Car Layer

Car Layer Tray Puzzle by Beleduc

Ideal for encouraging colour and shape recognition, sorting and classifying.Visually stimulating with its colourful house pieces this 5 Layer Car Layer Tray Puzzle offers a multitude of learning opportunities. Sort and classify the cars determined by the smallest first and place them individually in the sequence. Encourage children to discuss the various colours and shapes. Even create your own activity by placing the individual car pieces on a table and encourage the child to discuss where each piece is in relation to another (in front, beside or behind).

Product Features

  • Suitable for 5 years and up
  • Size:14cmx14cm
  • Image shows scene using both Role Play puzzles.
  • Great for holiday gifts, birthday gifts and other occasions
  • Easy to do, no instructions required
  • Made of Marketplace Role Play which would not be too difficult for his/her
  • 5 Pieces Car Layer Tray Puzzle
$ 49.00
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