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Bianca Bedspreads

Bianca Bedspreads are well known in Australian market for their quality and style. Established in 1985, Bianca has developed its prestige in Australian market and now design, manufacture and distribute vast collection of bedspreads, Quilt cover sets ( also called doona covers), mattress protectors, memory foam pillows and much more.


Size of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are available in all standard sizes including single bedspreads, Double Bedspreads, Queen Bedspreads, King Bedspreads and matching Cushions and accessories. Various styles of bedspreads are served by Bianca including but not limited to fitted bedspreads, throw over bedspreads and coverlets. Stylish look and excellent quality make Bianca bedspreads, Bianca quilt covers and Bedding Linen essentials a must have for modern homes and hotels.


Kids Doona Covers


Choosing the right kids bedding for your son or daughters bedroom can mean a great deal to your child, as this is a well used item of furnishing. It is a good idea to opt for doona covers for children that are bright and colourful as they can transform a child’s bedroom. At Izzz, we have a huge variety of Kids doona covers that would suit any style bedroom and colour scheme.

kids doona covers

Why Kids Doona Covers are important for your kids bedding

Kids doona covers are an essential item of bedding as they have the integral job of protecting the quilt. Doona covers for children are also convenient when caring for your bedding as they are made in machine washable fabric which is easy to clean and store rather than using blankets. However, the most important feature of children’s doonas is the fact that you can introduce a wealth of designs to interest your child at playtime, but to also comfort them at bedtime.

kids quilt covers

Enhance the beauty of your kid’s bedding

A great way of keeping your children bedding adaptable is by investing in a reversible Kids doona covers. We sell reversible doona covers for children in abundance here at Izzz, as by having different designs on each side of the quilt it can ensure your child’s bedding feels new and versatile. A good example of this is the Raceway Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids with its fantastic race track design on one side and a exchequer black and white pattern on the reverse. They are such diverse styles that either one would make an impact on your child’s room.


Girls Single Size Bedspread Sets

Get a girls single bedspread today and make your little girl’s day. We have made sure each of our girls single bedspread sets are made from only the very best materials. You won’t find any rashes or irritated skin with a girls single size bedspread from our store. Expect each of our girls single size bedspread sets to have gone through rigorous testing. No matter where it came from, we don’t let anything through our doors unless it’s been shown to be sumptuous. Combined with fantastic girls single bedspread themes, you have a wide range of stylish products to outfit your child’s room with.

We are parents too. And we know what it’s like to have to deal with high prices when buying a girls single bedspread. We believe when you buy a girls single size bedspread you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Good sleep is a universal right. We are now making sure each of our girls single size bedspreads are available at low low prices, which can’t be found anywhere else. We are the only retailer of girls single bedspread sets with stylish, high-quality bedding with rock bottom prices for all.

Equality is our game and when you take a look at girls single bedspread themes you will know you are supporting a cause where all children and all families can receive the gift of restful sleep. With Izzz, all your sleeping troubles will just melt away!

Girls Queen Size Bedspread Sets

If you want to get some great bedding for your little girl, look no further than our girls queen bedspread sets. What they provide you is the chance for your child to experience luxurious fabrics gently hugging them to sleep at night. These materials don’t fade after the first few washes and are guaranteed to last you for at least a year. We include a 365-day money back guarantee with every one of our queen size bedspread sets for girls. These awesome girls queen size bedspread sets are exactly why we are the favourite of customers!

We make sure each of our girls queen bedspread sets are tested for their opulence. Our aim is to never sell a poor quality product in our store because sleep is the most important thing for a child. All girls queen size bedspread sets receive an instant price cut from the very beginning to make sure they are the most affordable in the industry. If you find a lower priced bedding set get in touch with us through our live customer chat and tell us about it. Order queen size bedspread sets for girls from us from then on and receive the same lower price with an extra 3% discount heaped on top.

Value. Quality products. And a friendly customer support line. That’s how we create the ultimate shopping experience for our customers!

Girls King Size Bedspread Sets

At Izzz our only aim is to be the best in the business. Becoming the best is providing you, the customer, with awesome girls king size bedspread sets. We are confident we have done this because of what you have told us. Our girls king bedspread sets are an example of what we stand for. All bedding sets are made from only the highest quality materials and we have made sure everybody can afford them through our massive price cuts. It’s exactly why shopping with us for a king size bedspread for girls is not only enjoyable, it’s incredibly rewarding.

We are known for the special offers we have available on our girls king size bedspread sets. Our aim is to give you as many opportunities as possible to make savings. As well as slashing our prices as far as possible, you can do things as simple as giving us a ‘like’ on Facebook to get an extra 5% off. Follow us and get in touch with our live customer support service to stay abreast of the special offers we are consistently including in our store.

When you buy a king size bedspread for girls we want you to be fully satisfied. Our duty of care doesn’t stop with the purchase. For one whole year, 365 days, we are giving you a satisfaction guarantee. If one of our girls king bedspread sets isn’t to your liking just send it back for a full refund. A full refund with no questions asked, it’s just one more example showing exactly what Izzz stands for!

Girls King Single Bedspread Sets

Add some luxury to your little girl’s room today with a girls king single bedspread. Look no further than Izzz when it comes to your bedding needs because we have all the top brands in the king single bedspread for girls category. Our aim is to provide the largest range of girls king single bedspread sets in the world, and we are well on the way to doing that. But we also make sure we can provide high quality products people are proud to have in their homes.

When you buy girls king single bedspread sets from us you are guaranteed to have a product with materials which are engineered specifically for guiding your child to sleep. Don’t worry about skin irritation or fading because all of our girls king single bedspread items are designed to last for years to come. If for any reason you have an issue with your king single bedspread for girls don’t hesitate to send it back. Izzz offers a 365-day money back guarantee on all bedding sets.

We understand you might have some problems choosing from one of the many king size brands we have on offer. To get a recommendation, or to ask any technical questions, get in touch with us through our live customer chat service. You can get all your questions answered in mere minutes. And, best of all, it’s free of charge. Now that’s added value!

Girls Double Size Bedspread

Here in the Izzz store we have a wide range of girls double bedspread sets available for you to buy. As the largest stockist of girls double bedspread in Australia we are proud to offer so many top brands. Shop for girls bedspread sets and you will find the lowest prices, the highest quality, and a customer support team to match. Search through our vast girls double size bedspread range to find out more.

Affordability is our main tenant. Where we stand out is in the value we offer on all our girls double bedspread sets. We are so confident you won’t find better prices on a girls double bedspread elsewhere we are guaranteeing you that if you can find a lower price we will match it and beat it by an additional 3%. Nowhere else can you discover such value, and it’s something we are incredibly proud of.

Matching our range and value, our live customer chat service is available to all customers. Izzz staff members believe in the personal touch. Struggling to choose a girls double size bedspread? Don’t worry because our experts can give you a recommendation so you can get the girls bedspread sets you want to outfit your child’s room in the best way possible. With us you don’t just get a great shopping experience, you get a truly rewarding service that’s unique to the Izzz brand!

Girls Bed Linen and Girls Bedspreads

Why is it important your girl gets a great night’s sleep? Well, scientists have shown children who get the right amount of sleep are happier, learn better, and enjoy life more. You want that for your child. Now you can do that with our range of girls bedspreads. We have all the top brands in the Izzz store. Take a look at our high quality girls bedding and girls bed linen and outfit your little girl’s room with something comfortable and stylish. Our range of bedspreads for girls is the largest in the whole of Australia, so get stuck in!

Children are different. No longer can you just buy a standard product and expect all little girl’s to like it. Desires are diverse in the 21st century when it comes to girls bedspreads. We completely understand that. The staffs at Izzz are parents too and know exactly how difficult it can be to choose bedspreads for girls. In our store we have the major brands consisting of various different kid-friendly designs and sizes. You can find girls bed linen from all your favourite designers and brands. But what really makes our girls bedding stand out is the affordability factor.

Search through each girls bedspreads category and you will notice one thing. The prices have been slashed repeatedly. It’s not a special occasion or a special offer, those are our conventional girls bed linen prices. We believe getting the best night’s sleep possible is a right in the modern world. Just because you are not a millionaire with tonnes of disposable income shouldn’t mean you should suffer for it. Our aim is to make sure our bedspreads for girls are available to everybody. Now girls bedding can be bought at prices reflecting what the average person in the street can afford.

On top of that we have a number of special offers constantly running. Find out more about our 365-day money back guarantee and our free shipping opportunities by getting in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to talk to us through our live customer support service. With the largest range in the industry comes the biggest heart in the industry. Get the personalised touch by talking to our experts free of charge. You don’t have to be a regular customer and you don’t have to live in a certain area. We are open to all. If this sounds like the sort of retailer you want to shop with, look through our vast range of bedding today!

Whimsy Girls Bedspreads

Look no further than Whimsy girls bedspreads if a good night’s sleep and a stylish piece of bedding is on the cards. We pride ourselves on stocking this brand because we know it’s stylish, fashionable, yet at the same time it has substance and is guaranteed to last for years without fading or losing any of its qualities. Whimsy girls bedspreads sets are one of our favourite brands, which you can also expect to find at bargain prices. Take a look at why Whimsy bedspreads sets are the bedding sets for you.

What you can expect to get is a great night’s sleep from Whimsy girls bedspreads. It’s the ultimate goal and it fulfils it with incredible ease. Where it really comes into its own is with the kid-friendly designs which come with it. Professional designers with decades of experience have come together to create these beautiful Whimsy girls bedspreads sets. And it definitely shows!

We don’t make you pay through the nose for such a quality item, however. We do things differently by slashing the recommended retail prices repeatedly. It’s something which stands all year and doesn’t change with the seasons. It’s what separates us from the rest of the bedding industry and why you keep coming back for more. Consider buying Whimsy bedspreads sets in bulk and you can get free shipping; if you spend over $150. Don’t worry if you don’t feel fully satisfied with one of our sets, though, because we offer a 365-day money back guarantee. Nowhere else will you find such a good deal!

Shuteye Girls Bedspreads

Shuteye girls bedspreads are exactly what you need to make your little girl’s day. Give your child the gift of sleep with Shuteye girls bedspreads sets and watch them become gradually more refreshed and energetic as the nights go by. It’s not through age, it’s because Shuteye bedspread sets use the most opulent fabrics and take advantage of decades of crafting experience. Experienced designers and artisan craftspeople create these bedding sets and engineer them towards a good night’s sleep. It’s precisely why you can find them in the Izzz store.

After putting these Shuteye girls bedspreads through rigorous testing procedures, we are confident our customers are going to love them. They are one of the premier brands in the whole industry, and it shows as your feedback has been extremely positive. What you particularly like are the prices. These prices are simply awesome as they can’t be found anywhere else. It’s impossible to find lower prices anywhere else since we have pledged to reduce any price we see by a minimum of 3%. It means we can’t be beaten.

Combine these excellent bargain prices with our sharp and sumptuous customer support team and you have the perfect shopping experience. Shopping for Shuteye girls bedspreads sets with Izzz is nothing but a pleasure because you are supported by us at all times. You won’t find any problems here as you ask our team any questions you might have on your mind. Detailed and expert answers are guaranteed, and this is why you are going to love shopping for Shuteye bedspreads sets with us.