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Elite Cutlery Set by Tablekraft
from $106.24
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  • Sophistication is the essence of this all time favourite.
  • Elite’s gradual transition from mirror head to satin finished monobloc handle is complimented by its hourglass curve and rounded base.
  • Elite’s extensive range is comfortable in any table setting.
Products Guide
Buffert Fork-8-pcs (Code: 74700-117)
Item No: 74700-117TK
Salad Servers-2-pcs (Code: 74700-10)
Item No: 74700-10TK
Tea Spoons-8-pcs (Code: 74700-102)
Item No: 74700-102TK
Cake Forks-8-pcs (Code: 74700-103)
Item No: 74700-103TK
Soda Spoons-8-pcs (Code: 74700-105)
Item No: 74700-105TK
Steak Knives-8-pcs (Code: 74700-118)
Item No: 74700-118TK
Cheese Pate Knives-2-pcs (Code: 74700-19)
Item No: 74700-19TK
Table Knife-12-pcs (Code:74772)
Item No: 74772TK
Table Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74760)
Item No: 74760TK
Dessert Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74752)
Item No: 74752TK
Dessert Knife-12-pcs (Code: 74771)
Item No: 74771TK
Soup Spoon-12-pcs (Code:74754)
Item No: 74754TK
Dessert Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74753)
Item No: 74753TK
Tea Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74755)
Item No: 74755TK
Buffet Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74767)
Item No: 74767TK
Cake Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74758)
Item No: 74758TK
Oyster Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74762)
Item No: 74762TK
Fruit Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74763)
Item No: 74763TK
Fruit Spoon-12-pcs (Code:74764)
Item No: 74764TK
Dessert Fork Small-12-pcs (Code: 74757)
Item No: 74757TK
Dessert Spoon Small-12-pcs (Code: 74756)
Item No: 74756TK
Soda Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74761)
Item No: 74761TK
Coffee Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74751)
Item No: 74751TK
Table Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74759)
Item No: 74759TK
Steak Knife-12-pcs (Code: 74773)
Item No: 74773TK
Cheese Knife-12-pcs (Code: 74775)
Item No: 74775TK
Butter Knife-12-pcs (Code: 74770)
Item No: 74770TK
Salad Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74743)
Item No: 74743TK
Salad Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74744)
Item No: 74744TK
Serving Fork-12-pcs (Code: 74747)
Item No: 74747TK
Serving Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74779)
Item No: 74779TK
Pastry Server-12-pcs (Code: 74774)
Item No: 74774TK
Pasta Server-12-pcs (Code: 74749)
Item No: 74749TK
Rice Serving Spoon-12-pcs (Code: 74748)
Item No: 74748TK

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