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Boys Bedding Sets


When choosing furnishings for your son’s bedroom there are many ways in which you can create the style of the room, particularly with the color scheme you opt for. A boys bedding theme is a popular color choice for older boys, so when purchased for a younger boy will have the added bonus of growing with your child. You may picture  bedding for boys as many colors, however, if you choose boys bedding with a good design on the doona cover, this can avoid the expected darkness brought on by boys bedding.

Cactus Cowboys Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

One of the best kids bedding brand

A popular choice of  bedding for boys that we stock at Izzz, is the  Kids bedding by happy kids. Moreover we are also offering girls bedding but our main focus is on boys bedding.

Fairy Rings Quilt Cover Set by Happy Kids

Features of Boys Bedding

This boys  bedding is very appealing as it features a stunning life like print and rider in an action shot, which is printed on the front of the doona cover and pillowcases. These  boys bedding sets are also on offer discounts. And are available for queen size beds if your son has a larger bedroom.

Jungle Story Quilt Cover Set by Kas Kids

Boys bedding and matching accessories

This boys bedding theme really provides an action packed feel to it and would be a great starting point to decorate a room around as the  lettering and rider’s outfit are in a vivid green, so would be a good color scheme to match against. And why not team your boys bedding theme with accessories such as matching cushions and rugs that available with a majority of our boys bedding sets.


Whimsy Girls Bed Sheets

Whimsy girls bedsheets are exactly what you need to give your children the best night’s sleep possible. We are parents too and we know exactly what it’s like to deal with tired children. A proper night’s sleep is vital to their development, but with Whimsy girls bedsheets sets a good night’s sleep will never be a problem again. Take a look at our range of Whimsy bedsheets sets and find out exactly why Izzz is now the largest stockist of bedding in Australia. We have the best prices, the best products, and the largest range. What could be better?

Whimsy girls bedsheets are known for their quality. The materials and the fabrics used in the composition of these Whimsy girls bedsheets sets are geared towards sleeping. Irritation of the skin and underlying allergies are left in the past because they are soft and sumptuous. As you can see, they utilise kid-friendly designs so your little girl will want to get into bed at night and drift off to the land of dreams.

And you can get these Whimsy bedsheets sets at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Just because they are amongst the highest quality brands in the industry doesn’t mean the prices should match that. Through our wide variety of special offers, including a 365-day money back guarantee on all products, you can get prices you would have never even dreamed of. Talk to us about them through our free live chat service and see exactly why we are right for you.