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There has definitely been an increase in demand for larger sized Bedding for children, with parents investing in king single and queen size beds. Thankfully, companies such as the home-grown talents of Australian company whimsy is creating a wealth of sizes to suit the needs of their customers. Here at IZZZ, we are pleased to offer a variety of designs from this superb brand, with the whimsy bedding proving a popular choice with our customers. It is clear to see that the whimsy kids bedding and doona cover designs have been created with adventure in mind. Particularly with surfer style designs such as the Malibu Blue and White whimsy boys bed sheet and doona cover sets.

Floret Pink Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Whimsy Kids Doona Covers

The whimsy bed linen and doona cover set displays a blue swirling circle design reminiscent of waves, against a white background. The white color scheme is carried through to the whimsy bedding. A major advantage of purchasing the white whimsy kids bedding is that they can easily co-ordinate with existing bedding sets due to their neutral color.

Barwon Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Whimsy Australia

Whimsy is proud of their Australian customer base receiving good feedback from their customers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. And it is easy to see why with the stunning designs within the whimsy boys bed sheet sets and doona covers. Other designs such as the flying kids bedding by whimsy have massive appeal to younger boys with its original nautical theme featuring lighthouses, boats and anchors created in an embroidery and applique detail. The whimsy boys bed sheet sets that accompany this bedding set are also in a classic white color scheme which helps the doona cover stand out perfectly.

Retro Kids Bedding by Whimsy


High Thread Count Bed Sheets

Whimsy boys bed sheet and doona cover sets are not just about fun and well-designed creations, they are also expertly manufactured in high quality material. For instance, you can guarantee a high thread count of 200-300, with the entire whimsy boys bed sheet sets. A thread count represents how many threads there are per square inch of the fabric, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious and hard wearing the material is. With whimsy boys bed sheet sets using a high thread count and still offering their whimsy boys bed sheet and doona cover bedding sets at affordable prices, you know you are investing your money with a company that has the customers best interests at heart.


Budget can play an important part in raising children, as there is so much expense involved. A good way to save money is by investing in longer lasting products that won’t deteriorate over time and will also keep their style. The designs within the whimsy are styled to last a generation. whimsy bed Linen and doona covers have become a household name in Australia, due to their unique and lovingly created designs.

Wise Elephant Shaped Cushion by Whimsy


Butterfly Whimsy Bedding

Unlike other bedding companies, whimsy bedding are designed with a great deal of flair and attention which is normally reserved for the doona covers alone and bedspreads. For instance, the fly butterfly Kids Bedding.

Stegosaurus Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Superb kids Bedding Accessories

The company set out an ambition to create original bedding designs such as the whimsy bed Linen, boys bed sheet and doona covers. However, this is just one part of their business, as you also have the option of buying their superb bedding accessories that will co-ordinate perfectly with the whimsy brand.

Wise Elephant Quilt Cover Set by Whimsy


Whimsy Kids Bed Linen

The whimsy bed Linen are available in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of beds. As well as stocking single size whimsy bedding, we also provide the whimsy bed linen sheet in a king single size option. The king single is in a slightly longer length than a single so is great for an older boy or will be suitable as your child grows. With the knowledge that you can buy the whimsy bed Linen boys bed sheet sets in a king single size from us at Izzz, will save you a lot of time searching around to find it elsewhere. However, if you do find the whimsy bedding boys bed sheet or any other whimsy bed Linen products cheaper elsewhere, here at Izzz we offer a price match guarantee.