kas kids heralding from a Graphic Design background, it is clear to see the creativity has been poured into the bedding designs.

Billie Quilt Cover Set Kas Kids


Kas Kids Favorite Bed Sheets

One of our customer favorites within the Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets and bedding sets is the billie quilt cover set. This inspirational design features beautifully printed pictures.

Daisy Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids


Contemporary Designs of Kids Bedding

It is hard to believe that this company was only originated few years ago judging by the expertise they show in their contemporary designs. It is with the attention to detail that make them so popular among our customers at Izzz. For example, the Kas Kids bedding, boys bed sheet and doona cover sets all feature matching accessories such as matching cushions. However, creating a niche in the market alongside the Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets and doona covers they also offer matching bunting to co-ordinate with your chosen design.

Perfect Pooch Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Organic Cotton Kas Kids Bedding

We understand that parents often have concern over whether certain materials may be harsh against their child’s delicate skin. Kas Kids Australia, boys bed sheet sets and all their additional bedding sets are manufactured using 100% organic cotton with a generous 250 thread count. By using organic cotton as opposed to normal cotton in their Kas Kids boys bed sheet and doona covers means that there are no synthetic agricultural chemicals used in the growing process. This is beneficial to the environment, but also without the use of fertilizers and pesticides will mean that the organic cotton used in kas Kids boys bed sheet sets will benefit your child with a healthier and cleaner product.

Kas Kids Quilt Covers


By choosing Kas Kids Quilt Covers that have trouble sleeping, will help them recognize a familiar character when you’re not in the room. Many children can be a little reluctant to stay in bed at night, but by creating a bedroom theme that they can identify with, particularly with younger children, will give them the security that will help them sleep well.  There are many designs of Kas Kids Quilt Covers online available on the market, so you need to investigate your son’s interest to see which Kas Kids would captivate their interest.

kas kids

Best designs of KAS kids quilt covers

When you think of Kas Kids Australia, it is common to only think of what is current on the television or from children’s films. However, boys bedding can also be generic designs created by bedding designers to aid children’s imagination. Some of our most popular bedding for boys here at Izzz, are unique designs that are tailor made to appeal to any child’s interest.  For example, one of our biggest sellers among our boys cartoon bedding sets is the Jungle Jam quilt cover set by Kas Kids.

kas kids

KAS kids Quilt covers fun for kids

Although the design is unique to them, this Kas Kids Doona Covers is an inviting option without the worry of your child becoming bored of it. The design showcases various animals such as a zebra and a lion that are performing in a band. Kas Kids is fun and humorous which will appeal to your child, with the added bonus of a comfortable 180 thread count.


Kas Kids Quilt Covers


Kids like to feel special in their surroundings and often enjoy collecting intricate accessories to make them feel nice. With this in mind, Kas Kids have designed a range of kids bedding that will fulfill any little kids’ desire to feel special in their bedroom. Kas Kids has the unique ability to offer unique styles that fire a child’s imagination. And with the Kas Kids bedding sets we offer here at Izzz, you can stock up on all your bedding needs along with some coordinated accessories to complete the look.

kas kids

Some popular designs of KAS Kids

For example, one of our most popular Kas Kids Australia is the Ana Red Kas Kids bedding sets. This consists of a white doona cover set with an embroidered design of a tree on the front in bright red and brown. The quilt is fully reversible with a stunning red patterned print on the reverse which is also continued through to the matching pillowcase. Furthermore, with this particular Kas Kids bedding, there is a matching bed cushion available in a vibrant red design which will appeal to any accessory conscious girl.

kas kids

Great bedding from great brand

Kas Kids are a sub-branch of the Australian bedding giant Kas. They are renowned for their stylish and contemporary designs and we are proud of the stunning range of Kids Bedding Online we stock here at Izzz. With such a wide choice of Kas Kids bedding sets on offer you may need some assistance and we are happy to oblige with our online chat facility.


Elegant Kids Bedding Sets by Kas Kids


kas kids is a well known brand of sophisticated kids bedding and clothing. The kas kids bedding range is proving very popular with a large customer base worldwide, particularly with their kas kids bedding range. The kas kids bedding sets showcase their innovative and unique use of color and creativity and have proved a big seller for us here at Izzz.

Garden Brights Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Best Kids Quilt covers

It is a fitting explanation for kas kids bedding as their furnishings are lively and spirited, predominantly their kas kids Australia bedding sets in their creative designs. For instance, at Izzz one of our biggest sellers from the kas kids bedding range is the Love Quilt cover set where the doona cover and pillowcase is emblazoned with the words Love, Live and Laugh in a bright and virtual font and would be perfect for a wide age group of children.

Land Of The Giants Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Perfect bedding for boys and girls

A major benefit with the kids bedding of kas kids bedding sets are that they are quite often manufactured in 100% cotton sateen, which basically means that the cotton has been specially treated to give the material a satin like feel. The sateen material is guaranteed to be soft and luxurious, along with draping well from the bed. Kas kids also offer a huge range of boys bedding and girls bedding as well.

Vintage Robots Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Quality material used

Furthermore, kas kids bedding is of a high thread count, such as the Love Quilt cover set from kas kids bedding, which has a thread count of 300 ensuring that the fabric is not only machine washable but durable with it.

elegant Kids Bedding Sets by kas kids