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Christmas Sale on Kas Bedding

IZZZ is all set for Christmas, but are you? If you aren’t, well, we’ve got some great news for you. It’s KAS, and their amazing sales at the IZZZ store! IZZZ brings a stunning range of Kas beddings for both Kids and adults, and at prices you’ll have to see to believe!


The renowned Australian Bedding Linen brand, Kas, has great products range showcased at IZZZ, the online store, at huge discounted prices, all before Christmas Eve to give you the best possible shopping experience. Since Christmas is just a few weeks away, IZZZ has decided to give special discounts on all bed linen product range in general and all KAS products in particular.


IZZZ Offering up to 65% off on KAS Bed Linen as Christmas sales. There are two main Kas categories: Kas beddings and Kas kids. Kas bedding covers all the major bed linen products which include KAS Quilt covers, KAS Cushions, Kas bed sheets, Kas Throws, Kas Towels, Kas bedspreads, Kas doona covers etc. All the ranges of KAS are presented in a subtle and mature tone of color and patterns. Have a look yourself, what is at what discount;






KAS Kids present a range of best Bed Linen products for kids in more vibrant and colorful tones suited to the bedrooms of your kids. A lot of Kas products are our personal favorites too and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed by the quality and fabric of the extensive products we have of KAS. You can find discounted and genuine Kas Kids products at IZZZ under the Christmas Sale banner.


Hoping to see you shopping with us.