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Cosy Winter Essentials

Your living room is definitely one of the most important spaces in your home where the whole family can get together and a place to be with all your guests too. So it must be very stylish yet defining your taste. Creating a convivial ambiance and getting the most of your living space is very easy and quick with the right Cushion online in soothing colors and prints that speak volumes. What makes it more beautiful is probably the furniture, a bunch of Cushions and the complementing wall art. Cushion covers are one of those exceptionally resourceful things that can do any magic. Just work with your color scheme for cushion covers and a perfect natural illumination with subtle curtains to make a very fresh atmosphere. Whether you’re in love with mono-chrome cushion covers, or minimalist towards a vintage look or bold hues, cushions are the quickest way to achieve an ideal make over.


Cushions are used for Furniture Decoration

Personalize your Furniture with textured and fluffy cushions in soft green and lime toned cushion covers to get a fresh botanical look. Nature shades always give a clean, calm and relaxed feeling. Retreat your home with leaf prints and striped patterns which will underpin the room’s theme by complimenting or contrasting to inject the perfect final touch. For an elegant finish, purple and indigo floral cushion covers will look great on a leather couch. So don’t wait further and visit us at Izzz. One of the best home interior site in Australia.



Fluffy and Warm Bedding

Winter is here on your doorstep. Have you prepared yourself for this winter season? If not, then get up and make a list to buy some cozy, fluffy and warm Bedding stuff for you. Winter evenings and nights are most special and they are passed with warm blankets and quilts in your bed. So, before purchasing these winter stuff, you must have an idea, what you are going to buy for yourself that makes you comfortable.


Floral Cushions

Floral, heart print and textual cushion covers work well lined-up in a neutral room and can alter a dull and quite hallway to a welcoming entrance. Floral cushion covers also look magnificent with rugs or placed on oak wooden floors. No matter what your style, a living room only looks complete with wonderful cushions to make your hours more colorful and comfier. So place some scented candles with lights turned down, jump into your cosy sofa with lots of pops, and enjoy your favorite movie!

Oh well – a cup of coffer can make it DIVINE.

Reveal your dream room style with expediency

Beautifying your home can be very invigorating and pleasing for someone who tempts to reflect its home organized, soothing and modish. Quilt Covers not just present sought tenderness and relaxation but they are also an ideal picking for escalating the appeal of your bedroom.

quilt cover sets

Comfortable Bedrooms

Bedroom is one of the welcoming places where we can feel relaxed and spend majority of our time after spending an exhausting day out. Seeing one’s bedroom fascinating and soothing can be really satisfying. Bedding is unquestionably one of the most excellent preferences to reveal the unique manifestation of your pick of your bedroom décor.

quilt cover sets

Good Quality and Attractive Color

The Quilt Covers stuff must be of good quality and attractive colors, as most of the dream rooms are full of colors and life. Try to avoid dull colors, as they give you a feeling of sadness. Cushions, Bed Sheets, Quilt cover sets and rugs must be matched in order to give a perfect color combination.

quilt cover sets

Comfortable Cotton Quilt Covers

If you are looking easy to wash and maintain type of quilt cover set then there is nothing better than cotton. Cotton quilt covers are not only soft but they also last long and trap heat better that is why they are the most widely used fabrics. Cotton quilt covers are organic and eco-friendly and completely fit into the green concept of bedding. For extra warmth, cotton, polyester or wool sheets are inserted and stitched to make them cozy. These quilt covers sets should always be of a top brand of market.

Christmas Sale on Whimsy



Christmas isn’t that far off now, and we assume almost every one of you has already started shopping for the presents and gifts for the big day. No? Well when are you going to, then? There’s hardly a month to go now and stores will be crammed with other shoppers when you do decide to finally begin shopping. Well, don’t panic just yet. There’s still hope. There’s still Izzz!


Before we sound any tawdrier, let’s just get on to what all this is about. Like any other year, Izzz has rolled out its sought-after Christmas sales: but what makes this so particularly different from what everyone else is offering is the amazing sales the products are put at. Izzz goes a step further from everyone else and offers top quality products, such as that from Whimsy, at remarkably low and discounted prices. Whimsy is quite a popular brand among the masses and almost everyone appreciates their extensive kids bedding range.


Their unique and appealing colours and patterns have proven to be a big hit among many buyers and some of their renowned collection is put up at Izzz for our exclusive Christmas sale. Whimsy Bedding also has many other Bed Linen items in stock, such as Quilt covers, Bedspreads and many more – all of which will look fabulous in any bedroom, whether your kids, or your own. It seems unreal to almost everyone who comes across the Christmas Sales at Izzz and finds genuine and top quality products from the best brands in the business, at such discounted prices. This, along with the uniqueness of the stock at the site, proves to be a major want by buyers.


So, now that you know the sheer goodness of the amazing Izzz Christmas Sales why not go on and try some of these products for you? Any one of them, could feature as splendid Christmas presents for your family or friends, because let’s face it; no one dislikes a top notch product given to them as a present – especially if it’s Christmas Eve. So hurry on now and get your shopping gears in motion. The exclusive Christmas Sale can be found at the Izzz site under the tab “Christmas Sales”. But before you go, do note that all items and products from the
Whimsy Bed Linen category included in the sale are limited in stock, so you’ll have to up the ante if you don’t want to miss them out!

Till the next time, Happy Izzz Shopping!


Christmas Sale on Cotton House Bedding

Bambury is one of the most prestigious brands dealing with Bedding Linen and accessories and a huge variety of their products are showcased on Izzz site. So what’s all the hype about? It’s the Izzz Christmas sales is what it is. Christmas will be at your doorstep sooner than you think and every day, you’re running out of time to shop for it. There are still loads of presents to buy and wrap just to make it in time for the massive festivity and what better place than Izzz to start your shopping? The Christmas sales on the Izzz site make it really hard for anyone to resist shopping at the grand store due to the major price-cuts and discounts Izzz is offering this Christmas on almost all its products.


Bambury online, like any other brand, is one of those brands whose products are proudly featured in the sale and are just too good to pass out on. Don’t believe us? Well take a look at it for yourself. Some of the best and finest woven Quilt Covers make it into the sales that will not only look great in any bedroom, but also be appreciated by anyone you give the product as Christmas presents to.


So a great holiday’s coming up, you have the perfect site to find all the presents you need, and you have some of the best brands in the business so quality-woes are taken care of once and for all. What’s more is that you won’t even have to think hard on breaking the bank to get one of these great products because the prices Izzz offers these genuine Bambury Products is a real bargain, and something you should not miss.


Now, what are you doing here still reading this? Go on and start your shopping at the Izzz site and get some great Bambury bedding products and treat your loved ones which something really unique and special. But before you leave, bear in mind that the Christmas sale on the Izzz site is limited, so are the sought-after Bambury Bed Linen and they might run out of stock if you aren’t quick enough. So get going and spread some Christmas cheer with top quality products exclusively from Izzz. And don’t forget to comment in the comments section below. Till the next time, Happy ‘Izzy’ Shopping!

Rominda Cream Quilt Cover Set by Manhattan

Do you prefer subtle and mature colors around your room and are just weary of the usual bright, flashy ones? Well, look no further. The KAS Quilt cover sets deliver exactly that! While not compromising on the exquisite elegance of the Quilt cover sets, the KAS Quilt cover Set features a touch of luxury to go with it.


The KAS Quilt covers are featured in a golden and gravel-grey colored theme that sparks the aforementioned luxurious look. The different patterns across the quilt cover seem to go quite well with the overall look and highlight the rich serenity of it. The quilt cover is definitely sophisticated and, because of the royal theme, can be classified in the luxurious category which many should consider if they’re really looking to add a feel of sobriety to their bedrooms. The quilt cover starts with a plain golden colored theme at the top and progresses to wide bands of brown with multiple embroidered patterns. Towards the end, a large portion consists of the grey colored pattern we talked about earlier and looks just as well as the golden one. The quilt cover is completely made of a blend of Faux Silk Fabric Front and Cotton which make the product easier to be machine washed.


The KAS doona covers come in all sizes, e.g King, Queen, single and double. All come with two pillowcases. The set also includes additional items which include a Breakfast Coshions, European pillowcases and cushions covers; all of which need to be bought separately. The Breakfast cushion cover presents a warm look with its golden and brown appearance with the beautiful patterns and embroidery. The Bow cushion cover is gravel-grey colored and features a neat looking bow in its center. The Rock Salt cushion cover is nothing short of mesmerizing. Its white colored base and flashy dangling “rocks” add a little playfulness to the overall serious theme of the KAS Cream Quilt Cover Set. And lastly, the Terrani cushion cover is chocolate-brown colored and because of the silky fabric, the cushion cover does in fact resemble a huge slab of dark chocolate. Now that too adds a ‘delicious’ look to the quilt cover set: and we believe, will be a hit accessory when buying the quilt covers.


Now, you’d expect a product of such fine quality as the KAS Cream Quilt Cover Set and of such remarkable designs and patterns would cost you a lot more than you would normally spend on a quilt cover: but you’re wrong. At Izzz.com.au, you can avail sales up to 40% off on the KAS Quilt Cover Set and its accessories, which is definitely a huge bargain! So why not take advantage of this and get yourself Quilt covers Australia today? And before you leave, why not leave a nice comment below in the comments section? We’d love to hear from you and to see you shopping with us. Till next time, cheers!


Mimosa Quilt Cover Set by Kas

I am very happy after having the Bedding Linen products from famous Kas new range. It is one of the beautiful and sophisticated things I ever have in my life. My queen quilt cover set, fully made of cotton, is truly love at first sight because of its appealing floral design and vibrant scheme of colors. This new range has given me the same level of quality, comfort, ease and happiness which you can expect from any product made by Kas.



KAS Australia is a complete new bedding range including almost all the items which your bedroom needs to become an ideal bedroom like quilt cover and Bed Sheets of different sizes, European pillowcase and cushions of various types and colors. When you talk about the fabrication and the stuff these cushions are made of, then you will find plain, pattern designs and floral themes cushions, hence giving an ease in selection and completing a beautiful picture of your bedroom. They are also available in different brilliant and gorgeous colors for example pink, citron, burnt orange and yellow to give a natural, charming and full of life look to the room.



Kas is the top name in bedding and is famous for the designs and quality of its products. And you will definitely find these core values of Kas in its whole new range. This is an ideal thing to give as gift to your love ones and celebrate precious and rare moments in life. After having this exclusive product you will surely feel a sense of happiness, satisfaction, superiority and pride. I must say that this is a product worth having in your home and it is guaranteed that it will enhance the beauty and shine of your home. The prices are also reasonable compared with the product, Kas is offering. Do not wait, go and grab your lovely Bedding Linen set by Kas now because this is not an opportunity to miss. You will absolutely have a premium value for your money after buying Mimosa bedding set as I have.