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Get Relief From Neck And Shoulder Ache From A Reliable Cushion

Cushions of various glamorous and elegant designs are the center of attraction for the majority of the people. People keep on exploring the new and fabulous designs of cushions to make their room more decorative and appealing. It pleases the mood. The versatility of the cushions makes it one of the popular decor items. To add style and promote the level of comfort for your personal use, cushions play an important role. The significance of design in enhancing of home decor and interior can never be denied. Hence, designs should be according to the theme and one’s own taste.


Best uses of cushions online

Cushions can be used on beds and couches. To reduce the angularity and hardness of the chair is quite easy by using cushions online. These can be used to decorate the furniture providing the most elegant and eye catching look of the room. These are also used for kneeling or sitting upon a couch or chair. You can reduce your stress level by using a high quality cushion that is the best cure for your shoulder and neck pain.


Colorful cushions ad beauty to room

Color, theme and size of the room is a very important factor to consider while selecting cushions like too much scattered cushions on a sofa in a small room will not look appealing. If the color theme of a room is light shaded so bright and dark color cushions look stylish and appealing to the eyes.


How quality cushions counter your neck and shoulders

If the sole purpose is to get comfortable, then soft, velvety cushions can be used. It can give you relief from the neck and shoulder pain. Leather outdoor chair cushions are not comfortable. They do not provide the comfort that one desires. So, don’t go for this option.


A huge variety of cushions is available here

Varieties of cushions are available at IZZZ, you can order online. They enhance the beauty of your house. Our Cushions are the easy, inexpensive and simple way to decorate home. If your room color scheme is of light colors, like peach and off white, then only bright and dark color cushions are enough to decorate your room without costing too much. They made your room more stylish and trendy with our Polka dots pattern; floral cushions made your room look like traditional like velvet round cushions.


Add colors to the beauty of your room with quality cushions

Adding cushions are an excellent way to add colors in your room. Select your cushions wisely according to your unique taste from the vast range of IZZZ. Is it not amazing? It helps you to make a perfect and wise choice. The interior and decor of your room demand to look more appealing and elegant. To get the elegance at its peak, select your desired cushions Online and get it at your doorstep.

Cosy Winter Essentials

Your living room is definitely one of the most important spaces in your home where the whole family can get together and a place to be with all your guests too. So it must be very stylish yet defining your taste. Creating a convivial ambiance and getting the most of your living space is very easy and quick with the right Cushion online in soothing colors and prints that speak volumes. What makes it more beautiful is probably the furniture, a bunch of Cushions and the complementing wall art. Cushion covers are one of those exceptionally resourceful things that can do any magic. Just work with your color scheme for cushion covers and a perfect natural illumination with subtle curtains to make a very fresh atmosphere. Whether you’re in love with mono-chrome cushion covers, or minimalist towards a vintage look or bold hues, cushions are the quickest way to achieve an ideal make over.


Cushions are used for Furniture Decoration

Personalize your Furniture with textured and fluffy cushions in soft green and lime toned cushion covers to get a fresh botanical look. Nature shades always give a clean, calm and relaxed feeling. Retreat your home with leaf prints and striped patterns which will underpin the room’s theme by complimenting or contrasting to inject the perfect final touch. For an elegant finish, purple and indigo floral cushion covers will look great on a leather couch. So don’t wait further and visit us at Izzz. One of the best home interior site in Australia.



Fluffy and Warm Bedding

Winter is here on your doorstep. Have you prepared yourself for this winter season? If not, then get up and make a list to buy some cozy, fluffy and warm Bedding stuff for you. Winter evenings and nights are most special and they are passed with warm blankets and quilts in your bed. So, before purchasing these winter stuff, you must have an idea, what you are going to buy for yourself that makes you comfortable.


Floral Cushions

Floral, heart print and textual cushion covers work well lined-up in a neutral room and can alter a dull and quite hallway to a welcoming entrance. Floral cushion covers also look magnificent with rugs or placed on oak wooden floors. No matter what your style, a living room only looks complete with wonderful cushions to make your hours more colorful and comfier. So place some scented candles with lights turned down, jump into your cosy sofa with lots of pops, and enjoy your favorite movie!

Oh well – a cup of coffer can make it DIVINE.


Why not make your child’s room that extra bit special with some tremendous cushions. The range of cushions in the Izzz store is simply whopping and there’s sure to be something for you that can make the perfect gift for your child.A huge variety of bed linen including cushions available in Izzz store.  Cushions online sold by us are thick, plumped up, and engineered for providing a large amount of comfort. Bed cushions are designed to support any part of your child’s body by moulding to their exact figure. So if you want some premier bed cushions then you needn’t go anywhere else.

Accent Cushion Collection by Bambury


Highest Quality Bed Cushions

We understand that you might be wary about the branding, though. That’s why we can assure you that we don’t accept any brands or any products by any brand unless we have personally tested them. IZZZ never stocks any bedroom cushions unless they’ve been personally tested by us. If these bed cushions are not of the highest quality then they deserve no place in our store. Cushions are supposed to relax your child so they can grow and develop at their optimal levels. And that can only be done with opulent bedding cushions.

Anastacia Square Cushion by Bianca


Cushions Australia Sale

Consider buying some of these cushions alongside some of our bedding sets and really kit out your child’s room. Save some money as well by spending over $150 and we will throw in the shipping for free. So no matter where you happen to be in the world you can get free shipping, with no strings attached!

Bedroom Cushions


It is important to surround yourself with lots of patterns, colors and textures in order to help stimulate their motor skills. Cushions online are a good way of bringing a sense of fun to bedroom. Cushions can also be decorative, by adopting a theme already in the bedroom such as flowers or diamonds. Cushions are often very imaginatively manufactured in a variety of shapes and fabrics. Here at Izzz, we see the importance of providing cushions that match our bedding sets, to create a theme that you will feel comfortable with.


Some other uses of Cushions

Cushions online do not have to remain completely on the bed. Quite often cushions are used in carpet picnics with a cosy addition to a chair at homework time. Whatever way you use the cushions, they will bring a sense of comfort and style to your bedroom. It is important to use cushions that you were involved in choosing as you will get benefit the most from them. It is a good idea to start by creating a bedroom theme around a hobby or interest that you enjoy. Then choosing a relevant bedding set that will encompass that interest. And finally add some accessories such as cushions, rugs, lamps or perhaps a wall canvas. You will enjoy snuggling up to cushions at bedtime and it will make the bedroom look nice too.

KAS Kids Quilt Cover Sets


As parents you want to give your child the best room possible. They deserve to have a comfortable and stylish Kids Bedding where they can relax and enjoy their sleep. It’s vital to the way they grow and the way they develop physically and mentally. With KAS Kids Quilt cover sets you can give them all of this. Not only are KAS Kids quilt cover sets are stylish and luxurious, they are available from the Izzz store at prices you never before thought possible.

KAS Kids

It’s not a trick and it’s not a temporary offer, the prices we set for our KAS Kids quilt cover sets are here to stay for the foreseeable future. It’s our major aim to provide the most value of any bedding retailer and share all the benefits of our items with all our loving customers. We are now the largest stockist of bedding in Australia, and we are adding the greatest value to it. With us you won’t find lower prices anywhere. And just to confirm how confident we are of this fact, if you can show us any KAS Kids quilt cover sets sets which are more affordable than us we will match that price and beat it by 3%.

KAS Kids

Such value is compounded by our mountain of simple special offers of a wide range of Kids Quilt Covers. To get our 365-day money back guarantee you have to do absolutely nothing. Our aim is to provide you with offers and value found nowhere else. And we are doing that by automatically applying special offers to our customers. You are our lifeblood and we wouldn’t be here today without you, so it’s only right you are rewarded. This is the mark of Izzz!

KAS kids

Christmas Sale on Whimsy



Christmas isn’t that far off now, and we assume almost every one of you has already started shopping for the presents and gifts for the big day. No? Well when are you going to, then? There’s hardly a month to go now and stores will be crammed with other shoppers when you do decide to finally begin shopping. Well, don’t panic just yet. There’s still hope. There’s still Izzz!


Before we sound any tawdrier, let’s just get on to what all this is about. Like any other year, Izzz has rolled out its sought-after Christmas sales: but what makes this so particularly different from what everyone else is offering is the amazing sales the products are put at. Izzz goes a step further from everyone else and offers top quality products, such as that from Whimsy, at remarkably low and discounted prices. Whimsy is quite a popular brand among the masses and almost everyone appreciates their extensive kids bedding range.


Their unique and appealing colours and patterns have proven to be a big hit among many buyers and some of their renowned collection is put up at Izzz for our exclusive Christmas sale. Whimsy Bedding also has many other Bed Linen items in stock, such as Quilt covers, Bedspreads and many more – all of which will look fabulous in any bedroom, whether your kids, or your own. It seems unreal to almost everyone who comes across the Christmas Sales at Izzz and finds genuine and top quality products from the best brands in the business, at such discounted prices. This, along with the uniqueness of the stock at the site, proves to be a major want by buyers.


So, now that you know the sheer goodness of the amazing Izzz Christmas Sales why not go on and try some of these products for you? Any one of them, could feature as splendid Christmas presents for your family or friends, because let’s face it; no one dislikes a top notch product given to them as a present – especially if it’s Christmas Eve. So hurry on now and get your shopping gears in motion. The exclusive Christmas Sale can be found at the Izzz site under the tab “Christmas Sales”. But before you go, do note that all items and products from the
Whimsy Bed Linen category included in the sale are limited in stock, so you’ll have to up the ante if you don’t want to miss them out!

Till the next time, Happy Izzz Shopping!


Christmas Sale on Kas Bedding

IZZZ is all set for Christmas, but are you? If you aren’t, well, we’ve got some great news for you. It’s KAS, and their amazing sales at the IZZZ store! IZZZ brings a stunning range of Kas beddings for both Kids and adults, and at prices you’ll have to see to believe!


The renowned Australian Bedding Linen brand, Kas, has great products range showcased at IZZZ, the online store, at huge discounted prices, all before Christmas Eve to give you the best possible shopping experience. Since Christmas is just a few weeks away, IZZZ has decided to give special discounts on all bed linen product range in general and all KAS products in particular.


IZZZ Offering up to 65% off on KAS Bed Linen as Christmas sales. There are two main Kas categories: Kas beddings and Kas kids. Kas bedding covers all the major bed linen products which include KAS Quilt covers, KAS Cushions, Kas bed sheets, Kas Throws, Kas Towels, Kas bedspreads, Kas doona covers etc. All the ranges of KAS are presented in a subtle and mature tone of color and patterns. Have a look yourself, what is at what discount;






KAS Kids present a range of best Bed Linen products for kids in more vibrant and colorful tones suited to the bedrooms of your kids. A lot of Kas products are our personal favorites too and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed by the quality and fabric of the extensive products we have of KAS. You can find discounted and genuine Kas Kids products at IZZZ under the Christmas Sale banner.


Hoping to see you shopping with us.