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Kids Night Lights


Achieving the right amount of light in a child’s bedroom can make all the difference at their bedtime. A child being afraid of the dark is a common fear experienced by many and by having a kids lamp situated beside the child’s bed can bring comfort to them. Kids Night Lights are designed to be child friendly and operational by small hands. By matching a theme from the kids bedding set onto the kids shades will enhance the effect.

Fin The Sheep Reading Light Pink by ZAZU

Some popular brands

Kids bedroom shades come in all manner of patterns and colors designed to soothe your child and provide a patterned effect on their wall from the light of the kids night lights.moreover  we are also providing kids night lights by ZAZU that is much popular brand.

Blue Brown Pixie Night Light by BEABA

Something best for the kids bedroom in colors and shades

At Izzz we understand the importance of key bedroom features such as kids bedroom lights and we have a wide range of kids lamp designs that match our bedding sets. For example, our popular Skip Hop bedding set has matching kids bedroom shades which have the same pattern printed on the kids shades that is also on the pillowcase, sheet and reverse side of the quilt cover. This particular kids night lights is currently on special offer with discounted rates.

Butterfly Zoo Take Along Nightlight by Skip Hop

Redecorate the room your sweet bub

By running the same design throughout your child’s bedroom from the quilt cover to the rug and on the kids lamp can help your child feel settled, but also ready for when your child has friends over. With the use of a kids night lights, you can transform the room into a subtly lit area which will be inviting to whoever visits.