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250 GSM White Cotton Quilt
Cloud Soft Quilt By Phase 2
Microfiber Quilt By Phase 2
Microfiber 600 Gsm Quilt
Silk Quilt 400Gsm By Ardor
Australian Cotton Quilt By Jason
600gsm Pure Wool Quilt By Phase 2
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Your Doona or Quilt is the highlight of your sanctuary. It's coziness is what makes you jump in bed every single night. The climatic conditions in your vicinity as well as your personal predisposition both must be thought through whilst purchasing doona online or in store in Australia. Just as an example, Melbourne has a relatively cooler winter as compared to Sydney. But Canberra’s winters are definitely much more chiller due to the snowfalls in the nearby Alps.

Doona, Quilt, Duvet, Comforter, Blanket .. The Difference
Doona is a term commonly used in Australia, which was trademarked by the Kimpton Feather company. The doona, Duvet or quilt is basically different names of the same product, a flat bag with a filling inside for insulation. The bag or quilt as we know it, is covered with a quilt covers to protect it and allow it to be easily maintenance. A blanket is a large piece of woven cloth which insulates the user with its thickness. It has no filling. A comforter is bag with a filling but it doesn't have a cover on top. Rather the original bag is decorative.

A luxury touch to the decoration of bedding
It is easier to keep your lover’s temperament calm. Quilts add sophistication in bedding that is incomparable. Quilts have the gorgeous appeals like pillows, bed sheets, and other bedding accessories. Decorating the room with quilts is a fun and practical game. These different types of doonas have aesthetic style for bedding and obviously give you a relaxing night. It is the best way to take a rest on a bed after a tiresome and hectic day. You can create a lavish and elegant bedroom sanctuary with plush quilt collections.


Top Australian Brands
Many of online brands are here to give you the best and highest quality quilts, but you need to get your favorite one. Izzz offers a wide range of Quilts and Doona being loved all our the world specially in Australia such as, Phase 2 Quilts, Jason Quilts, Bianca Quilts, and many more. These all brands offer some luxurious ranges of Doonas in order to promote and enhance the beauty of your bedding with a peaceful sleep.

Types and Qualities of Quilts and Doonas
From quality quilts, you will also get stress-free life with relaxation. Quilts can spread style and sophistication on bedding. All the collection is incorporated into your room decoration and comes in a different color palette. We also provide the collection on your satisfaction which is enjoyable for you such as Wool Quilts, Cotton Quilts, Hollow Fiber Quilts, Microfiber Quilts, 300 GSM, 500 GSM, 600 GSM Quilts, All Seasons Quilts, White Duck Feather Quilts and lot more. Quilts and doonas are actually traditional and versatile than blankets and also lighter weight. However, you should choose your favorite and most complimented design and quality Quilt for bedding.

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