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Gro Egg Digital Thermometer by Grobag

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Gro Egg Digital Thermometer by Grobag

The Gro Egg is the reliable name that is designed to tell you about the accuracy of room temperature more efficiently. It is recognized for its instant service in an extremely professional manner. It always gives preference to the clients and respects their requirements. They are committed to delivering excellent services. The Gro Egg online is the right choice for your baby’s comfort. These are unique in many ways because of introducing innovative functions at very low cost.

Gro Egg Digital Nursery Thermometer Features:

  • 1. It offers alerts about temperature with color change
  • 2. It depends on the room temperature
  • 3. It turns into blue if the room is too cold
  • 4. It turns into yellow if the room is too hot
  • 5. It offers comfortable glow and soft light at night
  • 6. It offers easy to read LED screen
  • 7. It offers fast reading thermometer
  • 8. You can use it for checking bath water temperature
  • 9. It will help you to keep the baby’s room temperature moderate

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Digital Thermometer (HC129)
Item No: HC129GB

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Brand Features:

This product is covered by Hape against manufacturing defects.
Please Contact us within 7 days for exchange and claims. For more details, click here. An extensive range of Gro Clock, Gro Egg and Baby Sleeping Bags is available at Izzz online store. Happy Shopping :)






Digital Thermometer (HC129)
Item No: HC129GB
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