Frog Develop

Frog Develop 14 pieces Puzzle by George Luck

George Luck have created a fun Frog Develop wooden jigsaw puzzle for 3+ year olds, from the Special Friends range. Cleverly split over three layers, fit the snail, butterfly, bee, ladybirds and other insects back into place. George Luck have been designing and making their award winning wooden puzzles now for over thirty years. Their imaginative and innovative designs have enthralled both children and adults. They have won numerous good toy and design awards and been widely acclaimed for being both fun and educational. They are particularly famous for their multi layered puzzles and have puzzles for all ages including adults. Originally their team of craftsmen perfected the art of cutting puzzles using very fine blades to give greater detail to the shape of the pieces. These skills are now immortalised using the latest computerised cutting, staining and lacquering techniques. George Luck puzzles are beautiful and collectible items that families treasure from generation to generation.

Product Features:

  • George Luck Snail and Friends - wooden jigsaw puzzle for 3+ years
  • From the Special Friends range - triple layered with snail, butterfly, bee, ladybirds and other insects
  • Reveal the other insects in the layers beneath; six pieces
  • Colourful stained wood, finely cut shapes
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, shape recognition and observation
$ 49.00
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