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Girls bedding sets to suit their personality

Girls Bedding is an important household necessities that need a lot of care and attention for making it beautiful. Especially, when you’re blessed with a baby girl, you become more touchy and conscious in choosing girls’ bedding.

girls bedding

Girls Quilt Covers

When the weather is starting to flicker in between temperate and chilly, this is a sign of winters knocking your doors with dry nippy winds and no sunshine. So get prepared for the cold by wrapping up the whole family with the warm Girls quilt covers. We all know that season fluctuates from too hot to too cold and girls are more sensitive to it; it’s good to have a variety of girls bedding in your home so that your kids don’t have to suffer with the brutality of weather conditions. Whether it requires heaters of high speed fans to ensure a restful sleep, make sure for every season you have the best quality girls doona covers to snuggle up into the night.


girls bedding

Good Sleeping Habits

Sleeping routine and environment has a great impact on everyone’s health. Good sleeping habits can only be developed when you have a comfy place to sleep and cosier doona covers that suit your need and look equally great in your room to give you a very pleasant feeling when you open your eyes. A right doona cover can change the mood and atmosphere; if it’s dark and wet outside a vibrant doona cover can do the magic to change your room’s look and make it look bright and cheerful.


Girls Bedding Sets

Girls are always very responsive to the colors and an easy way of giving a new room make over can be a nice girls bedding sets. It will add a bit of color to whole room and also, it will save your time and money to repaint the whole room or change the wallpapers. So invest a little to choose right girls bedding sets, night lights and bed guards that can give a contemporary look in a simple way. While choosing from girls doona covers, don’t forget the fact that every girl has a distinct imagination and they are likely to be very concerned about how her room looks like. It will be good idea to allow her to choose their favorite bedding set so that she will feel confident and happy about her room. At IZZZ, we offer a great deal of choice between different girls doona covers, having different fabric and design details and significant thread counts to keep you cosy around the winter. Let your girl be her own designer and take pleasure of innovative and fresh designs.

Fanaticism…here we come!

If you are looking for the stunning new Kids Bedding collection to enthusiast your kid’s bedroom, then all you need is to go for Whimsy. It is the leading kids bedding brand. These designs are inspired by kid’s inspirations now days, like most of the boy kids like skating, cars and different boy’s oriented thrilling cartoon characters. And most of the girl kids get inspiration from Barbie dolls, birds and butterflies etc. They make kids cheerful while enjoying the most beautiful days of their childhood with its astonishing kids prints like, unicorn, butterfly, skating, vehicles, maps, animals or other cartoon and action characters. Not only the illustration oriented prints, it also presents a huge variety of patterns, stripes and floral prints up to the kid’s choice.

kids bedding


Whimsy Kids Bedding

All kids would love to see their bedroom charmingly festooned with vibrant colors. It not only spotlights the vibrancy of colors, it also highlights kid’s playtime with fun bed linen accessories. Beautiful cartoon characters oriented illustration play a vital role to cheer up kid’s moods after an exhausting day from school. It believes in pulling the playtime into kid’s bedroom with variety of designs, sizes and colors etc. Whimsy offers a huge variety of new articles each season to glorify your kid’s bedroom décor up to their own curiosity. All designs are prepared by keeping parents and kid’s preferences in mind such as fabric, comfort, style, size and budget. Step in to the world of sizzling curiosity and surprise your kids as well as their bedroom décor with refreshing designs and keep the uniqueness alive that will certainly strike everyone imaginations.

kids bedding

Significance of Kids Bedding Sets

As a mother of two growing kids, I understand the significance of selecting the kids bedding sets and accessories that make your child happy, and compliment your child’s room. Before buying your Kids Bedding and accessories, give propriety to two things, comfortability and beauty. Kids are mostly attracted by bright colors, but you have to choose the quality bedding for you, as their health is the most important factor in your life. Never compromise on the quality of bedding stuff. Invest with a rational approach and help your kids with the mental and physical nourishment by providing them the unique bedding stuff.

Majesty and shelter altogether…

Bed Sheets are the most common and significant ingredient in terms of organizing the bedroom. They are the rectangle pieces of fabric that is used to swathe over a mattress. The basic purpose of bed sheets is shielding the mattress surface from dirt, stains, liquids etc. Bed Sheet Sets consist of two main varieties known as fitted sheets and flat sheets. Fitted sheets are those with four fitted corners, any mattress can enclosed within. Flat Sheets are simple fabric sheets that are spread over the mattress after it is wrapped into the fitted sheet. There are five standard sizes known globally for sheet sets, such as single, king single, double, queen and King.

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Size of Bed Sheets

Sheet sets accompanied by one or two European Pillows, depending upon the size of the bed, for instance single and king single sizes include single pillowcases. While double, queen and king sizes are escorted by two pillowcases. The good thing about bed linen is that, they can be purchased in variety of colors, fabrics, and thread counts, sizes, budgets and designs. Bed sets are mostly purchased up to different preferences.

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Bed Sheets Australia

We are offering bed sheets across the Australia and in other parts of the world. We aim to provide our customers with a wide range of fabric options in bed sheets that will give you the ultimate comfort and pleasure. We understand the exact methods of implementing your dreams, thoughts and ideas into finished products, that will appeal you to visit our website and become our regular customer.

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Selection of Bed Sheets

Choosing a Bed Sheets for one’s bedroom has many aspects to consider, such as the fabric, price, design, durability etc. Majority of the people favors the design and comfort, while some purchase bed sets on the priorities of its skin friendly, water resistance, easy cleaning, seasonal and economical or luxury traits. That’s why they are primed by keeping people’s selection partiality on priority different bed linen companies. Bed linen come with easy care instructions for their ongoing durability that makes washing, drying and all other care linked jobs easy. If you intend to add new bed linen into your bedroom then go for your preferred store or go for online shopping and reflect your unique style and comfort in your own way.

Bambury Bedding & Decor

Your home speaks a lot about who you are. Beginning with a deep inspiration, our creative stories come into being through striking doona cover sets coordinating cushions and other home decor accessories by Izzz. When it comes to home decor and bed linen, Linen House is a symbol of luxury and quality. Bambury Badding crafts a remarkable loop of incredible looks of doona cover sets for you to choose from. Made from the fine fabric, woven in the softest cotton in a soothing palette of colors, Linen House crafts the doona covers that last for seasons. The reverse of most of the doona covers is plain-dyed cotton with flat piping trim and warm machine washable.



Bambury Australia

Bambury Australia offers a unique assortment of quilt cover sets which includes Bambury Glamour, Bambury Vintage, Bambury Lifestyle, Marie Claire and Deco. All quilt cover sets are very beautiful and have a unique insight of their own to reflect the decor sense of every person. We carry all of these beautiful designs at IZZZ and will be very happy to deliver it to your door. If you face any trouble ordering your favorite doona cover, give us a call or drop an e-mail, our welcoming staff will get in touch with you immediately for your assistance.

bambury bedding

Girls bedding sets online

Girls definitely are the most lovable creation of God and undoubtedly they are! Every girl has a distinctive sense of style, but when it comes to girls bedding all they opt for is lots of comfort, style and coziness.  We know how essential it is for girls to indulge in a cozy night’s sleep after that traumatic school/office day, therefore our bedding sets are made with the best quality fabric. Apart from the comfort, we ensure that all girls bedding sets we offer are distinctively designed to match every girl’s choice.

Wonderful Girls Bedding

Kids Bedding is selling the wonderful Kids Bedding collection designed by most reliable Australian brands. Our best selling brands include Jiggle and Giggle, Whimsy, Kas Kids, Hiccups Kids, Sheridan Junior and a lot more girls bedding sets which are aesthetically very soft yet cheerful and perfectly priced to fit one’s budget. These high quality doona covers are machine washable and very easy to maintain.

girls Bedding

Girls Bedding Sets

At times, people are reluctant to buy bedding sets online and they simply don’t want to take a chance because of the fear of losing their money or receiving substandard products. However; IZZZ serves beyond these myths all and offers the best range of single Quilt covers Set to our customers and that too at the most affordable prices. It’s easy to design a comprehensive theme for your little girl’s room with our matching range of kids bedding accessories. Shop from stunning monochrome to bright and bold colored quilt cover sets and add a statement of décor to your girl’s bedroom.

Bianca Bedspreads

Bianca Bedspreads are well known in Australian market for their quality and style. Established in 1985, Bianca has developed its prestige in Australian market and now design, manufacture and distribute vast collection of bedspreads, Quilt cover sets ( also called doona covers), mattress protectors, memory foam pillows and much more.


Size of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are available in all standard sizes including single bedspreads, Double Bedspreads, Queen Bedspreads, King Bedspreads and matching Cushions and accessories. Various styles of bedspreads are served by Bianca including but not limited to fitted bedspreads, throw over bedspreads and coverlets. Stylish look and excellent quality make Bianca bedspreads, Bianca quilt covers and Bedding Linen essentials a must have for modern homes and hotels.


Australia Day Sale

Hello there, fellow Aussies! Izzz brings an all new exclusive sale for you to get you into your patriotic selves. Izzz Australia Day sales are a one to see-to-believe. Like the sales on every occasion or festivity, the one on Australia Day are no different than the rest and bring some of the best quality products at prices that are surely nowhere else to be found – that we guarantee! So why not try out Izzz when you’re looking for the perfect present to gift your spouse, child or friend on Australia Day?

So why not celebrate Australia Day this year at Izzz? If there’s one thing everybody loves: it’s shopping and the sales at Izzz make it a tad more enticing. So crank up the love for Aussieland and start shopping now. We have four separate categories at the Izzz online store for you to choose from, which include;

  • Bedding
    The Bedding category includes numerous product types such as Doonas, Quilt cover sets, bed sheets and bedspreads and cushions.


  • Kids Bedding In this section you can select from girls, boys or gender neutral themes: all of which, include various products to choose from. You can select kid’s doonas, quilt cover sets, bedspreads and cushions. All of these items can be chosen from a large span of age-groups starting from as small as two year olds to pre and post teens.

kids bedding

  • Baby Bedding
    There’s a host of different products that you can choose from here; like Bassinets, Baby Furniture, Baby Prams, Baby Carriers, Walkers and Rockers, Baby Sleeping Bags, Baby Wraps and Baby Linens.

baby bedding

  • Kitchenware and Dinning
    This category includes various products like Cookware, Dinnerware, Cutlery sets and Bake ware.


So there’s a lot to choose from and all these products at discounted prices makes your Australia Day shopping and celebrations a whole lot better. So pick out some Aussie-themed products at the IZZZ site and celebrate Australia Day!

See you around and a very happy Australia Day to all of you from the folks at Izzz!

Childrens Bedding Sets

The lush Kids Bedding in the IZZZ store is simply wondrous. We know that because that’s exactly what you’ve told us about this range of kids bedding for children boys and girls. What we stock is determined by exactly what you say about our products, and that’s how it’s been done with our kids bedding. If you want a kids bedding theme that just radiates quality then don’t look anywhere else because we have exactly what you want right here.



Children Stunning Bedding

We believe that you should be able to buy some children bedding, no matter what economic background you happen to have. Quality should be universal, and IZZZ is leading the charge as the special offers we have on all of our kids bedding for boys aims to break down the barriers and make it affordable to all. To start with, we’ve made sure that the kids bedding that’s available from this store is already discounted, and that applies to everybody. But we’ve also made sure that you can lower the prices even more. That’s right, when choosing a kids bedding theme the price is in your control.

Girls Bedding


Discounted Children Bedding

Just like us on Facebook and receive a 5% discount. Or if you are feeling like you want to carry out a bit of research then find your item cheaper elsewhere and we will match that price and decrease it by another 3%. That’s how much we care about our customers and it’s our commitment to breaking down equality and making our luxury bedding available to all children.

Kids Bedding Sets

You want your child to go to sleep at night, so why not opt for the Izzz range of Kids bedding online is geared towards a child’s mind so they’ll associate the colour of night with sleep. After a while they’ll be falling asleep as soon as their heads touch the pillow. Choose childrens bedding in different themes from the largest range in Australia and do what’s best for your child.

kids bedding


Colorful Kids Bedding

All the major brands are on offer here and we have personally tested each and every piece of kids bedding on this site is the most opulent and we have made sure of that because we believe that our customers deserve only the best. So if you are looking for the best black bedding for children around then get in touch with us today.

kids bedding

If you are not able to spend a lot on getting some children bedding then don’t worry because if you want a children bedding then you can take advantage of our special offers that we have all around the site. If you want to find out more then contact our live customer chat service for a detailed and speedy answer today!

Kids Bedding Sets

Kids bedding is one of our most popular ranges, and for good reason. Our kids bedding online is sourced from only the most quality brands. And that doesn’t mean that our kids bedding sets come from only the most well-known brands. It means they come from the brands, both big and small, that we know can provide the superior products you demand. Kids bedding sets here all have to pass our quality control procedures before they feature in our store. And that’s due to our commitment to quality when it comes to our kids bedding themes.

kids bedding


Styles and Ranges of Kids Bedding

We make sure that we provide a wide variety of affordable styles in our range because we know that every child is different. Children need to be comfortable with what they are sleeping under or they won’t get that restful sleep they need to function to the best of their abilities. If you need help looking through any of our kids bedding sets then just contact one of our kids bedding representatives. They will be able to direct you to the kids bedding themes that are right for your child by taking into account all the things that are important to you and your child when it comes to girls bedding.

kids bedding

Our customers have always demanded quality and value and we believe that we have provided only the very best with our boys bedding.