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Warm up this winter with a wool Quilt. Designed aesthetically and manufactured with specialty fibers, izzz showcases one of the best wool quilts in Australia. They come in unique styles each with their own benefits and properties, so you can be sure there’s an option for you. You can choose from lighter, more durable Classic quilts by Lyall, snuggle up under the 100% Australian Wool Premium Edition or treat yourself to the luxury of Gold Edition Lyall wool quilt for the ultimate in bedding comfort. Cashmere wool quilt provides enormous heating with feather like weight and softness. 

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The benefits of a quality wool quilt are time-tested and well documented – wool is a natural, clean and environmentally sustainable option that has been used in bedding for thousands of years. It offers excellent thermal insulation properties, is naturally flame retardant, moisture absorbent to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and is non-allergenic. The Lyall wool quilt range offers all of these natural benefits enhanced by world class innovation in technology and research to ensure that the highest quality product possible is achieved.

Whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper, a Lyall wool quilt is an ideal all-seasons option. Natural wool fibers adapt to your sleeping environment, and the natural crimp and high loft works to spread warmth evenly throughout your bed. The natural wool fibers also allow the quilt to both trap air to maximize thermal efficiency and breathe to maintainan ideal sleeping temperatures.

Australian wool is regarded world-wide as being of the highest quality, and Lyall wool quilts are made from premium, export-quality Down’s wool (rather than merino) which is noted for its higher loft and crimp and offers the best performance and sleeping comfort regardless of climate. The manufacturing process is meticulous, ensuring that every Lyall wool quilt is made from the finest raw materials, the purest wool and cotton cover fabrics and even the best quality packaging.

Lyall’s classic range is hard-wearing and machine-washable. The wool-rich filling comprises 70% Australian wool and a 30% microfiber blend wrapped in a cotton japara cover and is light and breathable year round.

Lyall’s beautiful Premium range of Lyall Wool quilts are a step above. The 100% Australian wool inner and the carefully woven cotton japara cover feels light and soft, its high absorbency ensures a dry and comfortable night’s sleep and it can be naturally aired on a clear day to give it a burst of freshness between washes.

The Lyall Gold edition quilts are a true delight. Wrapped in a cotton sateen cover that gives the quilt a silky feel, this premium product is the ultimate in bedding luxury. All of Lyall’s wool quilts come with a 5 year guarantee, so you can be sure that your investment is sound for many years to come.

All seasons Cashmere Wool Quilt by Ardor is a true reflection of luxury and style. The cashmere filling makes it incredibly light weight and warm while the 100% cotton sateen cover makes it very soft.

We have a commitment to ensuring our customers have the very best in bedding, for the best prices. Own luxury wool quilts at remarkable prices with excellent customer service reflects the values of izzz.