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Kas Kids Bedding Sets

Kas kids bed linen is the number one product when it comes to your child’s comfort at night. Like us, you want what’s best for your child in all things. We agree with you, and that’s why we have made Kas kids bedding sets available in the Izzz store. After these sets went through our quality control procedures we concluded that it was definitely worthy to sell in our store. All of the new kas kids online you see here went through these same arduous procedures as we are committed to never selling a poor quality product in our range. It’s how we came to have the largest range of bedding in Australia and it’s how we intend on remaining that way.

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Kas Kids Australia

It’s not just about providing quality, though. kas kids Australia have made sure that it’s affordable for all. There’s little point in selling top quality products in a variety of styles and sizes if nobody can afford them. So that’s why each and every one of our kas kids quilt covers has had its prices slashed repeatedly. And we also make the promise to you that you won’t find any of our Shuteye neutral bedding sets at a lower price elsewhere. If you do then tell us about it and we will match that price before slicing it again by another 3%. On top of this we have a wide variety of special offers that can lower the prices even more. So get in contact with our specialists through our live customer support service for more information on how you can steal a great deal!

Kas Kids Boys Bed Sheet Sets

We are very fortunate here at IZZZ to have such a fantastic range of boys bedding designers whose creations we are privileged to stock. One particular award-winning designer and expert manufacturer, is the Sydney based furnishing company Kas and their in-house children’s designers Kas Kids. The Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets and doona cover sets are distinctive in many ways. Firstly, by sourcing them from our website you will see their expert presentation with the entire Kas Kids Australia boys bed sheet and doona covers set against a bright blue wall to ensure their designs stand out. Furthermore, the Kas Kids boys quilt covers, bed sheet sets are full of life to really capture your child’s imagination.

Perfect Pooch Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids


Kids Doona Covers

For example, the perfectly named Retro Holiday Kas Kids boys bed sheet and doona cover set has an intricate cartoon design bringing a family holiday to life, complete with scenic mountain roads and cars pulling trailers. This enticing design would please any little boy with the cartoon roads in just the right size to race their toy car along. The accompanying Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets are in a simple and classic white color to help the doona cover stand out effectively, however, if you look closely on the Kas Kids boys bed sheet you will see a row of cartoon cars lining up in front of a traffic light. It is with these hidden features of Kas Kids boys bedding, sheet sets apart from their competitors, as children are fascinated by the smaller details in life and this would capture their interest perfectly.

Jungle Story Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids


Kas Kids Boys Bed Sheets

Founded in 1976, Kas put their success down to their working situation. Their studios, design room and distribution warehouses are all housed in the same premises, creating an intimate working environment to help create their memorable Kas Kids boys bed sheet and doona cover sets. It is clear to see that Kas have done their research as all of their Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets and bedding sets feature themes such as robots, dinosaurs and racing cars. It is important to include an element of play in your son’s bedroom as boys tend to spend more time in their bedrooms creating imaginative games and playing with toys. With the help of eye-catching designs from the Kas Kids boys bed sheet sets which involve an interest of your sons; you will be aiding their imagination as well as providing them with a feeling of comfort at bedtime.

Kas Kids Boys Bed Sheet Sets

Locating the ideal bedding for your son’s bedroom can be a daunting experience for any parent with so much variety of bedding sets to choose from. The well-known Australian brand kas kids supply us here at Izzz with their beautiful creations that appeal to many kids. The kas kids bedding is designed with imaginative play in mind and are unique among their competitors. Kas kids describe their designs as inspiring, imaginative and irresistible and they’re not wrong. With memorable designs on their doona covers, the kas kids boys bed sheet is a stunning accompaniment.

Wanted Kids Bedding by Kas Kids


Kas Kids Australia

We offer a wealth of kas kids Australia boys bed sheet and doona cover bedding sets at Izzz to help your son seek adventure and help trigger his imagination. Their doona covers and the increasingly popular kas kids boys bed sheets sets are becoming renowned for their stylish designs and quality material. Here at Izzz, one of our favorite Kas kids boys quilt cover. This inspired design depicts a cartoon style scene of a neighborhood, complete with streets, houses and traffic. It is hard to tear yourself away from the design as it is so detailed and appealing. On the reverse of the quilt is a blue and white checked pattern which is carried through to the pillowcase and kas kids boys bed sheet. By using a traditional blue and white checked pattern in this kas kids boys bed sheet will mean that it will suit a wide range of age groups.

Tool Belt Kids Bedding by Kas Kids

Kas Kids Range

Another great factor to choosing the kas kids online boys bed sheet set, is that they come in a variety of hard to find sizes, such as king single and double sizes. Each kas kids boys bed sheet set contains a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillowcase, so you can have one sheet in the wash whilst the other is on the bed. The kas kids boys bed sheet and doona cover bedding sets are manufactured in cotton percale which basically means cotton blend and often contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Animal Silhouettes Quilt Cover Set by Happy Kids


Fabric of Kids Quilt Covers

The advantage of kas kids boys bed sheet and doona cover sets using a cotton percale fabric, is that you will feel the soft and comfortable benefit of cotton, with polyester adding durability by making it stronger and longer lasting after washing it several times. At IZZZ we promote durability within our bedding sets, as well as providing stylish designs.

Kas Kids Children’s Bedding Sets


Here at Izzz, we are keen to keep our bedding ranges fresh and exciting to keep up with customer needs. A good example of this is with Kids bedding from trendy home furnishing company Kas Kids. The Sydney based experts established in 1976, boast their Kas Kids bedding sets as unique and current and credit their designer style on their fashionable location. You can be guaranteed that Kas Kids children’s bedding sets are individual to other designs on the markets.

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Get the most reliable Kids bedding

For instance, Kas Kids children’s bedding sets are a beautiful example of their work. Against the white backdrop of these Kas Kids bedding sets is a stunning embroidered image of a tree with red leaves and flowers, along with a waffled edge to give it a contemporary style. The doona cover is reversible with a red and white print on the other side to give you an option of an alternative style to the bedding. With most Kas Kids children’s bedding sets, you have the option of investing in matching accessories to carry the theme into the bedroom with rugs, lamps and shaped cushions on offer.


No compromise on quality

At Izzz, we think it’s important to provide quality bedding such as Kas Kids children’s bedding sets that have features such as embroidery and waffle edges to bring a contemporary feel that is usually reserved for adult bedding. Kas Kids bedding sets are designed to help your child feels special in their bedrooms a child’s happiness is the most important thing to a parent.


Boys Bedding Sets


When choosing furnishings for your son’s bedroom there are many ways in which you can create the style of the room, particularly with the color scheme you opt for. A boys bedding theme is a popular color choice for older boys, so when purchased for a younger boy will have the added bonus of growing with your child. You may picture  bedding for boys as many colors, however, if you choose boys bedding with a good design on the doona cover, this can avoid the expected darkness brought on by boys bedding.

Cactus Cowboys Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

One of the best kids bedding brand

A popular choice of  bedding for boys that we stock at Izzz, is the  Kids bedding by happy kids. Moreover we are also offering girls bedding but our main focus is on boys bedding.

Fairy Rings Quilt Cover Set by Happy Kids

Features of Boys Bedding

This boys  bedding is very appealing as it features a stunning life like print and rider in an action shot, which is printed on the front of the doona cover and pillowcases. These  boys bedding sets are also on offer discounts. And are available for queen size beds if your son has a larger bedroom.

Jungle Story Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Boys bedding and matching accessories

This boys bedding theme really provides an action packed feel to it and would be a great starting point to decorate a room around as the  lettering and rider’s outfit are in a vivid green, so would be a good color scheme to match against. And why not team your boys bedding theme with accessories such as matching cushions and rugs that available with a majority of our boys bedding sets.


Boys Bedding Themes and Ideas


When commencing a decorating plan for your child’s bedroom, you can really let your imagination run wild, especially when designing a room for a boy as you can explore lots of fun and colorful boys bedding themes to bring a sense of play to your child’s bedroom. Boys tend to enjoy adventure play so by adopting boys bedding ideas that embrace jungles, dinosaurs or knights and castles can bring a great deal of pleasure and stimulation to your child. There are wonderful boys bedding sets available here at Izzz to suit every hobby or interest your son may enjoy and by settling on the right design of boys bedding. You can then create the style of the room around it.

Chicky Quilt Cover Set by Ardor Kids


Get the perfect idea of kids bedding for your boy

A lot of popular kids bedding themes are geared towards a well-known film or TV character. However, this sort of style has a time limit as children’s favorite characters can change quite rapidly. It is much more sensible to opt for Kids bedding ideas that can grow with your child such as boys bedding sets in either a design such as construction or boats or sticking with patterned boys bedding such as stripes or spots. It is a good idea to involve your child in the decision when buying their Kids bedding as they need to feel comfortable and happy with the choice. Here at Izzz, we have a huge range of various boys bedding ideas and with our user friendly website, featuring clear pictures and information with measurements on our boys bedding sets, you and your son can navigate through the pages with ease to gauge what sort of boys bedding themes you both like.

Secret Garden Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Our customers are our real assets

Here at Izzz we work hard to keep all our customers happy and research our choice of boys bedding ideas with careful expertise. One of our most popular designs of boys bedding themes is the Raceway Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids. This doona cover features a vivid racing track imprinted on the front with a checkered black and white design on the reverse. Any boy, who has a box full of cars he plays with, will get hours of fun out of these boys bedding sets as the race track is big enough to use for moving their cars along. After a busy day playing your little man will happily settle down for a good night’s sleep with this fun boys bedding set.

Boys Bedding Themes and Ideas

kids Bedding Sets


When it comes to kids bedding sets the most common choice of size would be for a single bed. However, kids bedding has now become a popular option with children’s bedrooms becoming larger or for when they have friends over. Here at Izzz we are keen to move with the times and are proud to offer kids bedding sets in a range of designs.

Race Crew Kids Bedding by Kas Kids

A scarce but precious range of kids bedding

kids bedding is not readily available elsewhere as it is more expensive to manufacture because of making attractive designs for your kids for example making cartoons and others pictures that catch your child attention, mainly because of the extra material used but also due to the extra costs involved per unit of making fewer sets. Quite often Kids Quilt Covers are chosen based on the best selling single size kids bedding sets to ensure a return on the investment.By providing kids bedding online for the ease of customers as kids bedding online saves a lot of time in spite of visiting shops.

Under The Sea Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

A great feel of cotton kids bedding

At Izzz, we are keen to provide high quality kids bedding at affordable prices. To keep our costs down without scrimping on the quality, some of our kids bedding has been manufactured in 50% cotton and 50% polyester to provide durable and soft bedding that is suitable for a child’s delicate skin.

1000TC Bamboo Rich Sheet Set Grey by Ardor

A popular Australian brand of kids bedding

Due to the niche customer base requesting kids bedding sets we are providing kids bedding sets in different sizes and vibrant designs. We have carefully chosen designs that are fairly neutral in taste to appeal to a broad range of children. For example, our Kids Bedding by Kas Kids is a popular choice of kids bedding, available in 100% cotton. It is  different colors  bed linen  and with this we are also providing kids quilt covers and also offering discounts on these products.


Kas Kids Boys Quilt Cover Sets

KAS kids

Kas Kids boys quilt cover sets are what you need if you want to give the gift of your sleep to your little man. These KAS Kids Quilt Cover sets are what you need in those cold winter months and warm summer nights. When it’s cold they cuddle your child to sleep and snuggle them into a warm and cosy cocoon perfectly engineered towards undisturbed sleep. During the hotter months they allow your children to breathe without disturbing their sleep. It means these awesome quilt sets are perfect 365 days a year. Now that’s some fantastic savings!

KAS kids

Continue looking at our KAS Kids boys quilt cover sets and you will see a strange thing. Every single set has a reduced price. It’s not Christmas, it’s not a summer sale, these are our normal prices. This is no illusion, all you are seeing is our commitment to providing bargains on all Kids quilt covers sets. We believe comfort shouldn’t cost the earth, and we are showing that belief through our radically reduced prices. Add on our special offers and no other retailer can beat us on value.

KAS kids

These special offers are wide ranging. If you want to tackle a challenge attempt to find a lower price than us and we will match this lower price and reduce it by an additional 3%. Kas Kids boys quilt cover sets sets have so many special offers applied to them you are paying the prices you would normally pay during a clearance sale. You don’t have to buy right now, leisurely browse through our range and speak to us through our live customer support service before making your decision about buying your Kids Bedding. Don’t miss the opportunity and rush now towards the best Kids Quilt Covers in the online market.

KAS Kids