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Quality bedspreads and your night’s comfort

Decorating your own bedrooms is one of the most exciting and amazing tasks ever. Especially the women love to decorate their bedrooms and gets pleasure by giving them an attractive look. One of the most important things which can add attractiveness to your room is the bedspreads. Your favorite color and designs definitely make your room look more attractive and spectacular. Being comfortable, the bedspreads add to the convenience and relieve to your life.


Izzz: Bedspread online Australia

If you have not yet purchased the bedspreads for your bedroom, you need to purchase it now. But the most important thing is that where to purchase them? When you start your search for choosing the best and reliable retailer to buy it, you end up with lots of options, from local retailers to online ones. You are recommended to choose the online retailer for the reason that it makes you available lots of advantages. So, pick up your phone and order your desired quilted bedspreads from Izzz. Being reliable retailer, izzz has managed to earn the trust of customers from all over the world.


Enjoy highest comfort level

When you choose izzz for buying bedspreads, you choose the bedspread that makes you available utmost comfort and relaxation. Each and every piece is designed in an appealing way to proffer you the highest comfort level and to give you good night’s sleep. If you need to look fresh and have a good day ahead, a good sleep plays a very vital role in this regard so bedspread by izzz proffers you a comfy and convenient night with amazing bedspreads and comforters collection.


Enjoy a vast collection of high-quality bedspreads

All the products at izzz are assured of high quality so the king size bedspreads Australia too. There is a large stock of it with varying designs and colors so you can choose the one that attracts you the most.


Enjoy the best fabric

One of the most important things to look for in bedspread is its fabric. You can buy them from izzz with trust as it proffers you 100% pure cotton fabric which proffers your body softness and relaxation. The fabric is suitable for every season as it is breathable thus proffers you a comfy night sleep.


Enjoy the ease of use

A huge collection of bedspreads online which is really easy to utilize as it contains zipper and are stretchy. The best thing about it is that these are washable in machines but will stretch a little after the first wash.

The Way How Your Dreams Come True

Life is all about having dreams in your eyes and then trying all the possible means to realize those dreams in a positive way. One of the most important dreams that one can have is to put all his efforts in order to fulfill the needs of his family to make them happy and comfortable. The happiness and peace that one can get from his home is unparalleled to any other happiness and peace being fetched by any other mean or method. When it comes to enjoy our rest time we instantly think about our Bed Linen which give us all the needed and desired warmth and comfort. They not only give us comfort but also serve as a great source of decoration and hence increase the all important appeal of our bed room.

Quilt cover sets


Quilt Covers Online at IZZZ

They are quite handy when it comes to shopping them so one needs to have all the information before going for the above mentioned purpose. In order to give a different as well as inspiring look to your bed room, you should invest some time in finding the appropriate range with a suitable color and design mix. They come in different sizes and designing so one needs to select with respect to his own need, choice and budget. Online shopping is the best way to realize your dreams because of the fact that this very method provides all the information and desired outlooks to have the best out of the lot. It is only through a careful and wise decision that one can give an outstanding look to his bed room by furnishing it with the best quality Quilt Covers.

quilts and doonas

Quilt and Doona

A good quality, Quilts and Doona prevent you from allergens and bacteria and you’ll never hurt your skin while in contact with them. To keep your Quilts and Donna safe and clean, cover them with a beautiful printed cover, that are easily available in the market. In this way, you’ll increase the life span of your bed comforters. At the end of the winter season, wash the covers by taking them off, and keep the Quilt and Doona under the sun for few hours. Cover your comforters again and pack them and place in the stores.

Where fascination meets viability…

Cushions are a luminous inspiration to pop out the home décor with soothe than ever before. There is nothing appealing like a cushion to turn your Bedding into the comfort zone and a welcoming heaven. They place in smoothness and appease to a peak degree, while their colors and designs put in suave vibes and reveal your fussy style. Cushions were a home necessity when the stool or chairs were rigid and scratchy but now they hold an enormous value in the generous room item and are presented in assorted sizes, designs, shapes etc that can be selected according to the demand of the user. Get hold of fresh cushions is such a prompt and sensible approach to revitalize any room that you can be altered every time you temp to experience novelty.



Cushions Online

Cushions Online purchasing is an immensely fun experience you would never had before. Thanks to the Online Shopping Store, who has advantageously modernized the manner of shopping now days. It has smoothed the progress of buyers to look through the miscellaneous shopping portals and pick the desired products from soothe of their homes or workplaces.



Types of cushions

They present smoothly accessible, infinite range of square cushions, Pattern Cushions, Striped Cushions, Floral Cushions or neck role cushions, oblong cushions or rectangle cushions, breakfast cushions and character cushions with diverse display of plain, pattern, floral, striped, woven, embodied, textured, ruffled, piped edged cushions that can be picked according to one’s exclusive selection.


Cushions are necessary item for Interior Designing

If you really want to make your room a dream room, invest heavily or hire some interior designer for making a lush room. The interior designing of your room must depict our personality. The color theme of walls, windows, wardrobe, curtains and carpets must be matched.



So take pleasure in spending holidays with your family out, and let the mouse click do wonders by bringing your bits and pieces to you wherever on earth you are, without the snag of pulling out time from your daily routine or vacations to shop your stuff in person.

Stylish Comfort Zone Construction…

A cushion is a mushy bag or pad ballooned with a mass of supple material, such as fur, hairs, polyester, feathers, thermocol balls or staple yarn used for relaxing as a headrest, back support, for sitting down, stretching out, kneel down or to hold down the hardness or angularity to seat onto a chair, stool or couch. Cushions can exert marvels while relaxing. They insert softness and soothe to the highest degree, whereas their colors and designs put in sophisticated ambiance and reflect your fastidious style. Acquiring fresh cushions online such a speedy, reasonable approach to rejuvenate a room that you can do each time you feel like a transform.


Do you have a fervent wish to put in some fascination to your home décor?

All you need is to rush for premium quality Kas Cushions and fetch a few appealing and brightly colored cushions right away. These cushions have demonstrated to be superb home decor article with their astonishingly spectacular designs. They offer comprehensive contemporary range of floor; round, square, oblong or rectangle, breakfast, European pillows, character and shaped cushions with diverse exhibits of plain, floral, pattern, striped, textured, embodied, ruffled, piped bordered that can be selected according to one’s own unique pick. These cushions can assist to modify the home decor by brightening and cheering it up at a very sensible degree.


Branded Cushions

If you are ardent to glorify your home decor with these spectacularly designed cushions and can’t pull out time to get your hands on them by shopping in person, due to your frenzied routine, you can avail the feasibility of Online shopping at anytime, or anywhere. It will take your shopped stuff to your door with a single click, so that Kas can boast its cushions supremacy by perking up your home decor with reassurance. Izzz stocks a lots of top quality brand cushions for your home such as KAS Cushions, Bambury Cushions, Bianca Cushions, Jason Cushions and Wam Decor Cushions so browse through the website now and pick the one that catches your eye!


Return Policy

Before taking a final decision, look for detailed and clear photos when browsing and searching online cushion retailers. The color or pattern will become the theme of your room so use these images very carefully. The most important thing when you are buying online cushion is to check and understand the return policy of selling the company. It might be possible that you don’t like the design or color or fabric of the cushion, so you can easily exchange with no worry. Look for various competitors and their prices for the cushion of the same quality. Take a rational decision.

Softest dreamy destination…

A Cushions is a squashy sack stuffed with fleece, hairs, feathers, polyester, thermocol balls or staple yarn used for resting, stretching out, kneels down or to tone down the stiffness or angularity to seat on a chair or couch. It stays rigid and so is supreme as a seat or a back relaxing tool. They make the lengthy hours of sitting a great relieve and can also be simply reserved for a pillow or chair. Cushions were a must when the stools or chairs were stiff and uncomfortable but now they hold a vital significance in the lavish room items. Now they are offered in diverse sizes and can be selected according to the entail of the users.



Types of Cushions

When you visit any bedding store or browse through Online Shopping store for picking the right Cushion for your drawing room, TV lounge, kid’s room or your own bedroom you will come to know the miscellany presented and you will temp to take them all with you. There is an endless variety of them accessible, but utterly they would be categorized as floor cushion, Pattern Cushions, Striped Cushions, Floral Cushions or Plain Cushions, breakfast cushion, bolster cushion or neck role, European pillows, character cushion and shaped cushion etc. All of them hold distinguished standard dimensions.


Cushion Covers

Taking care of cushions is very important once you buy it. Make it free from dust and dirt, clean the Cushion Covers with a clean cloth on a daily basis, so that apparent dirt can easily be removed. For a detailed cleaning, wash the cushion covers after 2 or 3 weeks and keep the cushion under the sun for an hour or so, so that heat rays kill the germs and other dust particles. Cushions and pillows have the same function and purpose, so both of them need special care and time to keep them away from dust, and make it comfortable for your personal use.


Picking The Appealing Cushion Covers

Although, you don’t always need to buy them each time you want to go for new bed linen articles, since the Cushions protectors or Cushion Covers can encase them with a spanking new look. They are geared up of fancy cover materials that are put together in decorative style.
Picking the appealing cushion covers snuff out a unique choice stamp of the selector, since they help to cheer up the décor of the home at a very realistic amount. If you keen to give your home décor a gratifying look then Cushions can be a superlative ingredient to make this dream come true.

Ultimate bliss…my bedroom

Are you thinking of buying Quilt cover set in this chilly winter? Collect information related to design, sizes, patterns from markets and online shopping centers. The most important thing which you have to decide is the fabric of quilt cover that keeps you warm and cozy in the winter season.

quilt cover sets

Superior Quilt Covers

Bedroom gives the impression of the most attractive site when you come home weary after a laborious day out at your workplace. How would you like to see your bedroom at that instance? Definitely, each one of us would like to see it at its best of superiority, manners and comfort. It might wash away your exhaustion and revitalize your energy level while you gaze through the splendor of your quilt covers.

quilt cover sets

What if others admire you for your supreme selection of bed linen?

Definitely it would be relish experience. How about selecting the finest Bed Linen for your bedroom by keeping style and comfort as a main concern?

quilt cover sets












Use Quilt Covers to Boost the Glance of Bedrooms

All you need is to rush for the attention grabbing Quilt Covers also known as duvet cover sets or doona cover sets. They can assertively boost the glance of one’s bedroom furnishing to a vast degree. Duvet cover sets has the talent to alter the look of your bedroom since they entirely swathe up the doona and boaster the bedroom in their own exclusive approach.

quilt cover sets

Vast Variety of Quilt Covers

Picking the best Quilt Covers can be tricky as the bogus selection of colors or designs can also make it appear of the bedroom monotonous and boring. While shopping for one, you may explore the vast variety of bedding items that can makes one bewilder of what should be chosen and what can be absconded. However, one must focus on its primates. Since there is an unbounded array of duvet cover sets offered according to sizes, types, designs, colors and brands. First thing to consider must be the size of your doona cover. Second imperative thing is the thread count of the fabric which characterizes the quality and comfort a doona cover holds. Moreover, style statement is the third thing to be regarded, it implies, either you want to make your bedroom look traditional, modern, simple or lavish.

Your room’s best compliment…

Revamping your bedroom can be very energizing and gratifying for someone who loves to show his room at its best. If you are one of them who crave to reflect its style by the means of his bedroom’s stunning looks, you better go for the most appealing bedding ideas. People are vastly tending to adorn their bedrooms with the attractive Quilt cover sets to make them look relaxing and refreshing.

quilt cover sets


Finest Quilt Covers

Quilt covers also known as doona or duvet covers are the most observable item in the bedroom as it covers the bed entirely; therefore they make it look cool or boring up to the occupant’s choice. Hence duvet covers are the finest potential options for your bedroom to illustrate your choice in your own distinctive manner; either you want to make it look traditional, modern, simple or luxurious.

quilt covers

Fabric of Quilt Covers

There are different kinds of fabric that are available in the market. Let’s have a look at them with their advantages.

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Poly cotton
  • Flannel


quilt cover sets

Size of Doona Covers

Doona Cover stands for a bag that dresses in the doona inside and acts as fluid, dirt or stain defensive shield. Since duvets cannot be sanitized or washed usually, duvet covers can be changed cleaned and washed easily by removing them anytime. They can be eternally categorized on the basis of their fabrication, sizes, colors, designs etc. Doona covers come in five standard sizes i.e., king, queen, king single, single and double.

quilt covers

If you are in hunt of a finest duvet cover, make a tour of your favorite bedding store or log on to online shopping website and get your hands on your desired bedding ideas and reflect your choice for your dream room.

Prestige means Doona covers

Making your bedroom look organized, relaxing and fascinating is one of the superlative initiatives to show your care for your bedroom in your own unique way. Doona Covers refer to a bag that wraps in the doona and act as resisting shield against fluids, blots and dirt. They are handy because doonas generally cannot be cleaned or washed. Conversely, Doona Covers also known as quilt or duvet covers can be washed which keeps the doona new and dirt free. An additional boon of them is that they can be changed according to one’s choice and occasions. Therefore, they are undoubtedly the most vital ingredient to add not only novelty into the bedroom interior, but to deliver the occupant with comfort and desired tenderness.











Bedroom Doona Covers

Bedroom is the most visited location in the home, so it must look gorgeous and restful since adorned bedroom can deliver relaxation and satisfaction to the residents. When picking the bedding mode for your bedroom, you want something that is going to reflect your bedroom in the way you want, therefore all Duvet covers come with massive varieties of colors, sizes and fabrics etc to make a selection out of them.

bed sheet sets


Classifications of Quilt Covers

There can be many other factors that one may keep in mind while purchasing the right quilt covers for its Bedding such as design, fabric, color, thread counts, comfort, and easy care features. Quilt Covers can be classified into endless categories, for example the types according to their sizes can be categorized into five standard sizes like king, queen, king single, single and double. As far as the color, design or size matter, quality considerable. Thread counts are what determines the quality of the Doona cover. More the thread counts, more the quality would be. Therefore one must be attentive of the quality of the Doona cover he’s purchasing by asking for the thread counts before.

sheet sets


The bedding material must be of good quality. 100% pure cotton is mostly used by the people in the winter and summer season. During winters, cotton makes you feel warm and helps in breathing. Quilts and doonas must be covered with their covers to make them safe and protected. Pillow covers must be changed on a regular basis, as your head contains several bacteria that will daily transfer to your pillow covers. Replace the dirty pillow covers with new ones to keep yourself away from the bacterial germs. Same is the case with cushions and their covers. Cushions are meant for giving back relief, so they must be of soft and fluffy texture. Don’t use hard cushions for the backbone patients, as they cause more harm and danger.

Valentine gift options? Quilt cover set, bed sheets, cushions

Any thoughts for buying your loved one their Valentine’s present for this year? If you’re still confused and looking for ideas, new bed linen could be a perfect pick. What could be a better gift for your beloved if they’re longing to find a comfortable yet contemporary bed linen? Did you ever think of quilt cover sets as a gift?

bed linen

Why Quilt Cover Set is the best gift

Perhaps their existing bed linen is fairly used, despite the fact that it is often not realized, the style of the mattress which they currently have may not be very comfortable or supportive of their body. This definitely shows how much you love and care for them. It’s a gift for both the genders and they will be very glad to see how you spared some time to find a bed linen of their choice. There are different types of bed linen fabrics available in the market. A good quality 100% cotton quilt cover set with a thread count of at least 200 or above may be a very good choice as it is very comfortable and harmless. But if you want to have more aesthetically pleasing looks, go for a silk doona cover set or linens as they still look contemporary even when wrinkled.

bed linen

Bed Sheets, cushions, and pillowcases are the other options

Our bed sheets have a wide range of variety in color, size, texture and designs. Our designers have created the best and top rated designs, that are unique and updated with the latest fashion. Along with the doona cover set, you may like to buy some matching Egyptian cotton bed sheets as well so that your loved one will not have to face the trouble of getting those Bed Sheets afterward. Some mixed patterned cushions and pillowcases in differing contrasting colors but same base tone will complete the sanctuary look. Check out our bed linen collection now and grab the one that reflects your love the most. And we know, your loved one will like this gift as much as they like you.

bed linen

Bianca Bedspreads

Bianca Bedspreads are well known in Australian market for their quality and style. Established in 1985, Bianca has developed its prestige in Australian market and now design, manufacture and distribute vast collection of bedspreads, Quilt cover sets ( also called doona covers), mattress protectors, memory foam pillows and much more.


Size of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are available in all standard sizes including single bedspreads, Double Bedspreads, Queen Bedspreads, King Bedspreads and matching Cushions and accessories. Various styles of bedspreads are served by Bianca including but not limited to fitted bedspreads, throw over bedspreads and coverlets. Stylish look and excellent quality make Bianca bedspreads, Bianca quilt covers and Bedding Linen essentials a must have for modern homes and hotels.