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Childrens Wall Canvas


When decorating a child’s bedroom it is important to include a large array of colors, patterns and textures to create a stimulating environment for them. It is equally essential to bring a theme that will give a calming effect for bedtime. A good way to cover all these requirements is by introducing children’s bedroom wall art as it can brighten up a drab wall space with a recognizable theme. For instance, children’s wall art can show a character or theme that your child enjoys so will bring them comfort to look at when they are in bed. Children’s bedroom wall canvas is the most popular way of displaying childrens wall art as it doesn’t involve heavy frames or the risk of glass hanging from the wall. Furthermore, by using childrens wall canvas you can bring an artistic theme to the art by actually seeing and being able to feel the brushstrokes on the children’s wall canvas.

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Economical prices of wall canvas art

At Izzz, we embrace the creativity of children’s bedrooms and provide some fantastic children’s bedroom wall art that matches the appropriate bedding, with a set of three different designs to make it more affordable. It can provide education as well, with children bedroom wall canvas showing three different dinosaur scenes on each children’s wall canvas, to help develop your child’s knowledge in prehistoric history.

Kids Wall Stickers


You can really let your imagination run wild when decorating your child’s bedroom. A fairly new trend for kids bedroom is the use of kids bedroom stickers. The art can vary from cartoon characters to kids wall art containing fun designs depicting their favorite hobby. The art is normally displayed on a material made from kids stickers which has a luxurious feel to it as it isn’t necessary to use a glass frame when displaying kids bedroom wall canvas but is suitable to hang in the format it is in.

Robot Wall Stickers 7 Pack by Happy Kids

Everything for your kids room

Here at Izzz we are very keen to promote creativity when it comes to designing your kids bedroom. We offer kids bedroom wall art kids toys, kids growth chart, kids place mats among many of our bedroom ranges, with all kids wall art matching the particular theme of the bedroom set.

Pearhead First Year Felt Belly Stickers

Some brilliant kids products

One of our popular bedroom ranges is the Construction Kids bedroom set which contains a three piece kids bedroom wall canvas. This bedroom set includes individual prints in bright colors illustrating a skyline, with each kids wall canvas showing a different construction vehicle. If your son is interested in diggers and tractors, this kids wall canvas will bring a lot of pleasure along with a lot of color to his room.

First Year Tie Stickers by Pearhead

Our customer service is always untouchable

Furthermore, this three piece kids bedroom wall art is currently on offer with a 21% discount. If you are planning to invest in a bedroom range, Izzz offers a quick delivery for any orders and promise a 365 days money back guarantee on all purchases.


Cotton House Kids Girls Bedspreads


Parents are always asking where they can find the best brands at the lowest prices. Well, look no further than Izzz because we are selling Cotton House girls bedspreads at the lowest prices anywhere. In fact, we know we have the lowest prices so we are showing how proud we are of our commitment to value by offering the chance for customers to get 3% off their next order. If you can find Cotton House girls bedspreads sets at a lower price than in our store we will match the lower price and take 3% off. A double whammy of savings!


The reason Cotton House girls bedspreads are so low in our store is because we believe quality shouldn’t have to come at a price. Cotton House Kids is a premier brand normally only found in high end bedding stores. Izzz is changing the way it works by making sure we can offer the largest range of high end brands in Australia. What you can expect with Cotton House girls bedspreads sets is the rare opportunity to snuggle to sleep with sumptuous fabrics and comfortable materials. Kid-friendly designs are combined with these materials to complete the ultimate sleeping experience.


Understandably, you might be desperately trying to choose between a few bedding sets, but we can help you out with that. Costing absolutely nothing, our live customer chat service is open to customers who want help with a recommendation. Izzz is so popular because of this high level of customer service. If this is the shopping experience you want look no further than the Izzz store!

Christmas Sale on Whimsy



Christmas isn’t that far off now, and we assume almost every one of you has already started shopping for the presents and gifts for the big day. No? Well when are you going to, then? There’s hardly a month to go now and stores will be crammed with other shoppers when you do decide to finally begin shopping. Well, don’t panic just yet. There’s still hope. There’s still Izzz!


Before we sound any tawdrier, let’s just get on to what all this is about. Like any other year, Izzz has rolled out its sought-after Christmas sales: but what makes this so particularly different from what everyone else is offering is the amazing sales the products are put at. Izzz goes a step further from everyone else and offers top quality products, such as that from Whimsy, at remarkably low and discounted prices. Whimsy is quite a popular brand among the masses and almost everyone appreciates their extensive kids bedding range.


Their unique and appealing colours and patterns have proven to be a big hit among many buyers and some of their renowned collection is put up at Izzz for our exclusive Christmas sale. Whimsy Bedding also has many other Bed Linen items in stock, such as Quilt covers, Bedspreads and many more – all of which will look fabulous in any bedroom, whether your kids, or your own. It seems unreal to almost everyone who comes across the Christmas Sales at Izzz and finds genuine and top quality products from the best brands in the business, at such discounted prices. This, along with the uniqueness of the stock at the site, proves to be a major want by buyers.


So, now that you know the sheer goodness of the amazing Izzz Christmas Sales why not go on and try some of these products for you? Any one of them, could feature as splendid Christmas presents for your family or friends, because let’s face it; no one dislikes a top notch product given to them as a present – especially if it’s Christmas Eve. So hurry on now and get your shopping gears in motion. The exclusive Christmas Sale can be found at the Izzz site under the tab “Christmas Sales”. But before you go, do note that all items and products from the
Whimsy Bed Linen category included in the sale are limited in stock, so you’ll have to up the ante if you don’t want to miss them out!

Till the next time, Happy Izzz Shopping!