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Bianca Bedspreads

Bianca Bedspreads are well known in Australian market for their quality and style. Established in 1985, Bianca has developed its prestige in Australian market and now design, manufacture and distribute vast collection of bedspreads, Quilt cover sets ( also called doona covers), mattress protectors, memory foam pillows and much more.


Size of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are available in all standard sizes including single bedspreads, Double Bedspreads, Queen Bedspreads, King Bedspreads and matching Cushions and accessories. Various styles of bedspreads are served by Bianca including but not limited to fitted bedspreads, throw over bedspreads and coverlets. Stylish look and excellent quality make Bianca bedspreads, Bianca quilt covers and Bedding Linen essentials a must have for modern homes and hotels.


Bedroom Cushions


It is important to surround yourself with lots of patterns, colors and textures in order to help stimulate their motor skills. Cushions online are a good way of bringing a sense of fun to bedroom. Cushions can also be decorative, by adopting a theme already in the bedroom such as flowers or diamonds. Cushions are often very imaginatively manufactured in a variety of shapes and fabrics. Here at Izzz, we see the importance of providing cushions that match our bedding sets, to create a theme that you will feel comfortable with.


Some other uses of Cushions

Cushions online do not have to remain completely on the bed. Quite often cushions are used in carpet picnics with a cosy addition to a chair at homework time. Whatever way you use the cushions, they will bring a sense of comfort and style to your bedroom. It is important to use cushions that you were involved in choosing as you will get benefit the most from them. It is a good idea to start by creating a bedroom theme around a hobby or interest that you enjoy. Then choosing a relevant bedding set that will encompass that interest. And finally add some accessories such as cushions, rugs, lamps or perhaps a wall canvas. You will enjoy snuggling up to cushions at bedtime and it will make the bedroom look nice too.

Cotton House Kids Girls Bedspreads


Parents are always asking where they can find the best brands at the lowest prices. Well, look no further than Izzz because we are selling Cotton House girls bedspreads at the lowest prices anywhere. In fact, we know we have the lowest prices so we are showing how proud we are of our commitment to value by offering the chance for customers to get 3% off their next order. If you can find Cotton House girls bedspreads sets at a lower price than in our store we will match the lower price and take 3% off. A double whammy of savings!


The reason Cotton House girls bedspreads are so low in our store is because we believe quality shouldn’t have to come at a price. Cotton House Kids is a premier brand normally only found in high end bedding stores. Izzz is changing the way it works by making sure we can offer the largest range of high end brands in Australia. What you can expect with Cotton House girls bedspreads sets is the rare opportunity to snuggle to sleep with sumptuous fabrics and comfortable materials. Kid-friendly designs are combined with these materials to complete the ultimate sleeping experience.


Understandably, you might be desperately trying to choose between a few bedding sets, but we can help you out with that. Costing absolutely nothing, our live customer chat service is open to customers who want help with a recommendation. Izzz is so popular because of this high level of customer service. If this is the shopping experience you want look no further than the Izzz store!

Kids Bedding


Little girls often enjoy indulging in dressing up and trying on their Mothers high heels to make them feel grown up. If your daughter is going through this phase then why not look at some of the contemporary designs we stock here at Izzz, all available within our Kids Bedding sets for boys/girls. For example, our KAS Kids Bedding sets, would be a wonderful choice for any little kid with ambition. These beautifully designed Kids bedding sets feature an array of trendy illustrated items in a variety of scenes set among a colorful backgrounds. Furthermore, these Kids bedding sets are manufactured in 100% pure fabric. This fabric offers the quality and comfort together at very economical price.

KAS Kids


We at Izzz understand how parenting can be an expensive time so strive to offer reductions where possible on our Kids bedding sets. Currently we are offering very eye catching designs off on our Kids Bedding sets with many more reductions across our other ranges of Kids Quilt Covers. By choosing Izzz for your kids bedding sets, we will strive to bring you high quality products but at affordable prices.

Kids bedding


Kids Quilt Covers


It seems to be that the most common size of bed that a parent will choose for their Kid is often a single size bed. It allows you to use a smaller room for your child and there is often more stock available when it comes to buying Kids bedding sets to furnish their room. Having said that, here at Izzz we pride ourselves on keeping our stock levels of Kids bedding sets to the maximum in order to not disappoint our customers. We have a fantastic range of Kids bedding themes available for when it comes to stocking up on bedding for your Kid’s bedroom. We can help you avoid the stress of shopping with our wealth of wonderful Kids bedding designs on our website.

Kids Bedding

Our Kids bedding sets cover a wide range of Kids Quilt Covers themes to help you with your decor plans. From girls single bedding featuring ballerinas, butterflies and flowers, we have some stunning girls single bedding sets to help create the desired ambiance for your child’s bedroom. Along with our Kids Quilt Covers we have some amazing accessories that are tailor made to match our kids bedding sets. For example, our major kids bedding sets which feature the infamous theme of famous themes and bright color scheme, come with the option of buying the matching cushions, rug and even towel and flannel set to carry out through your desired Kids Quilt Covers themes.


Kids bedding

Girls Bedding Ideas


It is widely regarded that parents are more conscious about their Kids. The clothes they wear and the way their room is decorated than their. It is therefore essential that the Kids Bedding ideas that you explore are imaginative and suitable for their taste. We have a huge range of Kids Bedding themes here at Izzz that will satisfy your Kids sense of style. With Kids Bedding sets in vibrant pinks and purples or gentler pastel colors, there is bound to be a Kids bedding color scheme that will match the decor of their room.

Kids bedding

It is important that you involve your daughter when deciding on girls bedding themes for her bedroom, as she needs to feel comfortable with the girls bedding ideas that you may have in mind. We are confident that here at Izzz we can offer girls bedding sets that will cover a wide range of interests that your daughter may have. One of our bestselling girls bedding brand is KAS Kids with a wide range of Kids bedding and accessories.

KAS Kids

These beautifully designed Kids Quilt Covers themes showcase stunning illustrations of Kids Bedding outfits along with a uniquely designed dance studio. These intricate Kids Quilt Covers ideas also feature a strip of ruffled fabric to give these Kids bedding sets a touch of luxury. Furthermore, these Kids Quilt Covers are available in single and king single sizes and come with a range of matching accessories such as a set of wall canvas, rug, lampshade and matching cushions to complete the look of the room.


Kids Bedding Themes & Ideas


It can be a delightful experience to furnish your Kids’ bedroom especially when it comes to choosing bedding themes that will help to finish the look of the room. Here at Izzz, we have a wealth of Kids bedding ideas which are sure to please any beautiful boy or girl feel happy at bedtime. Our Kids bedding sets consist of vibrant colors and patterns to brighten up any bedroom, with Kids bedding designs that aim to capture a child’s imagination.

Kids bedding

At Izzz, we pride ourselves on providing Kids bedding sets that will enhance any Kids bedroom by allowing our Kids bedding themes to create a focal point to the room. For instance, if your kid is a fan of nature and is particularly fond of butterflies, then our Kids Quilt Covers is sure to please her. As one of our new brands, Kids Quilt Covers include a range of beautiful and contemporary Kids bedding ideas to our customers. These Kids Quilt Covers are in a stunning color scheme with eye-catching pink and green butterflies with black edging,which are spread across the front of the quilt cover and pillowcases.

Kids Quilt covers

Many little Kids want to be transported into fairy-tale surroundings when they enter their room. By choosing one of our girls bedding themes, featuring fairy-tale girls bedding ideas, you can help make their dreams come true. With the right girls bedding sets you can create a special place for your daughter to feel secure and special to ensure a good night’s sleep.


Kids Bedding


When purchasing Kids bedding quite often our customers expect featured and newly launched theme of kids bedding. Kids Bedding themes are extremely popular here at Izzz, so we aim to please our customers by providing featured designs that match the corresponding bedding sets of their choice. We have some fantastic Kids Bedding Sets that should encourage any little kid to hop into bed with.

Kids bedding

One of our most popular kids bedding designs is KAS Kids. This beautiful bedding range features a scattering of brightly colored patterns against a bright background edged. Upon the girls single size bed sheet sets the design is carried through with a pattern of smaller colorful butterflies against a white background. These girls single bed sheets also match the pillowcase to extend the continuity of the girls single size bed sheet themes.

Kids bedding

All Kids Bedding sets contain a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a standard sized pillowcase all in the same matching design. Here at Izzz, we are keen to keep our prices down to help our customers afford our Kids Quilt Covers. For instance, we are selling kids bedding at the cheapest prices in Australia. And if you find any of our girls single bed sheets cheaper elsewhere, we guarantee to price match the product with a further 3% discount.


Kids Quilt covers


To create a bedroom fit for your little kid, you could start by giving him Kids Quilt covers. The queen size is slightly wider than a double sized bed so allows your child plenty of room to stretch out at night. To accompany this we have a fantastic range of Kids Quilt Covers at Izzz that come in a variety of fantastic colors and designs. A larger bed is definitely a worthwhile investment for your growing child and with our versatile designs of Kids quilt covers, you child won’t feel that they are too old for the style over time. Many of our Kids quilt cover sets suit a wide range of age groups to allow some longevity from your purchase.

Kids quilt covers

A good example of this is KAS Kids the worlds well known and popular brand with some excellent designs of Kids bedding. These beautifully designed Kids Quilt Covers are in a striking colour scheme featuring roses and stripes across the bedding. The quilt cover and bed sheet sets are manufactured in polycotton fabric. This unique blend of polyester and cotton materials is a big advantage for Kids Quilt Covers as the cotton provides softness and quality, with polyester providing durability in the fabric so remains unspoilt after washing with no need to iron it. It is with these additional features with offer here at Izzz that ensure our Quilt cover sets for kids are a prudent purchase


Christmas Sale on Whimsy



Christmas isn’t that far off now, and we assume almost every one of you has already started shopping for the presents and gifts for the big day. No? Well when are you going to, then? There’s hardly a month to go now and stores will be crammed with other shoppers when you do decide to finally begin shopping. Well, don’t panic just yet. There’s still hope. There’s still Izzz!


Before we sound any tawdrier, let’s just get on to what all this is about. Like any other year, Izzz has rolled out its sought-after Christmas sales: but what makes this so particularly different from what everyone else is offering is the amazing sales the products are put at. Izzz goes a step further from everyone else and offers top quality products, such as that from Whimsy, at remarkably low and discounted prices. Whimsy is quite a popular brand among the masses and almost everyone appreciates their extensive kids bedding range.


Their unique and appealing colours and patterns have proven to be a big hit among many buyers and some of their renowned collection is put up at Izzz for our exclusive Christmas sale. Whimsy Bedding also has many other Bed Linen items in stock, such as Quilt covers, Bedspreads and many more – all of which will look fabulous in any bedroom, whether your kids, or your own. It seems unreal to almost everyone who comes across the Christmas Sales at Izzz and finds genuine and top quality products from the best brands in the business, at such discounted prices. This, along with the uniqueness of the stock at the site, proves to be a major want by buyers.


So, now that you know the sheer goodness of the amazing Izzz Christmas Sales why not go on and try some of these products for you? Any one of them, could feature as splendid Christmas presents for your family or friends, because let’s face it; no one dislikes a top notch product given to them as a present – especially if it’s Christmas Eve. So hurry on now and get your shopping gears in motion. The exclusive Christmas Sale can be found at the Izzz site under the tab “Christmas Sales”. But before you go, do note that all items and products from the
Whimsy Bed Linen category included in the sale are limited in stock, so you’ll have to up the ante if you don’t want to miss them out!

Till the next time, Happy Izzz Shopping!